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 princess sofia
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София Прекрасная
София Прекрасная
holiday in enchancia
princess aurora
tv series
(2013) Sofia The First - Sofia's Magical Spells (New Дисней Princess Game)
София Прекрасная
video game
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I was a girl in te village doing alright,
then i became a princess overnight ,
now i've gotta figure out how to do it right ,so much to learn and see,

up in the замок with my new family
in a school thats just for royalty,

a whole Зачарованная world is aiting for me,
i'm so excited to be,

sofia the first,
i'm finding out what being royal's all about,
sofia the first ,
making my way it's an adventure everyday,
it's gonna be my time,
to Показать them all that i'm,
sofia the first,
(instrumental bridge),.
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