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1.Sonic is a hedgehog. Sally is not. It is like a man dating a pig!
2.Sally is not in the games. Amy is.
3. (Sonic underground refrence) If sonic's mom is the Queen of mobius, and sally's dad is the king of mobius doesn't that make them RELATED?!
4. Amy is in Sonic CD, Sonic Adventure 1&2, Sonic Heroes, Sonic 06,Sonic and Sega all stars racing(excluding iOS), Sonic Generations and Sonic X. Sally is only in SatAM and the comic.
5. In the games, there is no refrence to Sonally, but there are to Sonamy.
6. Half the fanbase does not know who sally is!
7.Sally uses Nicole for everything, as Sonic doesn't use nicole much.
8.In this club, there are еще pictures of Sonamy than of Sonally
9. Sally is the only girl that is naked.
All in all, Amy is better for Sonic than Sally.
posted by Sonicfan67
Shadow:alright guys.the only way we're gona make out of this alive is that if we stick together.so...
Vector:my Друзья call me coach!
Shadow:God damn it!
In a elevator...
Shadow:ok.the saferoom is a couple room's away.when the doors open just run like hell and we should be fine.
Me:alright just let me get out my little desert eagle.
(The elevator doors open and shows fire)
Shadow:ok everyone get in!
(A spitter comes in)
Shadow:that is the scariest fucking thing I have ever seen in my entire life.
(A baby comes out of the spitter's...
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posted by sonicfanAG
Mephiles:You're next
Tails:Oh please noo please!!
*Mephile turns*
*Knuckles gulps*
Knuckles:Do me first.
Mephiles:SHUT UP!!!
(somewhere in a city)
Sonic:Oh come on im going insane here!!!
*Sonic starts singing*
Sonic:I need somebody to love!!
*sonic stops*
Silver:Hey guys,come here!!!
Shadow:What is it Silver.
Silver:There's a bunch of "come to Rio"flaps
Sonic:There's only one place they could possibly be
Sonic,shadow,and Silver:RIO!!
to be continued...
posted by Pitrocks14
O.K., this is a kind of review and opinion at the same time. This time, I'm complaining about these haters who are accusing Sonic and some of its old games. Look, I'm not a huge Sonic Фан and particularly because of the new games (which aren't that bad) and I've been playing with Sonic ever since I was little. I have no idea how old I was but probably among the ages of either three and 5. My first game was Sonic the Hedgehog two so I was a little ahead, but Sonic has been out before I was born.

Shadow the Hedgehog: O.K., so people have been complaining about Sonic ever since Shadow came out....
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Once apon a time in Station Square.Sonic:KNUCKLES I need you!!!Knuckles:Yeah Sonic.Sonic:I need advice.Knuckles:Ok whats your Совет need.2 минуты LATER.You wanna what Amy.Sonic:So can Ты help.Knuckles:Do this.....THAT NIGHT AT A FANCY RESTERAUNT.Amy:This is great.Waiter:Heres your wine.Amy:Thankyou.Looks at wine.AHHHHHHHH!!!A week later.Marrige music.Shadow:Walks in front.We are here today to celebrate the marrige of such a great couple.Do Ты take this розовый hedgehog as your wedded wife until Ты death do Ты part.Sonic:I do.Shadow:Now do Ты take this blue hedgehog as your husband until death do Ты part.Amy:I do.Shadow:TAILS!Tails:I have the ring right here.Shadow:I now pronounce Ты hedgehog and hedgehog.You may Kiss the bride.They kiss.Amy throughs the bouke.Cream:catches it.And thats the story.Cyclone:Please tell me it again Dad.Sonic:Well ok son.Amy:Im here Ты can start the story.Ok. THE END
posted by COFblaze
ok im posting this on sonics because it relates to him.

ok i made this so i can better understand why everyone thinks that blaze and silver shoud be together.im not trying to convert people who already is a silvaze fan.im just wanting to know.... please tell me why Ты think they should или shouldnt be....i wont yell или snap at anyone...like i сказал(-а) this is for me to better understand..because so far...i think that silvaze is completely made up(excluding the fact that all couples are made up) they never showed Любовь towards each other... oh wow..... they where both together in 06..thats like saying...
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posted by gain7_gun
sonic and ash`s house
silver-since u and ash have been together for about a month,i have somthing to Показать u.
sonic-what is it?
silver-(pulls out a triangle)its a hologram.as ash`s protector i`m going to Показать u what would have happened if ash chose shadow over u.
sonic-ok.lets see it.
silver turns on the triangle,it glows and opens up and the story unfolds.
6 months later
shadow is hosting a tailgating party ash is cooking for
sonic-why is ash doing everything?
shadow-cause`i wanted her to.
sonic-but all this just for the 2 of us?!
shadow-fine,u can help her if Ты want.just make sure she dosent do anything...
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at macdonalds
ash looking at the letter lovingly with at smile
female voice-& wat migth we b looking at?
ash-(looks up)hey rouge.sonic has a scavenger hunt planned for me.
rouge-i see.a valintine`s день thing is`nt it?
ash-yeah.do u have someone special your`re thinking about?
rouge-no but shadow just sent me some roses
ash-really?have u two fiannally srated dating?
rouge-hey!i did`nt say that!
ash-wat about knuckles?
casheir-order #12!
ash-that`s my order.see ya later rouge.(leaves)
ash-the first place is eternity fountain,which is in th сердце of the city.just turn to the left then keep...
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posted by gain7_gun
ash & sonic`s house 8:30 am
ah awakes to a beuatiful sunnny morning.she turns over to say good morning to sonic but realizes he`s not there.instead she finds a note & a rose she picks up the letter & begins to read it.it`s in sonics handwriting.
sonic-good morning sweetheart!i have somthing planned for the 2 of us.as you`ve already noticed
i`m not on the other side.but i have a scavenger hunt planned for u.below you`ll see a Список of 7 destinations.at the end ouf each destination you`ll find another rose & letter.when Ты get to your last destination i`ll be there waiting for you.so get ready,eat breakfast & valintine`s day
ash-awww,that`s so romantic,& elaborate.(so she got up did her morning duties & headed out to macdonald`s for breakfast.
E-123 Omega has not made an appearance in a Sonic game for too long. Not counting cameos and spin-offs, he hasn't been seen since the DS version of Sonic Colors! And if Ты don't have a hand-held, than Ты haven't seen him since Sonic 06! He has been gone since 2010 in the Sonicverse, and Shadow disappeared too. Ты see, Kirk Thornton is NOT Shadow, and that isn't just because of his voice. Kirk has a whole different personality. Let me explain; Remember how Shadow was a G.U.N. agent and everything? Fuck that, Kirk doesn't care, или even seem to remember. Pretty much as soon as he came onstage,...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Rouge the bat finally got her car to the bodyshop. Just as soon as she got her car inside, the engine broke.

Mechanic: Seems like Ты got here just in time. What can I help Ты with?
Rouge: I need a new radiator to prevent my car from overheating.
Mechanic: Okay, and I'll even repair the engine for you. Both services will cost Ты $220 each.
Rouge: *Gives mechanic $440*
Mechanic: Excellent. I'll get your car repaired right away.
Rouge: *Goes on her smartphone, and goes on the internet*
Mechanic: How's your dealership going?
Rouge: Fine. I'm just making a new advertisement for the internet.
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I am a Amy Rose Фан so I like Amy but some of Ты other Amy Rose Фаны need to stop fighting with the Sally fans!! If Ты read my Sally Acorn rant Ты know I don't hate Sally but her Фаны do some dissipating things and are big hipercits and start the drama two. From what I know some Amy Фаны stated it but that dose not give some of the Sally Фаны a right to treat people like crap. Amy Rose Фаны need to stop two it's getting vary old and gives other Amy Фаны a bad rap so quit and grown up Ты big stupied babys!!!!! If Ты could Переместить on and let people ship Sonic with Sally then all will be good.
Just to start I do not hate Sally at all she is an ok character and not all her Фаны are like this. Anyway I am tried of her Фаны being hipercits and getting way with treating people like crap. ( Might have spelled hipercits wrong.) People make jokes about Sally they get pissed off so easy but if it's Amy или another character it's ok to them because Sally is their Избранное and Ты can't make jokes about her for fun. Guys Sally is not real her feelings can't get hurt and people do not need to like her. I like Amy but I don't forces people to like her because Amy is not real. Yes their are Amy Фан brats but Sally has them two. I am tried of Ты guys Актёрское искусство Ты guys don't start drama because Ты do. If Sally was real and облако see how some of Ты act she would be disported in Ты guys. Like I сказал(-а) I don't hate her I just am tried of her Фаны treating people like shit.
Okay so before we begin I am going to say something.This Статья is not to make Ты like this character this just my take and opinion on it.Also if Ты don't like the sonic comics then.Just fuck off don't сука about it in the comments.Well Ты know unless Ты want to read and Ты don't like the sonic comics and just want too read this just don't whine in the Комментарий about it okay?Also my vocabulary is like a sailor's so yeah another warning so lets get to it.Ah fiona the fox! wait? Ты don't know who fiona is well she is a character from the comics and she started out pretty great till Ian...
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posted by Lancelot8
Trust me, it's not my fault! I never intended on becoming that...that monster! You've all heard what I did to Tails, Knuckles, and Dr. Robotnik, but I couldn't control my thoughts или actions.

How about I tell Ты what happened BEFORE and during this? I'm telling Ты anyway.

Of course, like in the EXE story, it was a nice day. Sunny, not a облако in sight. I was just walking Главная from Uncle Chuck's when I kept hearing this voice in my head saying, “You must kill...” I ignored it thinking Shadow was sending a telepathic message through the machine Tails made so I could freak out.

Boy, ignoring...
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We've all tried to make an OC (Or I assume we have) Anywho, there are many people who just can't do it. First thing to do is NOT the appearance. I know, it's tempting as all get-out, but trust me. It's better to get the character's personality and such down first.
First, Ты should have a general idea of a character's past. If Ты get an idea like 'flying ящерица monkey' (Not advised) Then jot it down. I hate when Ты have a great idea, and end up losing it while thinking too hard on how the character should say stuff или whatnot. If Ты jot down one sentence about them, then Ты can refer to...
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posted by deathding
 Seriously guys?
Seriously guys?
Alright, before I even say anything, (Although technically I just did say something XD) I need to get this out of the way. I don't care at all about Sonic couples, или even romance pairings in general. Maybe it's just the way I've never been the most interested in fan-made romance, или maybe because of those scarring terrible Фан fictions, или the worst of all..... Let's just say disturbing pictures on Google Images, (Seriously what the hell guys? X___X) But long story short, it's not my forte. In fact, this is probably the only time in my life I've talked about these and the only time Ты ever...
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natalie pov
i ran as fast as i could to nicole to help her
"NICOLE!"i yelled running towards her
"are Ты ok" i screamed helping her up
"im fine now were is that arse"she yelled running to jake who was alredy in s fight with zach
"how dare Ты hurt my girl friend like that im gonna kill you" zach yelled
"give it up boy your done this is between me and nicole and no one else" he yelled seeing nicole commeing
"that right now it time for Ты to know what it like to feel right now jake, im gonna end you"
nicole pov
i was now...
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Эй, not done one of this for a while so i decide to wright a fanfic of me and my 2 best Друзья from Youtube in our Фан characters i hope Ты like it. The 2 youtubers are superprincessdaisy64 (aka nicole) and andrea the headgehog. i hope Ты like my story thank you
natalie pov:
It was an early morning when i woke up and had this strange feeling something was going to happen,i don't know why and ive never ever felt like this before,i dunno was it a dream или can it be true that today is going to be something special. i...
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posted by mobiansrawesome
Sonic the Hedgehog’s age: a close analysis

“How old is sonic the hedgehog? What about the rest of the characters?” is an ongoing debate. To find the Ответы for these questions, we must look at the past, as many have. When I first started to wonder about this myself, I knew I couldn’t just take somebody’s word for it. I had to look for the Ответы myself. Before stressing myself with the task of finding the ages of every single character, I knew I had to find the first and most main character’s age: Sonic the hedgehog. He was and is the key to finding the ages of all the characters....
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