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Harry Potter Theme Songs:

Kids, I'm pretty sure that Ты know a lot of different amazing singers and bands. If Ты could choose a theme song, for any person from our Wizarding World, what song would Ты choose? Ты can pick as many wizards as Ты want, from the Marauder and the "Golden Trio" age.

P.S. - Don't forget to write the wizards name, the song name and the artist name in comments. Also, don't forget to choose a theme song about me, ( because i'm so damn curious to find out what will Ты choose for me).

P.S.(2),- I like rock,alternative rock,heavy metal,symphonic metal,gothic metal,hard rock,rock 'n' roll, thrash metal,country music,symphonic rock, punk rock and that kind of music, just saying ...)
I'll try to find one about you.
laylafly posted Больше года
Oh, thanks. That's so sweet. Everything that goes with rock is my favorite, but Ты can choose any song Ты think actually fits me.
xMissLestrangex posted Больше года
 xMissLestrangex posted Больше года
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HPCouples said:
I think this is what Ты were asking for. I wasn't sure.

Draco Malfoy- замок Walls by T.I. ft Christina Aguilera (Only Christina's part in the song)
Ron Weasley- Fireflies by Owl City
Voldemort- Power by Kanye West
Ginny Weasley- Who Run The World (Girls) By Beyoncé
Hermione Granger- Fighter by Christina Aguilera
Bellatrix- Disturbia by Рианна
Snap- New Divide by Linkin Park
Harry Potter- Remember the Name by Fort Minor
Neville- Zero to Hero from Hercules (This one is a funny song, but it described him... kind of LOL )
Luna Lovegood- Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield
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posted Больше года 
Yeah, I agree with yours.
xHardcoreBunnyx posted Больше года
I've better replaced Remember the Name from Harry to Voldemort. I think it Форс-мажоры him more. Любовь "Fighter" by Christina, a great song indeed. I agree with Ты on Luna,Neville and Ron. Not sure about Beyoncé on Ginny, and New Divide on Snape. However, I like Linkin Park. Great Band.
xMissLestrangex posted Больше года
You're welcome. замок Walls is an amazing song to be addicted to. :)
HPCouples posted Больше года
xHardcoreBunnyx said:
Bellatrix: Hard by Rihanna
Hermione Granger: небоскреб by Demi Lovato
Draco Malfoy: Perfect by Simple Plan
Ginny Weasley: Prayer of the Refugee by Rise Against
Luna Lovegood: Just the Way I am by Skye Sweetnam
Severus (my man) Snape: Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
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posted Больше года 
Oh God, Hard by Rihanna, such a kick-ass song , Любовь it. Agree with Ты on the other songs.
xMissLestrangex posted Больше года
simpleplan said:
Draco: Perfect by Simple Plan
Harry: War by Poets of the Fall
Hermionie: Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson
Ron: 23 by Jimmy Eat World
Luna: Life Is Beautiful by Vega 4
Neville: Witchcraft by Pendulum
James: 100 Sons by 30 секунды of Mars
Lily: Your Guardian The Red Jumpsuit
Snape: Numb by Linkin Park
Voldemort: Only Power Remains by Ministry of Magic ( I know its a wizard band but its brillent for him)
Bellatrix: Hell Yeah by Zebrahead
Siruis: Paper Walls by Yellowcard
Dumbledore: Had Enough by Lifehouse
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posted Больше года 
keladz said:
For Snape Too Much Любовь will Kill Ты Queen
I'm just the pieces of the man I used to be
Too many горький tears raining down on me
I'm far away from home
And I've been facing this alone for much too long
I feel like no-one ever told the truth to me
About growing up and what a struggle it would be
In my Рапунцель - Запутанная история state of mind
I've been looking back to find where I went wrong

Too much Любовь will kill you
If Ты can't make up your mind
Torn between a lover and the Любовь Ты leave behind
You're headed for disaster 'cos Ты never read the signs
Too much Любовь will kill Ты - every time

I'm just the shadow of the man I used to be
And it seems there's no way out this for me
I used to bring Ты sunshine
Now all I ever do is bring Ты down
How would it be if Ты were standing in my shoes
Can't Ты see that it's impossible to choose
No there's making sense of it
Every way I go I have to lose

Too much Любовь will kill you
Just as sure as none at all.
It'll drain the power that's in you
Make Ты plead and scream and crawl
And the pain will make Ты crazy
You're the victim of your crime
Too much Любовь will kill you
Every time

Too much Любовь will kill you
It'll make your life a lie
Yes, too much Любовь will kill you
And Ты won't understand why
You'd give your life you'd sell your soul
But here it comes again
Too much Любовь will kill you
In the end...
In the end.
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posted Больше года 
For Lily x x
keladz posted Больше года
Bluekait said:
Severus: Im too sexy by Right сказал(-а) Fred
Lucius: Sexy and I know it by LMFAO
Voldemort: Viva La Vida by Coldplay
Seamus: Set огонь To the rain by Adele
Draco: Jack's Lament from Nightmare Before Рождество (music by Danny Elfman, movie directed by Tim Burton)
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posted Больше года 
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