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Recoloring Amy Rose to Shadow the Hedgehog :D
amy rose
starter recoloring
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*Knock-knock.*"Hello?Hey Maria,oh-hi Krystal."-me."I was wondering if Ты wanted to come to Twinkle Park with me and Krystal."-Maria.I think to myself-Krystal,Maria's twin that looks nothing like her. All they have in common is their personalities."Uh,sure.Why not?"-Me."Let's go!"-Krystal.We get to Twinkle Park."I'm gonna go to the playground part."-Krystal."Be безопасно, сейф this time!"-Maria."Aren't I always?"-Krystal says with a smile and runs off."Twins...Shadow let's go to the swings."-Maria."Ok."-Me.We свинг, качели for 30 minutes."Uh,Maria-"-I get cutoff by a scream."Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!""That's...
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Here comes pt2.
Sonic:Shadow misses maria so much he can't stop thinking about her.
Tails:Yeah he is in a self induced acoma
Sonic:to him its like if maria died yesterday he thinks he can just wake up and maria is back.
Knuckles:well that is possible.
tail and sonic:what how!?!
Knuckles:if he wants maria back so much the master chaos изумруд can grant his wish.
Sonic:well when shadow wakes up we'll take him to Энджел Island but now I'm going Главная tails knuckles rouge u coming?
All:yes.except Amy
Amy:I'm going to stay with shadow and tell him about the master изумруд ill call u when he wakes up.
Sonic:ok bye
To be continued
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