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posted by sonicxx
"you will never be able to have MY sonic!!!!!!!"
"In ur dreams!!!!!"
Amy attacked first because she thought Sonic was gnna be hers no matter wht. Amy hit her with her hammer and Sally flew and hit her back on a дерево near by. Sonic was just wtchng them fight for him. Sally got up and crld her fsts. "He'll be MINE!!" She pnchd Amy in the face but wasn't done. When she landed on the grnd,Sally pnchd her again and again." Sally and Amy stop! U gys r doing this for me??? Cmon gys ur bettr then this! How bout this. Amy ur my x-girlfriend. And Sally ur my girlfriend. K???". They looked at each other...
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posted by silvershady
This is my first fan-fiction about my Фан character, so please dont leave any mean Комментарии but be sure to let me know if Ты are anticipating the Далее chapter! Enjoy!

Name: Rocha the Bat
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Colour: Silvery-black мех with a white streak down her back. She has tan coloured skin and black wings.
Her wings are an unusual shape and she has grey eyes. She wears a white tube-top with a grey strap around the bottom and a pair of short white shorts with a grey ремень, пояс, пояса and grey straps around the legs. She doesn't wear any gloves but there are long grey straps wrapped around her wrists....
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posted by sonic-hisworld
A/N: This is based on the fanfiction Making Amends on Fanfiction.net.I found it very interesting and thought I could write one with my own character.Enjoy!

Chapter 1:Then and Now


"Why do Ты have to be such a jerk??"
"The same as why Ты have to be so stupid."
"I'm not stupid!"
"Then I'm not a jerk!"
Little Katarina Valentine could not believe the blue hedgehog standing in front of her.He seemed to have a combat for everything!She could never beat him.Kindergarten was supposed to be fun,but Sonic the Jerkhog had to ruin it for her.
"'You'll be fine'they said,"She muttered to herself,"'It'll...
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Sonic: What happened?
Tails: Ты fell from the sky and was unconscious! Are Ты alright?
Sonic: I'm fine but...Who are you?
Tails: I'm your best buddy, Tails.
Sonic: I haven't seen Ты before in my life.
-Tails felt kind of heartbroken, hearing that from his best friend and brother, but he knew Sonic Остаться в живых his memory. He could probably regain it sooner или later.-
Knuckles: Ты seriously don't remember, do you?
Sonic: No...Should I?
-Knuckles and Tails looked at each other and then explained how they met and about Eggman and about Sonic is always stopping him.-
Sonic: Sounds tough. And I can really run...
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posted by silveranime122
Back at home,Sonic and Shadow finally woke up from there knock out."Ugh,what happend?Where am I?" they both сказал(-а) when they woke up."Your home.Shadow,did Ты set the tracking device before Ты guys got knocked out?" Tails asked."Ya,why?"Shadow replied."What happend out there?When we came we saw rocks all over the place."Knuckles asked. "Uh...we can't explain it...Um...Silver got mad because of Shadow and--"Shadow cut Sonic off "He didn't get mad at me!He was already mad." "Dude,you called him useless,that would get anybody mad." Sonic said."Well he WAS." Shadow said. "Enough!You to woke up 5...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Tails, Knuckles, and Sonic get to the main room. Eggman is no where to be seen. In the middle of the room was the ray.-
Tails: There it is.
Sonic: This has to be a trap. Stay on guard.
-They slowly walk into the middle of the room. Tails grabbed the луч, рэй and changed it to grow.-
Sonic: I hope this works...
-Tails shot Sonic. Nothing happened.-
Sonic: I knew this was a trap! The луч, рэй was a fake.
Knuckles: Wait look at Sonic's feet!
-Sonic's feet started to get bigger. Then the rest of him. Sonic was finally back to normal.-
Sonic: It feels great to normal again. Now where's that Egg-head?
Eggman: That...
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-Sonic was rushing through space, heading for Mobius. As he entered the Atmosphere he caught огонь and was heading towards the water. Luckily, He was by the пляж, пляжный where Tails lived. Sonic hits the water with great force causing a huge splash.-
Tails: What was that? Hopefully it wasn't Sonic. He told us he was going to fight Eggman, and he didn't want us coming. I'll go see.
-Tails gets a лодка and heads out by where Sonic must've landed. He looks around and see's something floating.-
Tails: What is that?
-He goes to it and finds Sonic, Badly hurt and burnt. Tails gasped at the sight and grabs him...
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posted by Tailsfan71347
Okay, it's here now! The секунда chapter! After about three или four hours of suspensful waiting! ------- Chapter Two, Blast From the Past! ------- The sun shown brightly on Tails' face that morning. For some strange reason, he felt happier today. "I guess that's a good thing?" Tails сказал(-а) drowsily. He jumped out of постель, кровати and put on a fresh pair of gloves. He then put his shoes on and walked down the stairs humming a happy little tune to himself. He couldn't help it, he simply felt good today. Tails dug in his cupboards to try and find some breakfast when he found out soon enough that he had nothing...
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posted by SkyHedgehog
i must admit, amy is annoying, and i agree with boredhedgehog, most people hate amy because they Любовь sonic. im sorry, but amy is kinda cool to me now, and sure she could use some adjustments, like voice, color, and outfit, the hammer is fine. and yes amy did mistake shadow for sonic which in result, amy needs contacts <3. amy is a simple character, and i do support sonamy, but only in some cases, such as adorable pictures, which people like to recolour and make them look like sonic and some other girl hedgehog. now, silvamy is the better couple, which i support even еще than sonamy. SHADAMY IS OUT OF THE QUESTION!!!!!!! >:(. shadow is NOT the type to дата amy. and I dont go HATING rouge for kinda flirting with shadow all the frikin time. so, call me what Ты may, which i think most of Ты will call me a b***h или something или tell me to f**k off, but all u amy haters should know, this is a lecture not a persuation. so....bye
1.Tikal is from the past, and she's not Silver, so she can't time travel
2.Knuckles already has a girlfriend, and is involved in 3 other couples, Knuxsu, Knuxouge, and Knuxonia.
3.Knux has only met Tikal a few times, and it was only for a few seconds
4.Tikal and Knux Показать no affections for eachother
5.(biggest reason) Knuckles and Tikal are RELATED. So them being a couple, would be like your cousin dating your cousin, it's just plain gross.
6.I don't think they're compatible. Tikal hates violence and fighting, and always works things out in a peaceful manor. When Knuckles always works things with fighting and anger.
(This is actually a bit old but I felt I might as well post it here.)

I was not excited about this Показать since I first heard about it, but at the same time it wasn’t technically hurting anything… at first. After the issue of the Penders Retcon for the Archie Comics, instead of using their resources to either take care of that by putting the comics back how they should be или giving Ian Flynn the green-light to make his mini-series to finish the actual Archie Sonic Comics, или to work on improving new Sonic games in the normal continuity, we got Sonic Boom, which can be seen as either two things....
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It was a dark world..filled with kindling,fiery,flames rising around the surface. In the Crisis City,it was demolished by an enormous,powerful,horrible, creature,Iblis. This place is known as nocturnal,but it won't e for long. I will defeat the Iblis Trigger and bring the Sun to shine below my planet. My name is Silver the hedgehog,and I'm here to save the word,to fight for justice. my family is unknown. I wish I known anything about my family. I was raised by my master,Mammoth Mogul. he taught me how to use the skills of my brain and psychokinesis. Now,I am on my own adventure with my girlfriend,Blaze....
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hi guyes florajames here here the epilogue script i made i hope Ты like it
Episode 1 freedom fighters
Narrator: it was 3094 and robotroplis was baddder then eve now that robotnick nephew “SNIVELY” was ruler he has been nothing but mean to the freedom fighters that lead by non other then “ sonic and sally” this story repercence how evil can be to much for the freedom fighters and and how everone struggerling to suvive And this all started with one blue headgechog find out on “EPILOGUE”
(sonic satam theam song plays then scean gose to sonic sally rover bunny and Artoo wating for tails...
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-Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails walked into town. It was bursting with business as usual. They asked everyone if they seen the Chaos Emeralds. Every answer they got was no.-
Tails: This is going to be hard.
Sonic: Finding the Chaos Emeralds were a lot harder before, so we should look more.
Knuckles: Maybe we should check a Jewelry store или a Gem Store? They could be selling it there.
Tails: Good idea. Let's go check.
-They run off for the nearest Jewelry Store. They get there with no luck. But they meet a familiar face.-
Knuckles: Is that Omega?
Tails: It think it is! Omega! Over here!
-Omega looked at...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were running to Amy's house. They were almost there when they ran into someone.-
???: Watch where your going, Faker!
Tails: Shadow?! What are Ты doing?
Shadow: I was going to visit Rouge. she сказал(-а) she had something for me.
Knuckles: Well Since your here, I guess it can't hurt to ask.
Shadow: depends on what your asking.
Tails: We're looking for the Chaos Emeralds. Do Ты have one?
Shadow: Yeah, I do. But why should I give it to you?
Knuckles: Because, Sonic Остаться в живых his memory and we need them to get it back.
Shadow: I don't believe you. Prove it.
Sonic: Why did Ты call me Faker?...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
Note: Sonic cant hear Eggman. Neither can Tails.
Eggman: Now I will launch my robo-bugs.
-Eggman pushes a button and a tiny, комар, москит, комаров like robot, shoots out. It flies inside and over to Sonic.

Sonic: What do Ты think we should have for ужин little buddy?
Tails: I was thinking mac and cheese.
Sonic: I was wanting some chilidogs!
Tails: Your always wanting chilidogs.
Sonic: Yeah I guess your right...Ow! Something bit me!
Tails: What?!
Sonic: Must of been a mosquito. Why did Ты leave the window open anyway?
Tails: I must of forgotten to close it.
-The robo-bug escapes before Tails can close the window....
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posted by maroona00
At one morning.

Blaze:* starts looking * Tikal's sketchbook must be somewhere in this room. * checks Tikal's room and eventually ruins it *
Tikal: * comes in * Hi, Blaze. What are Ты doing in here.
Blaze: I need to borrow your sketchbook for a minute.
Tikal: Oh, Ты mean THIS sketchbook? * waves the sketchbook in front of Blaze *
Blaze: Okay, I admit, you're pretty agile. Wait, 'till I Показать your doodles to others.
Tikal: * gives Blaze the sketchbook * I wanted to give it to Ты anyways.
Blaze: Oops... I think, nobody'll notice that I turned the room upside down.
Tikal: Except for Shadow. And, since...
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posted by Sonicfan67
Me:it was a nightmare 4 months ago.so many zombies.so many victims.so many pepole that were my friends.but its gona get worse now.
-at Sonic's house-
Sonic is playing call of duty world at war playing nazi zombies
Sonic:you ain't gona kill me Ты stupd zombies!
9 hours later
Sonic is on round 200 and a zombie beats him up in the game
window breaks
Sonic:what the fuck was that?
Sonic turns off the tv and sees a zombie and the zombie bites sonic and sonic dies
4 минуты later
sonic is turned into a zombie
-in the park-
Sonic eats knuckels and espio
Amy:found Ты sonic!!!!!!...
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posted by Sonicfan67
Amy:this is my Барби doll that I got for Рождество this year!she comes with a hairbrush,a pocket book,and 2 different dresses!
Sonic:OMG who the hell cares?!?!?

Sonic:oh no she didn't!
Knuckles:oh yes she did!
Sonic:no she didn't!
Knuckles:yes she did!
Sonic:no she didn't!
Sonic:ok take it easy.

Shadow:she'll be coming down the mountain when she comes!she'll coming down the mountain when she comes!I'll kill Ты Amy!she'll coming down the mountain!

Silver:hey!shut up!
Sonic as Peter
Knuckles as that Guy on the wheel chair
Shadow as Bender
Amy as little girl
Silver as Stewie
(pls note: NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE) WTF is wrong with you?!?!?!? Sally is a great character!!!!! One reason people hate her is because she has no clothes, and people call her a slut. Well, I've never seen a бурундук wear clothes before! Have you? And it's not like we can see anything on her anyway!!! In ways, Amy and Rouge are еще of slut than Sally is!!!!!! Another reason people hate her is because the support Sonamy. .........so? THAT DOESN'T MEAN Ты HAVE TO HATE SALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! and even Amy supports Sonsal Ты guys. Amy and Sally are good friends!!! Sally is a good character!!!!!!! She's...
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