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Sirius Black Tribute

Remembering Sirius Black

Ты Raise Me Up- Sirius Black

Painted Black (A Sirius Black Tribute)

Sirius Black tribute

~.~Sirius Black Tribute~.~

The Burden of the Heart- A Sirius Black Tribute

Harry Potter - Sirius Black Tribute

"Forgiven"- Harry's Tribute to Sirius Black

Sirius Black Tribute

Sirius Black Tribute - Last Goodbye

Hallelujah: A Tribute to Sirius Black

Invincible - A Sirius Black Tribute

Goodbye (A Sirius Black Tribute)

Sirius Black Tribute

When Ты were young

Ghost Of Ты


Sirius tribute

Sirius Black speedpaint~

Who Let The Собаки Out?

Harry Potter Saga :)

A Sirius Black Tribute.

Sirius Black- Alive

Sirius Black - Paint it Black

Sirius/Harry- The Dance

Sirius Black- Stop & Stare

Sirius Black Tribute - Every Time Ты Touch the Ice

Sirius Black- Requiem for a Dream

Sirius Black - Ballad for dead Друзья

Sirius Black Tribute - Mr. Brightside

Breathe Me- Sirius Black

Sirius & Andromeda- Black сердце

Sirius & Harry- What Hurts The Most

Sirius Black- When You're Gone

Sirius & James- Everything

Sirius & Harry- Behind Blue Eyes

Sirius Black Tribute- I Don´t Want to Miss a Thing

Sirius Black- Someone's Watching Over Me

Sirius Black- Sexyback

Sirius/Hermione- Uptown Girl

In The End- Sirius/Harry

Sirius & Harry- Darkness Takes Over

Harry and Sirius - Seems like it was yesterday

Sirius Black-The Guardian Энджел

Sirius Black- Taking Over Me

Sirius & Bellatrix - She's Like Heroin

Pretty Girl (Sirius/Bellatrix)

Sirius/Bellatrix - I Hate Everything About Ты

[HP] Sirius death scene

Mischief Managed [Dumbledore, Sirius, Remus]

A tribute to Sirius Black

Harry/Sirius - Hallelujah

My Hero - Harry/Sirius

What a Shame (Sirius Black)

Sirius Black - A Tribute

Sirius and James - Mr. Brightside

The Death of Sirius Black

Broken Wings || Harry & Sirius

Harry and Sirius - I will remember Ты

Harry Potter- I miss Ты Sirius

Sirius and Harry "Home"

My Skin- Sirius Black

Rewind (Sirius)

For Sirius - Can't cry hard enough

4 A.M. Forever - Padfoot and Prongs

After all this time - Sirius/OC

Sirius Black - How To Save A Life

The life of Sirius Black

Happy ending ...

Sirius Black interview

In memory of Sirius Black