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 A new pokemon that looks like shadow
Is looks like shadow
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Mephiles and Shadow were sitting on the диван, мягкий уголок watching television. Brianna came up and gave them Dr. Pepper.

Mephiles and Shadow: NO DRINK!!!
Shadow: Ты don't even have a mouth Mephiles I should've сказал(-а) that!
Mephiles: Well if it wasn't for I wouldn't be in this crap so HA!!!
Shadow: Ты know Musa loves me еще than you....
Brianna: SHUT UP!!!!!

Moonlight came out and was really tired. Musa came out too.

Moonlight: What's all the ruckess about Ты two?!
Musa: Shadow! Geez....you need to calm down a little bit!
Brianna: That's why I told them to shut up!!!
Mephiles: *Snoring* bewbewbewbew *Snore* mewmewmewmew...
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