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 shadow likes his Фаны
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 The way I saw Shadow in the balcony, his head smashing onto a mirror.
The way I saw Shadow in the balcony, his head smashing onto a mirror.
Sonic placed a delicate hand on my shoulder. I was shocked, and my eyes were as wide as saucers. What was he doing here? I could've sworn I was alone. Sonic looked at me, concern clearly stated in his eyes. Amy appeared out of nowhere and creeped Далее to Sonic, with a sad Tails behind her. Tails' eyes never spoke a lie, so many people could tell the mood in the room by seeing Tails' expression. And I knew this mood was going to be either sadness или rage. Amy didn't have her hammer with her, because I spotted it by the grassy patch of shrubs. Sonic still stared at me, my радуга eyes piercing...
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An awesome tribute to Shadow with the Linkin Park song, "Crawling" that fits Shadow perfectly
Linkin Park
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