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posted by Tinadsfuba
Ты all make no freaking sense. All Ты do is say hateful things so Ты know what? I'm gonna say hateful things to you. Let me just start off by saying my name is Jonathan Freeman. I'm 22 years old. But thats not the point, the point is I'm tired of seeing all Ты junkies and pedos hitting on 14 год olds. So just f off with being a pedo because it's gonna come back to hit Ты in the a** because Ты are pedos and pedos go to jail. 14 год olds just ignore those pedos they are clearly trolls who don't know what to do with their life. Clowns make me sick to my stomach their not even scary they're just retarded 60 год olds who do things for children. Just don't be scared of clowns because they don't even kill people Ты dumbass.