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Fabrevans Moment Season 6

Хор - Fabrevans (Kissin U) Fanvideo

Sam & Quinn/ Dianna & Chord - Can't Stand It

Fabrevans/Finchel - Kiss Me

Sam & Quinn - Remember When

Sam & Quinn - Lucky

Sam & Quinn - Don't Mess With My Man

Sam & Quinn - Way Back Into Любовь

Ken and Барби <3

Fabrevans ♥ Back To December

Sam & Queen ♥ Pretty Eyes

[S]&[Q] - Why d'ya have to be so cute?

You're the only exception {Sam&Quinn}

S + Q | need Ты

Remember When - Sam and Quinn

I've had the time of my life ~ Sam and Quinn

Somebody to Любовь ~ Sam and Quinn

Sam and Quinn ~ Baby

Любовь Story - Sam and Quinn

Today was fairytale

Just a Kiss

She will be loved

Always be my baby

Sam and Quinn- Stuck in the Moment


You're my Favourite Song - Sam and Quinn

Quinn and Sam - Хор

The Time of My Life

Sam and Quinn - Almost Paradise

Sam and Quinn - Dream Awake

Fabrevans - I Need Ты

Fabrevans- Показать me what im looking for

Quinn and Sam - Never had a dream

Sam and Quinn- Baby

Sam and Quinn - Opps I did it again

Sam and Quinn


Sam & Quinn - I Want Ты

Sam&Quinn;today was a fairytale

Glee: Lucky

Far Away Birthday collab for BecksProdz

One time - FinChel & Fabrevans

(Quinn//Sam) Someone Like Ты

sam & quinn unintended Любовь

The Substitute Promo

(I've Had) The Time Of My Life - Хор Cast

Sam&Quinn | Only Exception - G|ee

sam+quinn just the way u are

Lucky-Sam and Quinn-

Just a dream [q]+[s]

multifandom • lovely tonight

Fall for Ты (Sam&Quinn)

Futuristic Lover (Sam/Quinn) [Finished]

Любовь is forever; vidlet [finn/rachel,sam/quinn & brittany/santana]

Sam&[Q]uinn (EELG); above everyone

Sam & Quinn // Smile

your Любовь is a song

If You're Not The One {Sam/Quinn} [EEGL]

Sam/Quinn [Fire]

Sam/Quinn - All This Time

uinn & am [Bette Davis Eyes] [eelg]

Sam & Quinn - Smile

Fallin For Ты (Sam/Quinn) vidlet

Sam & Quinn // We'll Be a Dream // EELG ( Vidlet )

in my veins {sam/quinn}

Quinn & Sam • Ты make me smile... [E.E.L.G]

S+Q - Kiss her

Sam & Quinn; Venus and Mars

Sam&Quinn || Cause god, it just feels so good. [ eelg

Ты Haven't Остаться в живых Me Yet - Quinn/Sam [eelg]

|Sam & Quinn -Shattered Preview|

Quinn & Sam // In My Veins (EELG) // Vidlet

Sam and Quinn ~ I'll Be Your Breeze

SNEAK PEEK: Quinn and Sam get close rehearsing their duet in 2x04 - Duets

SNEAK PEEK: Sam and Quinn perform "Lucky" from 2x04 - Duets