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This Селена Гомес Фан-арт contains бикини, купальник из двух частей, купальный костюм, купальный костюм из двух частей, and раздельный купальник. There might also be привлекательность, жаркость, острота, апелляции, жар, купальник, купальники, купальный костюм, купальника, бель, нецензурный, нижнее белье, не поддающееся описанию, белья, and неприличных.

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You're my bad boy fairytale
Since drumming with the dark side
I wanna be your bad girl
You bring out my wild side

Your eyes, your lips, your touch, this talk's a twisted rush
Your sexy kind of swag the best I've ever had

Nobody, nobody, no-nobody, nobody, nobody does it like you
Nobody, nobody, no-nobody, nobody, nobody does it like you
You got me feeling so caught up but I'm, loving all the crazy things Ты make me do
Nobody, nobody, no-nobody, nobody, nobody-doe-doe-doe

No I cant go back to the way it was, to the way it was
No I cant go back, no, I cant go back to the way it was, to the way it was
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Selena Gomez and Rebecca Black: 5 reasons for which are the same!
Selena Gomez is the same as Rebecca Black ... Why? Read 5 reasons why the two stars are identical!

June 18, 2011
What they have in common Selena Gomez and Rebecca Black? Much еще than Ты think ... here's 5 reasons why we can say that Selena and Rebecca are the same ...! Browse the gallery and read all the things that these two stars have in common!

Do Ты agree with this comparison? Selena Gomez found that Black and Rebecca have much in common?
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