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posted by starfirey232
there is a smile on her face
she doesnt know why its there on her face
she doesnt feel happy

she laughs with her friends
she doesnt want them to know how broken she is

her friend texts her mean things in class
she holds the tears at bay
a brick is on her heart
she acts if everything is ok

she gets home
her brother tells her what she has done wrong this time.
she hold up her act at being happy

she gets on her безопасно, сейф place
the computer
but even here she cant get away
she gets mean and anger messages
from people she doesnt know in real life

she takes off her mask
she cries as she sits in her bed
she looks at the texts...
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posted by starfirey232
Dance in the rain
friend calling
Cell Phone left inside

The clouds cry the tears I scared of crying
A fear of being alone
But My friend is calling

Lighting strikes
Thunder booms
Rain fall from my eyes

I stand in the rain
Looking up at the lighting
soaked from the water

Thinking back
Smiles as the lighting strikes
Lighting is beautiful

I dance in the rain
I am
Scared of bring alone

But Любовь the rain
Lighting lights up the sky
Thunder and the drip drop sound of rain
I Любовь it all

The rain brings a smile to my face еще then the радуга
Princess персик has been kidnapped again and she is saying her feelings about how scared she is and how worried about Mario she is...
princess персик
posted by starfirey232
iwrote a song and i want to know what Ты think
" We wear a mask to hide who we really are.
People don't care who we really are.
We dance in the rain and wait for the rainbow.
We may not know each are but.

We wear a mask to hide who we really are.
If we let our masks off for a секунда
We wont be able to stop the tears that start to flow down.
A flow of tears wont stop till there is no tears.

I'm sorry for hiding myself from you.
But I have theses walls up to keep Ты out.
So Ты cant tell I'm wearing a mask.

We wear a mask to hide who we really are.
People who don't wear a mask don't know what...
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