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skins_addikt posted on Mar 10, 2011 at 06:09AM
I thought this would be fun to try. Okay, so I'll ask a Skins related question and the first person to answer correctly gets props depending on the question difficulty.

Scoring: Easy Question - 1 prop
Medium Question - 2 props
Hard Question - 3 props

Now because someone could be the first to post and get it wrong, see the correct answer then edit their original post, I've decided not to give props to any post that has been edited. Don't worry about spelling, if it's an obvious mistake I'll still reward you.
Eg. answeing "efyy" instead of "effy"

Okay so everyone clear? I'll start with an easy question:

What is Tony and Effy's last name?

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Больше года Vishee said…
big smile
Hmmm... STONEM? :D
Больше года skins_addikt said…
haha. correct. 1 prop.

Easy quetion: Skins was created by Bryan Elsley and whom?
Больше года mdigs73 said…
Jamie Brittain
Больше года skins_addikt said…

Medium question:
True/false they change a lot of the music when Skins is aired on NZ and Australian television?
Больше года mdigs73 said…
true (I'm just assuming it is because they changed it when they aired it in America lol)
Больше года skins_addikt said…
correct. (and it pisses me off)

Medium question:
In 3.05, Cook bursts into Freddies shed and mentions which 1st generation character?
Больше года mdigs73 said…