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I need Ответы to the Вопросы that's been bothering me for a long time...

Who else do Ты guys think is a titan-shifter besides Ymir, Eren, Annie, Bertholdt and Reiner?
Maybe Levi? I dunno but it's just a thought, Ymir is 60+ years old and she still looks young, Levi is 30+ years old and he still looks young, do Ты think being a titan shifter somehow affects your age? The Аниме & Манга have only shown titan shifters that look like they're teenagers/young adults.
And Mike (the guy who smells people) сказал(-а) that he couldn't smell anything from Erwin Smith, unlike all the people he smelled, he could smell their scent, ALL except Erwin's and what the hell does Erwin mean by "When the time comes" или "When the time is right". I think he's not a completely good person after I read that part.
And what about when they captured Annie? Erwin and Levi seemed like they KNEW the female titan would appear, they had all the cannons with grapple hooks ready, how did they know she would come? Erwin is the lead of the Scouting Legion so he plans everything, he's too suspicious. :T
And Grisha Jaeger, what happened to him? do Ты think he went back to Reiner and Bertholdt's village? because that's where I think they made most of the titans and do experiments или something.
And Ymir's people, the titan used honorifics when it was talking to ilse, does that mean Ymir's people are special? did their people made the first titan? или were her people natural titan shifters were captured by a group to be experimented on and they dissected them или something, took a blood from them and merged their DNA with a person as a test and then BOOM they made a titan and maybe their experiment wasn't succesful so they kept trying...... and maybe ((MAAAAAYBEEE)) that was the plague that Grisha Jaeger cured...?
 CGtitan posted Больше года
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choukogirl23 said:
I didn't know about the age and all but Levi hates titans too, maybe unconsciously he could be a titan.....XD
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posted Больше года 
Sharon_Isabelle said:
wow...your theories are so so so so true. But!!! we still don't know yet! I am also suffering this urge to know but noone knows!!! Gah I suppose we all must live in a pain life full of undiscovered mysteries and those mysteries are mysteries that can't be solved by anything other than time, but who know when will those theories Ты сказал(-а) before are proven to be true of false??? So FRUSTRATING!!
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posted Больше года 
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