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First Name: Drakero (Drai-kee-row)

Name Origin: His name comes for a portmanteau of "Drake" and "hero".

Middle Name: Almaldo (Al-mall-doe)

Last Name: Bonsachei ( Bon-sa-chei)

~Family Relations~

Almaldo (Father)

Drei (Mother)

Draco (Older Brother)

Ku (Sister)

Drapy (Younger Brother)

Hercul (Grandfather from Almaldo's Side)

Jilgma (Grandmother from Almaldo's Side)

Lumina (Grandmother from Drei's Side)

Drahon (Grandfather from Drei's Side)

Darby (Cousin)

~Friend/Foe Relations~

Silver (Best Friend)

Blaze (Close Friend)

Marine (Close Friend)

Sonic (Friend)

Knuckles (Friend)

Tails (Friend)

Shadow (Acquaintance)...
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1.Draw A круг And Guidelines
2.(if its a female character)Add A Bump Near The Head
3.Add Clothes With еще Style Not Plain Green Shirts или Just Blue Pants Thats UNoringal
4.Hands Gloves или No Gloves Mittens Braclets ANYTHING
5.Tail.Draw A Hedgehog Tail(like a Собаки tail)OR A Cat лиса, фокс или Any Other Specie Mix
6.Legs:Easy Booty или Something или Leggings Strips Ankel Braclets Rings Tatoo
7.Feet:OBISVOSY add a little tiny curve so the feet Ты cant see them because SHOES DUH
8.Shoes:Color Accerious Braclets Socks Показ Socks Flip Flops Sneckers High Heels
9.Head Tips:Add A Fringe или Something Hair Spikes Shades(<---- that means sunglasses)0.0 BLOW THEIR MINDS WITH SEXY HOT Фан CHARACTERS 0.0 O.O PEE THEIR PANTS OFF XD
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Metal Drakero is a robot that is ordered to destroy Drakero.

He was once a Gizoid named Daremerl created by Gerald Robotnik along with Emerl. He was built as a guard to keep unwanted visitors out of Космос Colony A.R.K. Back then he was friendly and very helpful. He would always play with Maria Robotnik, and help Professor Robotnik around the laboratory. He even helped with Project Shadow. When G.U.N came, Daremerl tried to fend off the troops, but was over powered, and was knocked out of a window sent drifting out into space, eventually sent crashing down to the planet below. There on Mobius,...
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