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Shadow was just walking in the park, the breeze between his legs.No one knew his big secret though, and that's what he was thinking of right now. He felt it inside him calling out like a shout from a blowhorn. He knew he'd have to find someone soon, или he could burst. Damn, why does life have to be so hard?

In another part of town Sonic was running his daily routine: Beach, runway, highway and finally park. He frowned. He had a big secret too, and he knew if anyone knew, the word traveled fast, and then he would be avoided.While thinking he didn't know where he was going. He bumped into Shadow and his mouth landed upon Shadow's.

Shadow was hit by Sonic, only to be kissed. They stayed there, mouths still pressed.They pressed tighter, and tighter, leading to an embrace, with legs entwined. Yes... Shadow thought. Wait...Damn! Everyone's gonna see! He ever so slowly, tring to savor Sonic's mouth, pulled away. They let go and stood, looking into each other's eyes.They both knew, that life as they knew it, would be changed."uhm..." Shadow said, with anxiety."Sonic took Shadow's hand and rushed to Shadow's house. Hell yeah this is gonna be fun! Sonic thought.

As soon as they went inside the house, they locked the door and fell to the couch. They embraced passionetley, and gently. Shadow kissed sonic on the mouth down to his neck. Sonic rubbed Shadow's back as he did this. They tounged for a long time, licking their neck and each others tounges and mouths. At last Shadow kissed sonic softly on the mouth."Thank Ты so much, Sonikku." He whispered in his ear. Sonic reached down and grabbed Shadow's you-know-what and rubbed it. He smirked and Shadow pulled his hand away very slowly.He shook his head. "Not yet, Sonikku. Later." Sonic nodded, and they kept kissing.
That was until, someone knocked down the door.
"OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL!!!" Of couse...SOmeone always had to barge in at such happy moments, huh? And it had to be rounge and amy...Of all people!!!

As sonic and shadow fall into a deep sleep sonic suddendly wakes up due to a very loud thunder clap
Sonic *jumps up* GAHH *he yelled*
Shadow *wakes up from soincs loud yell* what is it sonic *he wipes his eyes and looks at his alrm clock and the time is 2:46 AM*
Sonic oh shadow i didnt meen to wake Ты up it was the thunder it startle me *he smiles and lays back down*
Shadow oh *he yawns and goes back to sleep*
Sonic *very carefully moves closer to shadow and softly puts a arm around shadow and falls asleep*
(a few hours later sonic is awkend buy the smell of food)
Sonic *sniffs the air and follows...
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Соник и Шедоу
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Shad: your welcome now,im going to постель, кровати
Sonic: OK
*Shad went upstairs*
Sonic: wait.... where should i sleep?
*Sonic quietly went upstairs*
Sonic whispers: shadow,shadooow
shadow talk dreaming: I fucking rip your head off bicth mahahaha
sonic: 030
sonic blushes: well... if shads if he don't mind to sleep with him...
*sonic gets in bed*
*in the morning*
*shad wakes up*
shad: *yawns* why is my постель, кровати so warm...
*shad sees sonic close to him and holding his hips*
shad bushes: 0_0 my god... AAAHHHHHHH*gets hanger*
*sonic wakes up*
sonic: well good mor... HOLY!
*shad wacks sonic and sonic went flying to the wall*...
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Соник и Шедоу
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It was a gloomy winter day. The snow was falling ever so lightly.
A little bird then fell along with a drop of snow from the snowy sky. All of a sudden a blue figure showed up noticing the little bird in the snow. "You shouldn't be out in the cold like this. I got ya little buddy" сказал(-а) Sonic picking up the small feathered creature dusting off the snow then removeing his left glove, then wrapping the little bird warmly in it, then sitting it carefully in his пальто pocket. "Don't worry little buddy, i will keep ya warm and cozey" Sonic assured with a gentle smile. Not noticing Shadow secretly watching...
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The other part is part 4. My iPad screwed it up. This part doesn't have our to fav hedgies in it.
Scourge was running backwards as Ashton tried to catch him again just for fun. Black was still in the middle of the улица, уличный screaming his head off while Ice tried to climb up a tree." Эй, Ash. Why are Ты chasing Scourge again?" Roxy asked her.
"It's fun." Ashton сказал(-а) to her.
"She wouldn't catch me. I'm too fast for her." Scourge laughed.
" I wouldn't bet on it, Scourge." Knuckles сказал(-а) as he walked up with Julie-su and Lara-su....
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Соник и Шедоу
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shadow:if they stay here like hmm... 18 days i'll puss u to the fangirls while i find my gun to shot them all and maby u >:D
sonic:oh crap in doomed
later in night time
sonic walking up stairs
sonic:yeah алоза, шад ME WANT Еда GIMMIE FOOD!!!
shadow:shut the fuck up или i'll give u Еда in your bleeding lips
sonic:oh crap
shadow:*sigh* fine i'll give u Еда
sonic:thx pal hmmm...wut r we eating?
shad:u see
sonic thinking: i hope that it isn't porsin and алоза, шад barring me
sonic quickly walk down stairs and watching sonic x (duh)
shad walked down stairs and went to the...
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