Kevin, and Liam walked on a bicycle path for a short distance, and then they walked down a холм, хилл onto the wing-dam. There were only a few other shapes on the dam already, so Kevin and Liam would have a perfect view of the fireworks.

Kevin: Anytime Ты want to cool off, jump in the water, but make sure that Ты don't bring your phone with you, или your wallet.
Liam: Right. I'll just leave them with you.
Kevin: Alright, and when Ты get back, Ты can watch over my phone, and wallet.
Liam: Sounds good.

Kevin and Liam had a good time in the water together. They spent two hours swimming around the dam. When the sun started to set, they were both sitting Далее to each other.

Kevin: Now, the Показать will start in three, two, one.
Liam: *Watches a firework go off*
Kevin: *Watches two еще fireworks go off*
Liam: Lovely.
Kevin: Wait'll they start firing many of them at the same time. It'll be very bright.

Soon, they started firing multiple fireworks at the same time. Colorful explosions were going off in the sky. Liam was enjoying what he saw. There were many explosions in red, green, blue, purple, yellow, and even a few with two colors.

Liam: I like the green, and blue ones. Those are awesome.
Kevin: My Избранное is the red, and blue ones.
Liam: *Watches thirty fireworks go off within fifteen seconds* Wooh! What a finale.
Kevin: Let's walk back to my truck. *Leaving with Liam* So, nothing bad happened, and we got to enjoy a great display of fireworks.
Liam: I agree. That was a grand show.
Kevin: *Trips* Whoa! *Falls into the water*

Ending Theme: link

Liam: *Trying not to laugh* What was that Ты сказал(-а) about nothing bad happening?
Kevin: *Smiles at Liam* At least it didn't happen to you.

End Credits

Mr. Nut: *Turns on the closed sign* Closing time.
Parker: Just one еще minute!
Mr. Nut: No Parker, it's time to go.
Kevin: *Helps Parker to the door* Come on Parker.
Parker: No!!!!
David: *Shakes his head no*
Mr. Nut: See Ты later fellas.
Kevin: *Jumps, and his name appears below him*
David: *Confused, he also jumps, but his name does not appear* Huh, weird. *His name falls on the ground Далее to him* Oh cool. *Grabs his name, but it goes up very quickly, taking him along the way*
Liam: *Looks up at David* Where's he going? *His name appears from the bottom, and gets under Liam's feet, also taking him up to the sky* Whoa. Cool!!
Liz: *Looking up at Liam* Have fun not being able to breath. *Gets hit in the head by her name*
Wayne: *Looks at Liz, and laughs, but he gets hit from the front by his name*
Miss. Heart: Uh oh. *Also gets hit by her name*
Mack: Cool! *Gets hit by his name*
Parker: Everyone's either gone, или beaten up by floating names. I can go in. *Sees his name on the door* When did that get there?.. Maybe I can wait until tomorrow to come back. *Leaves*
Mr. Nut: *Goes upstairs to his room, and gets into his bed. He turns off the lights*

This has been a SeanTheHedgehog Production from July 5, 2018
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see.