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Are they planning on releasing an official Soundtrack for series 3?

let's hopee not
gjlthepuffs posted Больше года
 itsanexperiment posted Больше года
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neeki said:
As far as i know, at the moment, no. A soundtrack was actually only released for Season 1, not Season 2. So the chance of them doing one for Season 3 probably isn't that good.
There's a guide to all the Музыка from the Показать here:
At least Ты can download the songs individually :)
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posted Больше года 
Skouse said:
I didnt even know they had a soundtrack?
I feel like a bad fan.
But, hey.
Come on guys, im in Australia!
Ты over there in the UK are a WHOLE год infront of us people down under!


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posted Больше года 
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