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Article by heart-of_love posted Больше года
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I havent seen this challenge anywhere, so i decided to post it.

SIms 4: Living with Monsters, is a challenge i have come up with.
Here it is:

Ты play as a female sim, 100% your creation, but here's the catch.
Ты are living with 7 guys, each one is Required to have the Slob trait.
Ты CANNOT control them, other then choosing their jobs.
The female Sim cannot have a job that requires her to leave the house (ex. Police woman/nurse)
your sim must survive with these men, until she either
1. get's married and moves out
2. Marries one of the 'Monsters'
3. или dies of old age.

Ты are allowed to Дизайн the house anyway Ты want it, with money cheats, but once your done with the house, NO CHEATS.

Ты can make a Youtube series and post it in the comments, или just play for fun. (But i wouldnt mind seeing it ;3 )
Good luck, Survive as long as Ты can.

Opinion by diamondring4 posted Больше года
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I think that over the years, the Sims has definitely gone through many stages of development and I do credit the creators for trying new things and experimenting, however I’ve seen a lot of rage by some players about what the game may be lacking and I have been desperate to give my opinion on what the Sims 4 should have to offer. Below is an unsorted Список of things I have thought about being present in the Sims 4.

Considering the advancement in gaming over the years I really believe that with a little push, the Sims 4 could be THEE biggest, most involved and consuming game yet. With abilities to now expand the old 'neighbourhoods' into countries and entire worlds, I can’t see why the Sims 4 wouldn’t want pull out all the stops. Vast areas and methods of transportation to take your Sims to see family on other sides of the world, или if not that - (we all know the value of computer memory and hard drive disk space) - at least flights, busses and trains to other parts of one huge land.
Opinion by cwurts00 posted Больше года
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The sims 3 is absolutely terrible, and completely ruined the sims experience for me. I was expecting an improved version of sims 2, but what I got was a complete mess. I can no longer tell stories because there is no storytelling mode in-game, and because there is only one saved game allowed per neighbourhood, so gone are the days of playing several families at once. At first I was happy to be able to visit other sims' houses and have my sim's workplace right there in town, but with my sims all over town, I can't watch the whole family without zooming all over the neighbourhood. Instead of complaining about the lack of improvements over sims 2, I find myself complaining about all the things that were lost. So I'll put all that aside, and pretend that the sequel to Sims 2 hasn't been released yet and go from there.

Sims 2 was without a doubt the best game I have ever played. It had two layers. First, it had the basic time management game brought over from the original - keep your sims' meters full или they'll die, then have them work on their career when they have the time. That made the game fun to play for hours at a time. Second, it had the storytelling mode....