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posted by krishathehedgie
"Sonic was walking around in the grassy feilds then suddenly Sonic was pushed,rolled in a ball and was under a black and red hedgehog

Sonic:Ack oww Ты know that flipin hurts.

Shadow:Why would i care?



"Shadow smiles"

Sonic:Shadow i...you returned.

Shadow:Yes i have.

Sonic:Why did Ты leave Ты know it's been hard fight with you?

Shadow:Yes i know.

Sonic:Ohhh my head hurts...can Ты get off my private area it looks like that your screwing me.

Shadow:Oh that's the best part Sonic i want to screw you.

Sonic:No wait i don't want to be raped...

"Shadow grabs his wrist"
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posted by scourgelover25
sonic: so if i say his name 3 times, he'll come out of the mirror and give me a present? yay.

sonic: shadow, shadow,shadow. ..... woaah!

shadows жопа, попка appears in the mirror.

sonic:: its him. wait its his ass, whos afraid of that? hehe.

shadow: oh Ты should be very afraid, VERY AFRAID,
um once i get my rump out of this mirror, ngh DAMMIT!

shadow finally comes out of the mirror, and jumps on sonic and licks him all over then fucks him to shit!

sonic: nngh, no-st-stop it shad.

shadow: oh Ты know Ты Любовь it, Ты always Любовь it.

shadow fucks sonic to shit some еще then locks him in a dungeon. where sonic is imprisoned as a sex slave.


link to story origin:link
Shadow's POV

Well, me and my little hedgie's in постель, кровати now. I can't go to sleep and it's almost 3:00 am... What's that little bump further down from Sonic? Oh, Sonic, Ты naughty little hedgehog. Now, by looking at it, I got one as well. I reached from under the covers to stroke his member, and he let out a little moan in pleasure. Oh, Sonic...

Sonic's POV

What's that fuzzy thing on my...SHADOW!...It felt nice and pleasurable, actually...FUZZY. Soon, he dragged the covers off the постель, кровати and he can see my 'thing' clearly now, which made his 'thing' go higher. I let out a little moan. I wanted him to...
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posted by lightingjolt11
sonic lay in a nest like постель, кровати in the
forest of ever green холм, хилл zone
sonic ran a way from Главная his Друзья
why he was changing glowing ice blue
sonic Друзья were made at him
will isn't it faker сказал(-а) shadow just don't come
closer to me сказал(-а) sonic with his ears going
dawn why ask shadow looking at sonic
who still glowing ice blue
why wood Ты went to I am a FREEK
sniff sonic shadow was shock what sonic
add just сказал(-а) that why I come here to be lone
for good сказал(-а) sonic what happen ask
shadow sigh I am a faker like Ты all ways say
I just found out this morning
I was crated a project like Ты shadow
I was crated in the год 2021 I was sent to
this timeline by accident сказал(-а) sonic
your not a FREEK sonic сказал(-а) shadow as he
blush why shadow blushing thought sonic
no he can be can he
mm shadow do Ты like me
shadow turn a way blushing nod his head
sonic hug shadow blushing to
end of story 1
posted by lightingjolt11
so your a NAGA now сказал(-а) a NAGA that look like sonic my name his sorrow lighting облако
the NAGA -HOG alpha king
alpha ultimate life form god
age 120/in HIGHT 7.0/hermaphrodite
emerald blue ice blue quills like shadow
ice blue round his изумруд blue eyes
ice white chest мех like silver
ice blue marks on his arms for head ears tail
long NAGA tail
silver Золото inhibitor rings marks on them
sonic ask are Ты my yes little sonic
I am your mom сказал(-а) sorrow as he smile
I am hermaphrodite a male with the ability
to have Дети with out been female
it run in are royal family sonic...
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posted by sonadow06
I can't sleep!... Maybe I'll wake Shads up. I patted him on the head. His sleeping face is so cute!

Huh. He's not reacting. Maybe I'll...

Here we go.


Normal POV

"AAAGHH!" Shadow shouted, surprised by the sudden kiss.
"Heheh, did that surprise you?"
"Of course it d-did!" Shadow replied, clutching his crotch area under the sheets. He was hard by just the kiss...
"Oh...Excited, are you?" Sonic сказал(-а) seductively, grabbing his arm and pinning it up against the wall. "You've earned it."
Sonic let go of his arm and bent down towards Shadow's sheath. He licked it once, and Shadow moaned...
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Me: Where is she! *holding crossbar* I'ma hit her across her fucking beautiful face!
Shadow: I know what Ты mean...
Tails: Poor her...She's gone traumatic.
Knuckles: Ты hit her, i kill you...
Me: Wow, dark.
Rouge: *comes from above, and slams Tokyo's head on a стол письменный, стол again*
Me: *nose breaks* ...I GIVE UP!!!!
Rouge: I win! NOW!, gimmie the diamonds Ты owe me.
Me: F-Fine!!!*hands over*
Everybody else: ...Confusion.

Gay's Corner (1:33 P.M.)

Jet and Silver were laughing histerically at a joke Sonic told.
"Wow, i can't believe that happened!" Jet laughed along with his words. He was holding...
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shadow: Ты didnt answer me Ты fucking asshole. were is my sonikku?

scourge: "your sonikku"? hes mine. all mine.

shadow: where the fuck is he?

scourge: hes at my house. being guarded by luna.

shadow: Ты sick bastard, alright thats it im gonna rip out your throat if Ты did anythng to him at all!!

{shadow teleports to scourges house}

shadow: .......

luna: zzzzzzz

shadow: {some guard.}

shadow then goes into a room were sonic is.

sonic :shadow-
shadow: shhh. ive come here to rescue you..... then fuck Ты afterwards.

sonic: oh your so sweet.... im sorry for what i сказал(-а) before,..... can Ты forgive me?

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posted by lightingjolt11
by now sonic chat to both his mom dad
while shadow was getting to know his mom
as will as his dad who lay Далее to his mate
black doom dark the NAGA-HOG
alpha ultimate life form god
age 121/in HIGHT 7.0/hermaphrodite
black изумруд red quills like sorrow
изумруд red round his изумруд red eyes
ice white chest мех like silver
marks on his arms for head ears end tail
and long NAGA tail
silver изумруд red inhibitor rings marks on them
black doom looks like shadow
ah what nice afternoon сказал(-а) raven
yes its sonic lay on his and shadow nest постель, кровати
with his tail rap round 6 eggs he just add
it add been 6 weeks mean while
tails was wonder were his big brother was
oh sonic were have Ты gone cry tails
wen out of a flash tails was sent to the
cave both sonic shadow are in
end of story 5
Foamy : *Grabs new paper* *rolls it up* *whacks sonic*

Sonic : OW! *sits up in his bed* *Shakes head* wat the hell man?!

Foamy : *unrolls paper* wadda u mean? *Shoves paper in his face* read god dammit!

Sonic : *Looks at it*

Foamy : the headline is a FAMILIAR hedgehog u've been misreble without. come on! He was last seen by that ermm...wat does it say?

Sonic : *Whacks hims on the head with it* SHUT UP!

Foamy : OW! oh fuck off bitch. everyone knows ur fucking little secret...U CANNNOT DENY IT!!!

Sonic : ...

Foamy : dammit. i cant get u 2 talk. but that doesnt mean i cant get u 2 move! *pushes him towards...
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posted by lightingjolt1
today like any other день fighting egg man
but день my 15th thought sonic
I was sent this ice blue изумруд wind marks on
in a pod box with USB cable connected to it
with a изумруд blue ice blue window 20000
laptop build in webcam mm thought sonic
there was a ice blue journal project sonic on
the cover sonic was shock opining the journal
dear sonic my name is professor GRYO
you may not BELIVE what I after till Ты young one
but its all true every word of it true
I crated both your mom dad both of them are male
hermaphrodite /ageless/immortal
you was born in the год 2021 not the timeline
you are...
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posted by lightingjolt11
sonic sat on his постель, кровати with a ice blue tube in his arm
full of ice blue chaos water blood DNA 2 quills
1 изумруд blue ice blue quill
2 ice white ice blue quill
sonic add a mask on his face tubes in his body
the pod sonic was in was fill with ice blue chaos water
sonic add bin missing for 2 moths on is Главная world
sonic Друзья all дана up looking for sonic
egg man add bin put in deep sleep by gun
the 6 chaos emeralds was with sonic when he gone
missing shadow add his red chaos изумруд
he found sonic in a FUTURISTIC world in a pod
in a iron man TONY lab
shadow was shock he seen sonic after all this...
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posted by lightingjolt1
CHARMY pod fill Золото chaos water
NEEDLIE Золото fill with black chaos water
blood DNA 2 quills
1 ice white yellow quill 2 black hot red quill
the NEEDLIE went into the iv in CHARMY arm
CHARMY glow Золото chaos water bubbling pod stop
and there was CHARMY doom dark the hedgehog
alpha ultimate life form god
CHRAMY age 11/in HIGHT 6.0/ageless/immortal
black Золото quills like sorrow
gold round his изумруд blue eyes
ice white chest мех like silver
gold ands feet end tail ERS
marks on his arms legs tail FORHEAD ERS
ice white ice blue inhibitor rings Золото marks on them
ice blue ice white hover shoes Золото marks on them...
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 Sonic in his maid outfit.
Sonic in his maid outfit.
Sonic's P.O.V
I hate Ты Silver. No, I hate Amy for hitting me with that stupid hammer. Why Silver, why? I don't want to be shadow's maid for a week. He'll probably treat me like trash. Please let him not be home.
Shadow's P.O.V
"Thanks for telling me, Silvs." I сказал(-а) to Silver as he left my house. Not a bad idea to bet Sonic but to tell him to be my maid for a week that's what's bad. My uncle, Mephiles, walked up. "Hello uncle. How has your день been?"
He throw his пальто at me. "Truly terrible. Where's the maid?"
"You mean Ashton, right?"
"Whatever, her name is. ASHTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
A neon blue wolf...
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posted by lightingjolt11
ah shout tails low tails nice to see Ты
said shadow with his own tail
rap round 6 eggs he add
shadow that Ты yes but how what happen
ask tails shadow add tell tails
tails was shock at first but happy
aww сказал(-а) tails seeing his big bro
in a nest with 6 eggs tails meet both
sonic mom dad as well as shadow mom dad
sorrow neo ask tails if he wood like to be
there son by blood tails was еще than happy
neo take a quill from his head quill
so did sorrow
now tails сказал(-а) neo put the 2 quills we just take out
put them on your head tails nod as he put his
feet into the lake tails add put the 2 quills...
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posted by Sonadow_perv
Sonic: *knock knock*

Shadow: "ugh, come in!"

Sonic: "Hey shads! What's up?"

Shadow: "The ceiling...."

Sonic: "Ha, Ha. Shadow you're such a jokester!"

Shadow: *sarcastic laughter* "uhhh huh, I'm sooooo funny!" *rolls eyes*

Sonic: "hey watcha watching on TV there?" *Walks over but then trips* "GAH!"

{ at that moment sonic is ontop of shadow, and there is 30 секунды of complete silence}

Shadow: "Wow, You're so soft sonic."

Sonic: "I'm so sorry, Shadow! Oh, let me get up" *about to get up until.......*

{ Shadow then pulls sonic back ontop of him to aggressively Kiss him}

Sonic: "mmmmhhh."

Shadow: *Sonic pulls...
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sonic and shadow are at shadows house.

shadow: { god hes so hot.... i just wanna fuck him}
sonic: so.... when is silver coming over?
shadow: soon....{not really sexy}

shadow had actually set a trap.. a rape trap for sonic.... hehe.

shadow: wanna see my room?

sonic: sure..

sonic and shadow go upstairs.

sonic: um... why is it so hot in here?
shadow: oh .... youll see soon enough.

sonic then sits down.... then he blushes at shadow.

sonic: um sh-shadow, can i ask Ты something?
shadow: sure.

sonic moves close to shadow and blushes.

shadow takes this opertunity to Kiss sonic and slip his tongue in there to.

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Sonic's POV
It was a peaceful spring день in Green холм, хилл Zone...I was running trying to find Shadow because he texted asking me if I would meet him here....and it was quite..out of the ordinary for him to send me a text...but I felt so happy....I hope today is the день I can tell him how I feel.....
Shadow's POV
I saw Sonic running across Green холм, хилл Zone.....I guess he got my text....he must be trying to find me...he seems a bit...embarrassed for some reason.
Normal POV
Sonic: There Ты are Shad!! I was looking for Ты all day!! Shadow: Sorry, Sonic...*starts to blush* Sonic:Oh Shadow...it's...
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posted by lightingjolt11
sonic was shock but nod his head just then shadow chaos control to were both lord L and sonic are who are Ты kid ask shadow lord L сказал(-а) sonic lord L huh sigh lord L сказал(-а) my name lighting jolt облако сказал(-а) little lighting looking at both sonic shadow both shock faces your are baby сказал(-а) shadow shock but happy yeah сказал(-а) little lighting blushing lighting jolt облако the NAGA-HOG alpha ultimate life form god age 11/in HIGHT 7.0/hermaphrodite ageless/immortality albino white изумруд yellow quills like shadow and sonic mix together going down his back изумруд yellow round his изумруд blue eyes персик chest tummy lighting marks on his arms for head long NAGA tail ice blue inhibitor rings lighting marks on them lighting he looks like both sonic shadow mix together what are Ты my son both sonic shadow I am a NAGA this is my true for and the both of Ты sonic shadow look at each other so can Ты change us son ask sonic yes but first Ты need blood from mommy сказал(-а) little lighting end of part 2
posted by SkyHedgehog
Shadow is sitting on his porch свинг, качели when Sonic walks up to him.........

Sonic: Hi Shadow
Shadow: Ummmmmm Hi
Sonic: Эй, Shadow there's something I need to tell you
Shadow: What?
Shadow: OH MY FREAKING GOD!!!!!!!
Sonic: Pretty suprising huh?
Shadow: Duh! Your a dude!
Sonic: Ah well. It's a boy
Shadow: Again. OH MY FREAKING GOD!!!!!!!
Sonic: Ok. I get it. GOD!
Shadow: So your.... female?
Sonic: No! Who сказал(-а) I was female?
Shadow: Well, usualy females have babies
Sonic: Oh. Well I'm naming my baby Bob
Shadow: Ok...... good luck with that

To be continued.......