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Conene Arulekki
Bloody Hell. Siren is late, again. Not like I'm surprised, I don't really care about the physco either. I didn't even know if it was a boy или a girl.
By now, my phone was vibrating. It was Siren texting me. How fun.
Siren; ello lovve
Conene; Ты bloody idiot, get your жопа, попка over here.
Siren; I Любовь you, too~ ♥

..... What the in the seven Hells is wrong with it.
It was nine by the time Siren showed up, I was asleep by then. Now, why in the Hell would I give him my key? Who the Hell knows, I might have been drunk that night. Now I regret it. Oh wait, I'm in my room. I tend to always lock it when I'm sleepy. Score

Siren Orizano
I miss that little asshole, Conene~♥ I unlocked his door and shut it behind me. He wasn't anywhere down stairs. Aw man, he's upstairs. That, I don't have a key for. Ahah, Little asshole, I'll find Ты some day~ ♥
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posted by Zenzes
Full Name: Keegan Black
Nicknames: Queer-gan, Lady GaGa (Both unwilling)
Gender: Male
Species: Polarwolf
Age: 17
Birthday/Zodiac Sign: 12th June/Gemini

Realationship Status: Taken by Schnee Fenris*
Sexuality: Homosexual (I do not want to hear/see/read any bashing.)

Personality: He is audacious, sensitive/touchy, stubborn, often insensitive, resentful, tolerant, possessive, a little narcisstic, rarely nice can also be quite bearable then. Doesn't really care about others.
Likes: Mint, sunrise & sunset, the color purple, good fights, racing a lá Sonic riders, doing nothing in a cozy/comfortable pose...
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