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Dear Sandra my family and Друзья have been after me to finish this book its a true about how a motorcycle saved my brought me inpiration to inspire other as well .The life of a rollor coasters of a

Love,courage .hate ,battles.of who i she is am she would have played 9 roles of characters before she was 15 years old very poor but i was loved and a bond would be broken as the story unfolds she would slowly@ 57 years old the entire is based on motorcycle ssaving my life and put smiles on so maney faces i pick Ты sandra all your Фильмы Ты played from the сердце even to that jessie James i lived that life and lived the motorcycle hard cord Respectable women who earns het respect as professional мотоциклист and dedicated over 40 years helping others in the windI think at this time in life is perfect for a good true stories Of a women that road her motorcycle the entire 9 mos it will have laughing.crying dying.servial ect.
 flathead6969 posted Больше года
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