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after sonic and shadow had their shower. shadow pushed sonic on the постель, кровати and licked his neck.

shadow and sonic were still naked, so this gave shadow an opertunity to feel sonics cock. and so he did. he felt it lightly, then stopped and....squeezed it!!

sonic: oh agh. shadow.... Ты perv.

shadow: hehe. so, how bout another round in the bed?

sonic: ....yes my dear.

shadow: i Любовь you.

sonic: .......

shadow: whats wrong dear?

sonic: i- i..... are Ты sure Ты truly Любовь me?

shadow was suprised about what sonic said...

shadow: of course i do.

sonic: is that a yes?

shadow licks sonics muzzle and keeps talking....
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shadow: Ты didnt answer me Ты fucking asshole. were is my sonikku?

scourge: "your sonikku"? hes mine. all mine.

shadow: where the fuck is he?

scourge: hes at my house. being guarded by luna.

shadow: Ты sick bastard, alright thats it im gonna rip out your throat if Ты did anythng to him at all!!

{shadow teleports to scourges house}

shadow: .......

luna: zzzzzzz

shadow: {some guard.}

shadow then goes into a room were sonic is.

sonic :shadow-
shadow: shhh. ive come here to rescue you..... then fuck Ты afterwards.

sonic: oh your so sweet.... im sorry for what i сказал(-а) before,..... can Ты forgive me?

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