rouge the bat first appearance was in sonic battle adventure 2 in 2001 since then she appeared in several games in sonic battle adventure 2 she needed to collect the peaces of the master emerald. she encountered eggman and joined his team while collecting изумруд shards she fights knuckles and suddenly falls and almost droping in when knuckles saves her and at that moment she falls in Любовь with knuckles. later she is trying to steal the chaos emeralds till shadow identifies her as a government spy. in sonic heros she infurtrates eggmans base and as she walks in there she sees shadow in a capsule and frees him but the robot omega attacks shadow and rouge had to brake it up. but in sonic riders she is a unlockable character she is a fly type and does not Показать up in the storyline. in shadow the hedgehog she gives Ты help like all the rest of the partners. rouge has secret crush on kunckles and wont admit it mostly Ты see her with kunckles to get Далее to him. rouge is the most Популярное female character in sonic and this ends my article.