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fanmade sailor moon season 6 sailor kids

help me i am creating sailor moon fan-made season 6 of SM named sailor kids this is how sailor scouts finds their children and all gains new transformation sailor moon and mini moon already got new transform while battling new enemies that are looking for friendship stones to rule the earth and other planets (every sailor has this stone and it is same like with stars season) just i cant think the name for enemies. i have created the episode 1 allready but still cant think about enemies. (i think in one episode tuxedo mini mask appears :D this is rinis brother :D) and season is english version only because:
1, uranus and neptune is cousins because they will have their husbands in future and kids and they cant be lesbians
2, rini in english version is mini moon so others should me mini mercury или mini mars so how to call them in japanese version?

but in this season will be funny things like in japanese ver and even yuri couples :D just names different and uranus with neptune isnt couple :D
 williukea posted Больше года
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IloveDxC said:
Names for the enemies? How about Космос related names like Asteroid, Gravity, Rocket, Galaxy, Black Hole, Magnetar, Gravity, Comet. That is all I can think of. Sorry.
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posted Больше года 
thnx in my story enemies is in the asteroid near the moon :D
williukea posted Больше года
I wrote gravity twice.
IloveDxC posted Больше года
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