Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas

Previously, in Sonic In St. Louis

Robotnik: We were so close to taking St. Louis!
Snively: What shall we do now sir?
Robotnik: Get Decoe & Bocoe over here. I have a plan to go to Germany. They have really good mechanics, which I could use for my machines.

The following takes place between....

Why the hell am I saying that? This is not 24

Tails: *goes to Sonic* I just got some important news Ты might wanna hear.
Sonic: Go for it.
Tails: Robotnik is planning on going to Germany to get new mechanics.
Sean: *arrives* This can't be good.
Knuckles: What should we do?
Tails: Stop him obviously.
Sonic: Right. Ты guys ready?
Tails: Yup.
Sean: Ты know I am
Knuckles: Count me in!
Rouge: Right behind ya.
Espio: Same here.
Sonic: Then let's kick some robo-butt!

Meanwhile in Dr. Robotnik's base.

Decoe: The teleporting time machine is set sir.
Robotnik: Excellent. Let's go to Germany.
Bocoe: *sets destination*
Robotnik: Is the chaos изумруд set?
Snively: Yes sir.
Robotnik: Shadow, Ты know what to do.
Shadow: Chaos... Control!

After that, Robotnik was in Germany.

Shadow: Here we are.
Robotnik: Great. *notices cars* There's a lot of antiques here for 2013.
Decoe: или perhaps we ended in the past.
Bocoe: *checks year* You're right. We're in Germany, but during the год 1939.
Robotnik: Hmm. Do Ты know what this means?
Decoe & Bocoe: No
Snively: No sir.
Shadow: Yes. We're in the start of world war 2. Not only are we going to find mechanics, but we'll be able to find men that can fight without surrendering.
Robotnik: And what are these men called.
Shadow: Nazis Dr.
Robotnik: Alright! Let's go get some Nazis!

12 Nazi soldiers ran towards Robotnik.

Nazi: Who are you, and what are Ты doing here?
Robotnik: We are from the future. See our time machine?
Nazi: *looks at time machine* They're from 2013.
Nazi 2: And from a world called Mobius.
Robotnik: Yes. Gather your entire army, and get them here. I am your new leader now.
Nazi: And why should we do that?
Robotnik: Because if Ты don't..
Shadow: *lifts building*
Robotnik: Ты will be crushed. If Ты make any attempt to shoot me, Ты will die. So, what's it going to be?
Nazi: Ach, fine. We'll work for you.
Robotnik: Wunderbar.

Meanwhile near Robotnik's base

Sonic: I can't see anyone.
Sean: Neither can I. Do Ты suppose we're too late?
Sonic: I hope not. Tails, how do we get in?
Tails: The front door
Sonic: Oh yeah, because it's unlocked.
Tails: -n-
Sean: Let's go *runs to door*
Others: *follow*
Sean: *pulls out .44 magnum* Rouge, take point.
Rouge: *opens door* All clear
Sean: *enters* Hmm. No one is here.
Espio: That's what they want us to think.
Knuckles: Doesn't this guy normally have turrets to kill any intruders?
Sean: He does, but they aren't working.
Knuckles: How can Ты tell?
Sean: If they were working, a red light would be on near the barrel of the turret. Let's go upstairs

Once we got upstairs, a bright light flashed, and Robotnik returned, with a bunch of Nazis, and outside of the base were a huge amount of tanks, planes, trucks, cars, and motorcycles.

Robotnik: Nazis! Your first assignment is to kill that hedgehog, and his friends!
Sonic: *gulp*

We were surrounded by Nazi soldiers, but that wasn't going to stop us.

Robotnik: Just surrender now, and things will go smoothly.
Sean: Yeah, no way.
Sonic: Let's do it to it
Sean: *kills Nazi*
Dead Nazi: *kills three Nazis*
Robotnik: Ты can't stop me, I have a turret! *runs to turret* Ahahahahha!
Sean: *shoots at Robotnik*
Robotnik: *dodges bullets*
Sonic: Go after him, we'll handle these guys. *kicks Nazi*
Sean: *runs after Robotnik*
Tails: *electrocutes Nazi*
Knuckles: *kills Nazi*
Rouge: *giving a Nazi a blowjob*
Nazi: Uhm??
Rouge: *stops* Oh, right *kills Nazi*

While this was happening, Shadow was chasing me, while I was chasing Robotnik

Shadow: *grabs desert eagle*
Sean: *reloading .44*
Robotnik: Shoot him already!
Shadow: *shoots gun*
Sean: *jumps over bullet*
Robotnik: *Gets shot* AGh!
Sean: *lands on Robotnik*
Robotnik: *falls on floor*
Shadow: *shoots gun*
Sean: *dodges bullets* ENOUGH!
Shadow: *stops*
Sean: *Grabs Robotnik* огонь one еще bullet. I dare ya.
Robotnik: Don't do it! It's a trap!
Shadow: How do Ты know? You're being held hostage!
Robotnik: *looks at audience* -n-
Sean: Ты gonna drop your weapon?
Shadow: Maybe.
Sean: Do it, или Robotnik is dead! *puts gun to head*
Robotnik: Иисус christ! Just do it!!
Shadow: *shoots Sean's foot*
Sean: AH! *falls on floor*
Shadow: Let's get out of here! *runs to exit*
Robotnik: *follows*
Sean: Ugh *tries to stand up*

Still, could be worse

Robotnik: *shooting turret*
Sonic: *takes cover* Where's Sean?
Tails: I don't know.
Sonic: I gotta find him! *runs past*
Robotnik: Damnt! Too fast

Sonic ran to find his cousin

Sean: *laying on ground*
Sonic: *Sees Sean* Are Ты alright?
Sean: *wakes up* Sure. I got in a fight with Shadow, and lost.
Sonic: So you're not alright.
Sean: Whatever Ты say. How are we going to defeat Robotnik, and his new army?
Sonic: Together. *runs to others*
Sean: *follows*
Robotnik: *shooting machine gun at others*
Others: *hiding*
Sonic: *kicks Robotnik*
Espio: *sees Sonic* Good job getting here.
Rouge: Now how do we stop these guys?
Sean: I've got an idea. See that time machine?
Sonic: What are we going to do?
Sean: Place a bomb on there.
Tails: Ты don't have to ask me twice *grabs bomb*
Knuckles: That guy always has a weapon for everything. Doesn't he?
Sean: Yes he does.
Tails: *places bomb on time machine* Got it. Let's get out of here.

We were making a run for it

Nazis: *Blocking path*
Sean: *shoots Nazis* Keep moving!
Knuckles: *Breaks hole in wall* Let's get out this way! *runs*
Others: *follow Knuckles*
Sonic: Ok, now we wait for an explosion.

Nothing happened.

Sean: Tails? Was that bomb Ты had a dud?
Tails: No it's not. Someone must have defused it.
Robotnik: And that someone is me.
Sonic: *sighs* Great. *fights Robotnik*
Decoe & Bocoe: *scared*
Sean: Эй, Ты two.
Decoe & Bocoe: AHH! *Run off*
Nazis: *shooting at Sonic*
Sonic: *jumping over bullets*
Robotnik: *tries to перфоратор, удар, пунш Sonic*
Sean: *shoots Nazis*
Nazi 1: Halt! Two of us must shoot the grey hedgehog.
Sean: *kills Nazi*
Sonic: *kicking Robotnik*
Robotnik: *Grabs Sonic's leg*
Sonic: Ooh, not good.
Robotnik: True
Sonic: For Ты *spin dash's toward building*
Robotnik: *lets go, and hits his head on the building, knocking himself out*

Though he was uncounscious, everyone thought he was dead.

Nazis: Our leader is dead. *walk toward time machine*
Sean: What? You're not going to try, and avenge him?
Nazis: Nein, we're heading back to 1939, and winning Европа for der fuehrer.
Tails: Bye.
Nazis: Yeah *open door to time machine*

Suddenly, an explosion occurred

Tails: Hm. I guess it wasn't defused after all.

The End
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas

Предварительный просмотр time

Con Mane: Diamond Tiaras Are Forever - 2013

Celestia: We have Остаться в живых one of M.I.6's greatest spies, Rareesa Dicaprio. She was married to Con Mane, shortly before her death.
soldiers: *aim rifles in air*
Con: If only my horn wasn't shot, I would have saved her.
P: I understand, but we gotta head back to base.
Moneybit: I'm sure you'll find another special somepony.
Con: I think I already have.
Celestia: Fire!
soldiers: *fire rifles*

Back at C.I.E headquarters

Con: We just got back, and now Ты want me to go to Las Pegasus?
P: Two assassins are killing Болталка ponies for no reason, but here's the worst part.
Con: They take drugs?
P: NO! They're lesbians.
Con: Well that's the only thing worse then taking drugs.

Dirty Harry - 2013

Harry went to grab some lunch. There was place he always enjoyed going to called Dou Chebag's.

Harry: *enters restaurant*
Dou: Harry, how's it going?
Harry: Hello Mr. Chebag, how are you?
Dou: Wonderful. Would Ты like your usual?
Harry: I think I'll surprise Ты this time. Only chili today.
Dou: Ты got it. *looks out window* A lot of polution out there, it's not good.
Harry: No it isn't. Why can't we have clean streets for once?
Dou: We live in a town of crime.
Harry: Yeah *sees bank* I need Ты to make a call.
Dou: What for?
Harry: Tell the police that there's a bank robbery on 7th Avenue.
Dou: Ok, here's your hotdog.
Harry: Thanks. *eats hotdog* Now, just wait for the calvary to arrive.

But when Harry finished his hotdog, the alarm at the bank went off.

Harry: Oh damnit.
robbers: *exit bank*
Harry: *walks down улица, уличный with gun*
robbers: *pull out shotgun*
Harry: HALT!
robbers: *shoot gun*
Harry: *shoots shotgun carrying burglar*
burglars: *get in car*
Harry: *shoot driver*
driver: *crashes into firehydrant*
burglars: *get out*
Harry: *shoots both burglars*
civilians: *scream, and run*
Harry: *notices leg* They shot me
shotgun carrying burglar: *lays on ground*
Harry: *goes toward burglar*
burglar: *reaches for gun*
Harry: Uh uh. I know what you're thinking. Did he огонь six shots, или only five? To tell Ты the truth I Остаться в живых track myself after all this excitement. *shows gun* Being this is a .44 magnum, the most powerful handgun in all of Equestria, and will blow your head clean off. Ты gotta ask yourself a question. Do I feel lucky?
Burglar: *silent*
Harry: Well do Ты punk?
Burglar: *does nothing*
Harry: *takes shotgun*
Burglar: Hey. I got's to know.
Harry: *pulls trigger*

Nothing happened. And as Harry walked from the dying criminal, the police arrived.


SeanTheHedgehog's Wonderful World Of Фан Fiction

Copyright - September 12, 2016

Sean: *Going 75 miles an час with seven coaches*

Be sure to check out Trainz on the Thomas The Tank Engine club.

Victoria: *Double heading a freight train with Austin*
Jazlin: *Going 80 miles an час with five coaches. She passes Andrew*
Andrew: *Waiting in a siding for Jazlin to pass*
Edward: *Switching freight cars in the yard*
Mike: *Leaving the yard with 40 freight cars*
Kenny: *Crossing a bridge that goes over a lake*
Jeff: *Departs the train yard with Bryce, pulling 35 freight cars*
Robert: *Passes the Hunterdon Freight Depot with five freight cars*
Jack: *Passes Robert with four freight cars*
Brandon: *Passes Nova Station with a freight train*
Ian: *Stops at Nova Station, watching Brandon pass*
Brandon: *Passes Grayback*
Grayback: *Waiting for Brandon to pass him with the entire train*
Sean: *Stops at Belette Station*
Passengers: *Clapping as Sean arrives*
Danielle: *Slips with her passenger train, leaving Hunterdon Station*
Mily: *Backs up to her train at Mossberg Harbor*
Brenna: *Pushing a passenger train up a hill*
Juliette: *Pulling the passenger train, angrily looking at Brenna*
Jesse: *Pulling freight cars with Jerry, passing through Mirage Station*
Tito & Tony: *Stopping at Eastwood Depot with autoracks*
Sean & Marisa: *Next to each other at Impala Station*
Elmo: *Crossing the lake on a bridge*
Alyssa: *Stops at Mossberg Station, watching Sharon pass with her passenger train*
Grayback: *Stops at a station in an airport*
Zoe: *Slipping, not able to pull six passenger cars out of Eastwood Station*
Jazlin & Mily: *On a double header freight train, also slipping in Mossberg Harbor*
Jesse: *Slowly leaving the yards with Shayne, and Andrew, the three of them pulling a big freight train*
Panzer: *Staring at the Pacific ocean as he pulls his freight train*

The rest of this montage takes place at night.

Ian: *Pulling seven passenger cars*
Sean: *Passing a snowman as he pulls eight passenger cars*
Grayback: *Rings his bell, leaving Freight Depot 3 with six boxcars*
Lucy: *Backing into the yard as the sun rises*
Jeff & Bryce: *Going 65 with 40 freight cars in tow*

Except for this scene. This takes place at 1 PM.

Sammi: *Going 80 miles an час with 11 passenger cars, making a lot of steam as she passes a snowy landscape*
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see.