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posted by KitsuneFanGurl
They arrive at Shadow's home, (which is actually mine, Sonic doesn't know this yet)...Sonic lets go of Shadow because he has keys, but he sees a familiar розовый hover-board in the driveway; so he knocks on the door. >knock-knock< An abnormally cute human with hedgehog traits opens the door and is surprised. "Oh Shadow, you're home! I've been wondering when Ты would get home....oh? Sonic came over for a visit?"
"Yes, Yasaki. Sonic came to visit today and..um, please let us in?" "Sure, Shadster! Come on in Ты two. It's almost ужин and it's COLD OUT HERE!!!!!" The two hedgehogs enter...
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posted by Sonadow_perv
Shadow: *drinking*

Waitress: "Hey hunky!"

Shadow: "Sorry, not intrested."

Waitress: "ya sureee sweetheart?" *her breats jiggle*

Shadow: "I'm sure."

Waitress: "guh, fine! Эй, sonic! Come er and serve this man with bad taste In Women!" *Walks away*
Sonic: "Hello sir, I am sonic, I'll be your Waiter this evening. Anything to drink?"

Shadow: "uhh, yeah. Can I have another пиво please?" *looks at him while drooling a little bit*

Sonic: "Sure thing sir, right away!" *Walks into the kitchen*

Shadow: "No! He's a guy! And I'm a guy, I shouldn't think he's hot. There are plenty of women I like here, like, that...
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posted by warriorlover40
Sonic ran through greenhill zone. Alone. He always did. He wasn't scared of anything out here. He stopped at a tree.

Shadows was behind the same дерево Sonic stopped at. He was watching the blue hedgehog. Shadow may have had a crush on the blue blurr. Shadow stepped out from behind the tree. Sonic jumped.

"Hey Shadow." Sonic сказал(-а) calmly.

"Hello, facker." Shadow smirked.

"Why are Ты out here?"

"A walk. You?"

"A run. It's nice to see Ты again."

"Here." Shadow handed sonic a blue rose." It's for you."

"Th-thanks." Sonic took the rose and tucked in his book bag.

"Bye." Shadow сказал(-а) before he ran off.

To be ...