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posted by silverstruelove
Zagic:i hate you!
Zilver:Zags listen to me!!
An час earlier:
Zagic:im not sure if i should do this
Zuna:zags Ты are going to have to do this sooner или later
Zagic:fine only if you, Zelly, Zella, Ziara, Zammy, and Zachel come in case something bad happens
10 минуты later:
Zelly:our little Zags is growing up
Zagic:(blushing) shut up Zelly
Zella:we cant help it. We never thought Ты would ask
Zagic:i changed my mind
Zuna:but Zags if Ты said
Zagic:i changed my oopphhh! (Bumps into someone)
??????:im so sorry i should of been watching where i was going
Zagic:no it's my fault. Oh my glasses.
??????:(picks them up) here
Zagic:thanks. I swear if i Остаться в живых these i would as blind as a bat (puts on glasses, eyes widen, and she blushes)
Zilver:(blushes at how close his face was to Zagic's face) um hi Zagic
Zuna:(smiles) we're going to leave Ты two alone
Zagic:(looks at Zuna with pleading eyes)
Zuna:see ya Zags (leaves with the other girls)
Zagic:(blushing and thinking) i got to tell him
Zilver:(blushing and thinking) i got to tell her
Zilver:yeah Zagic
Zagic:do Ты like me
Zilver:yeah (thinking) yes i Любовь you
Zagic:i mean do Ты like me as a friend или as something else
Zilver:as a friend (thinking) as a girlfriend
Zilver:Zagic are Ты ok?
Zagic:yeah (gets up and pulls Zilver up too)
Zilver:(noticing Zagic's blue eyes) Zagic are Ты sure your ok
Zagic:yeah (looks down with tears brimming her eyes)
Zilver:(lifts her face up) Zagic Ты aren't telling me the truth
Zagic:you want to know why im not ok
Zilver:of course
Zagic:fine. It's because i Любовь you, but i see Ты dont feel the same (starts to walk away)
Zilver:(blushing) Ты do?
Zilver:(thinking) she Любовь me! (Grabs her arm)
Zilver:(pulls Zagic into a kiss)
Zagic:(blushing and slowly closes her eyes)
Zilver:(breaks kiss)
Zagic:zilver? Why did Ты do that?
Zilver:(thinking) Tell her now! (Normal) because i know i can't Любовь Ты so i kissed you
Zagic:(feels her сердце break) so Ты kissed me because Ты felt bad for me
Zilver:(nods) im being a friend (thinking) say that Ты Любовь her
Zagic:you took my first Kiss because Ты were being a friend
Zilver:yes (thinking) nonononononono
Zagic:i knew i was stupid to fall in Любовь with you. I bet Ты Любовь Zlaze еще than me
Zilver:Zagic i...
Zagic:i dont want to talk to you
Zilver:Zagic i just...
Zagic:(glares at him with red eyes) just leave me alone (runs away)
Zilver:(runs after her) Zagic wait
Zilver:Zagic as the leader of our group. I command Ты to stop
Zagic:(stops but doesn't turn around)
Zilver:Zagic i just wanted to say
Zagic:(tears rolling down her face and sniffling)
Zilver:(hears Zagic crying) Zagic im sorry
Zagic:just leave me alone
Zuna:(runs to Zagic and hugs her) Zilver just
Zilver:(walks away)
Zella:we should of let her not go through this
Zammy:(hugging Zagic) shh it's ok
Zelly:(growls) im going to kick his butt
Zachel:dont do it you'll go to the boot camp
Ziara:besides Zagic needs us
Zagic:(thinking i hate my life)

Will Zagic still Любовь Zilver? Will she listen to what he has to say? Will she find out that he loves here? Found out in chapter 2

Zella: Bella
Zagic: Magic
Zilver: Silver
Zuna: Luna
Zelly: Kelly
Ziara: Tiara
Zachel: Rachel
Zammy: Sammy
Zlaze: Blaze
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posted by silverstruelove
 me as a baby
me as a baby
At Eggman's base:
Me:(turns dark and breaks down the door) Eggman!
Eggman:(smiles evilly) look it who it is
Me:where are they
Eggman:i dont know who youre talking about
Me:(grabs him by the neck and pinned him to the wall) Ты son of a сука Ты know what im talking about. Now where's Ashley and Megan
Eggman:(choking) in that glass container (points to glass container)
Me:(drops him and flys to container and picked them up)
Silver:(flys into room) are they ok
Me:yes (hands them to Silver) take them Главная . I have some unfinished business to take care of (looks at Eggman and cracks knuckles)
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