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 4 of the cast members
4 of the cast members
Ты have seen cece jones AKA bella thorne in wisards of waberly place and now Ты can see her and the rest of the gang in shake it up
with zendaya, rshon fagen, and adam iragoren the rest is unknown zendaya plays rockey blue and ty blue gounther and tinka and flynn and duce thats all the carictors.
and knla;zgioknxg;zoikdnokzgd;cjk zfhd8ah rejkzbhs dfugifh ao jhg jknsdf lohdf yp;ai; hgh lmzknhz sdfz oighah ;ioeyhkht p............. sorry my little brother and bella and zendaya are were in the Рождество день prad
 bella and zendaya
bella and zendaya
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