(A song I came out with!)

радуга Sharpie
I just threw a радуга dart!
Hello, Goodbye
Dumb old bank barkers
Bow down to the marker of all markers
радуга Sharpie!
It's a mutual combination
All sorts of real teal
And mellow yellow
But never ask
"Does it have Carmelo?"

радуга Sharpie
еще than all three
радуга Sharpie
Combo's of things like me
Combine all the pens and markers
Get all the buds together
Mold 'Em, mix 'Em
Combine them together
Rainbows away!

Teal, yellow, orange, and green
Combine together, and Ты got a team
Purple, pink, red, and blue
Do Ты even have a clue
Go радуга Sharpie!