It is only fair for me to caveat this review by first informing the readership that I Любовь Sandy so I will pretty much watch anything she’s in (yes, I even watched All About Steve in the theater). She had me at “Gum. I have gum on my seat” in Speed. I am (probably) not the only Фан that feels that way so she is a big reason why people will go watch The Heat. But the better reason to go is really for Melissa McCarthy. Ms. Bullock stars as an FBI agent but don’t be confused, this isn’t another sequel to Miss Congeniality. Instead of goofy snorting ball-busting Gracie Hart, Special Agent Sarah Ashburn is conservative, by the book, and arrogant - but still ball-busting. She gets assigned to a case in Boston and has to partner up with local detective Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy). Mullins is the opposite of Ashburn in every possible way. She’s loud, crude, and dirty, in tactics as well as personal habits. But they have one thing in common – neither is Популярное among her male peers. I guess one thing we learn is that Ты have to be better and tougher than the dudes to make it in law enforcement as a woman.

However, that would be Чтение too much into this film. Director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) gives us an R-rated cop comedy but this time, with women. Yes, such as how Bridesmaids was a chick-oriented Judd Apatow movie. I have to say I am a Фан of women being able to звезда in Фильмы with the kind of dialogue and physical humor that used to just be reserved for men. Bullock definitely stands back and lets McCarthy go wild with her shenanigans and one-liners but it’s great for the audience because MdCarthy is priceless. If Ты loved her in Bridesmaids, Ты get her times ten in this movie. Yes, there are some superfluous scenes that do nothing to Переместить the plot вперед (which, by the way, has to do with taking down a Boston drug lord) and yes, the two women do learn to work together and “grow” from their experience. But if Ты take this kind of movie for what it is, which is to showcase the comedic talents of Bullock and McCarthy, then Ты will enjoy yourself.

Recommendation: must-see for Sandy and Melissa fans! And for people who think women can’t be funny.