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posted by zelda4559
"Revenge" A voice says in my head It makes me even еще mad "Revenge" It echos "why did Emma lie so bad, all my life I looked up to her. It was wroth nothing" "Ruby is something bothering you" Sandy ask looking at me "no...nothing" I say Her only answer is looking a way. Rude I thought "Revenge" stop it. "lets get going faster" I say "well, we're not that fast" Sandy says We finally make it to eggmans base, But there were at least a thousnd robots "How could he see us coming" I say "Get ready" Silver says. "Reveng" Why will it not stop I think. Then I see Emma looking down angirly at me. My...
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“THE REST OF THE CHAOS EMERALDS ARE GONE!!!” Knuckles screamed. “They were here yesterday! I’m sure of it!”

“Calm down, Knucklehead.” Sonic wiped his nose with one of his index fingers. “It’s not like they could’ve just got up and walked away.”

“I just got a hot tip from Rouge!” Tails ran over. “She just called about the missing Chaos Emeralds!”

“Tell her that if she wants to live,” Knuckles screamed, “she’ll return them!”

“NO!” Tails yelled back. “She сказал(-а) that Shadow just told her that one of his acquaintances, a крыса named Riddle, украл, палантин them while...
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“Are we there yet?” Tails whined sleepily.

“We’ll get there when we get there!” Knuckles snapped. Sonic snored on the wing. Myzak was playing another long crossword puzzle. “Besides, you’re the one who’s driving!”

“But we’ve been flying through fog for hours!” Tails groaned. The X-Tornado tilted slightly, causing Sonic to fall onto Myzak’s crossword. “When did the Mystic Ruins get like this? Wait. Don’t tell me! It happened after Eggman left. Right?”

“Yeah!” Knuckles snapped. “Can Ты stop complaining?”

“But, I haven’t gotten my coffee yet!” Tails snapped...
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Note: If Ты have not read Part One, I strongly suggest Ты do. This part is longer than the last one. еще for my fans!



Her face lit up every memory of his existence. Dr. Gerald told her once everyday that he loved her.

Myzak spat. Once the machine was finished, he'd get rid of Dr. Gerald once and for all. "It's a living heck." He kept telling himself. All he needed was a chaos emerald, and it'd be done. How to acquire the chaos изумруд was the problem...but not for long...


Rouge's fingers moved swiftly across the keys. "Why can't I just find that chaos изумруд first?" She whined....
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posted by AceRider
 Zip The волк
Zip The Wolf
Zipnodus (Zip) Roger Fracture is a 17 grey and white grey волк from Crescent Island. His parents are separated, which resulted with him being raised by his father, Umbrax, and his sister, Ziggnimosis (Ziggy) was raised by his mother, Nite. Zip comes from a long line of proud and ruthless savages did what they wanted when they wanted, however, he doesn't seem to Показать any form of care for such. At age 14, he took part in a elite battler association called The Elite Fighters. He was ranked 9 on the scales from 1 to 20, but he left the association because not one would challenge him. Currently,...
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(WOAH WAT. :U Yes i'm bored. So all the smart peeps in TGOL get a story. TAKE THAT BROTHER.)

Conner's POV:

I've never liked stories, much less one's like this.

People look down at me, but what they see is so little. I

may be eleven, but I know еще then you'll ever

understand. But before I tell Ты my tell, listen close, and

take my Совет by heart. Don't trust him. Don't trust


It all started one hot day, my father had come

back from the bank. But I felt something wrong. Very

wrong. My father was always a calm guy, but today,

he had the most worried face I've ever seen.

"Hey, dad....what's...
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Hercula-Draguun Quincy Bonsachei is a 64 год old dragon elder for Central Dragon Raw. When Hercul was at his prime, he was a warrior that had defeated over 1,000,000 people in battle. Through out those years, he met Jilgma and married her 3 years later. They had 3 children: Almaldo (oldest), Drahu (middle), and Xeogon (youngest).

Hercul retired from he warrior status to live on as one of the dragon elders.

Hercul is a very wise dragon with knowledge that no other dragon seems to understand besides his grandson, Drakero. He can be intimidating upon site, but he is actually a kind man. He loves to light incenses in his house, but dislike the taste of cherries.

Despite his age, and not being as good as he was in his prime, Hercul can hold his own in a fight. Like his son Almaldo, and grandson, Drakero, Hercul is freakishly strong. He can bench press up to 20 tons.

(In other words, Hercul don't play)
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The feline and chameleons parted ways, Lizzy going towards the crime-scene, and the siblings to their family car. They soon informed their parents that they had decided to be spontaneous only to be ordered to come Главная because of their reckless behavior. The two chameleons were incredibly disturbed by this and immediately noted in their heads the many obstacles this was about to place in their nocturnal events. Regardless they drove home.

Lizzy had tailed the скорая помощь for a large set of miles before arriving at the hospital assumed. The car went through the E.R. entrance which made little sense...
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Chapter Two

The mid-age echidna, an agent of the organization, replayed the events on a set of security cameras. The room he sat in was grey, but not dark. To the left was a bed, and on вверх of it lay the Hyren from the underground base, the one that Zen and Tess saved.

It took a bit of planning to get the almost-killed agent out of the hands of the police. The investigation of the authorities did not end fruitfully, with the base that was once there being completely missing. Nothing was left behind. But something was taken.

The agent looked over his broken comrade. His neck, legs, and arm were...
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Okay here’s the thing, I have college classes,
And Church,
And a JOB.

College Classes are from 10:00 A.M. to 1:45 P.M. on Mondays and Wednesdays.

AWANA is from 6:30 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. on Wednesdays

Church is from 9:00 A.M. to usually 12:00 P.M. on Sundays (Plus Alzheimer’s Visits from 2:15 to 3:30 P.M. once a month)

The Job is from 3:30 P.M. to 9:30 P.M. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

So on a normal день I have around five или so hours to get my homework done, work on personal projects, and spend time online in the morning, then maybe one час at night. That’s six...
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