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posted by doraaaayeah
"He was very romantic." - KAYA

"It's good that he's an actor because he understands it all. And we can practice our lines together. He'll stay with me for a week, and we go to my family's place in Brighton. It's just amazing that we manage to make it work. It just sort of happened. We don't need to try." - KAYA

"I think my type would probably еще be the Cook.
the kind of... angry, kind of thing." - KAYA

"I can understand why Effy loves Cook." - KAYA

"It would take a lot for things to be awkward between us." - JACK

"Preferably... Eh, don't know. All the boys seem to like Effy, don't they?" - JACK

"I care about him a lot." - KAYA

"I could've married him." - KAYA
posted by AudreyLover
On Nick:
"I got linked to Nicholas Hoult when he was in Skins. I was 14 at the time and played his sister! For the record, I’ve never been married to Nick Hoult. I did go out with Jack [who plays Cook] for a год and we were open about that in the press. Filming is an intense environment so it’s natural that relationships happen. We had a good time and I loved him a lot. He was a great first Любовь and we’re still good mates, which is amazing considering most people hate each other when they трещина, сплит up. I was nervous about working with him after we трещина, сплит but it was amicable so we slipped back...
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4x01 - Thomas
The award-winning drama returns for a fourth series. Cook (Jack O'Connell) is enjoying a summer of debauchery, while Freddie (Luke Pasqualino) is learning that Любовь can take Ты to the edge of sanity. The gang are enjoying themselves at one of Thomas's (Mervielle Lukeba) club nights until an accident at the club leaves Thomas feeling responsible. He is shocked into questioning his role within society and feeling alienated from his peers, he turns closer to God and the African community - and in doing so, isolates everyone around him.
Writer: Jamie Brittain; Dir: Neil Biswas; Prod:...
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posted by gossip-girl999
Well the picks have closed and here are the winners to the Фан of the месяц catogries. Just to say thank Ты to all who entered the Опросы and everyone who added themselves. If Ты want to be nominated for Далее months Фан of the месяц then go to the Форум post and post your entries.

The winners are...

FREDDIE Фан OF THE MONTH; gossip-girl999
EFFY Фан OF THE MONTH; gossip-girl999
NAOMI Фан OF THE MONTH; livelovelaugh
EMILY Фан OF THE MONTH; itsanexperiment
FREDDIE/EFFY Фан OF THE MONTH; gossip-girl999
NAOMI/EMILY Фан OF THE MONTH; itsanexperiment

Congratulations to the winners =D