Snow white is my favourite princess for many reasons.

1. Beauty
She is the fairest of them all and its no surprise. She looks fabulous with her white skin and red lips she looks a woman any man would marry. Her stepmother the Queen is jealous of her beauty thats how beautiful she is. No princess matches her beauty.

2. Personality

Its different in a good way to all the other princesses. She is quiet but also can shine to others especially the seven dwarfs. She is always kind, care free and very innocent.

3. Voice
She has a voice of an Энджел especially when singing,even though she is only 14. Her songs make Ты want to cry with her heavenly voice especially in someday my prince will come(my favourite Дисней song).

4. Outfit
I adore her dress. Plain simple but still looks very princessey. It makes her look innocent to. Her maid outfit as well is simple for a maid and still shines out the beauty of snow white. I think her dress is the best out of all the Дисней princess dresses put together.

в общем и целом, общая i feel she is a beautiful,wondefufl and a woman of which i wiash to marry one day!!!!!!!