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posted by silveranime122
Soon,Silver was all alone in the woods.He decited to stop by a bunch of rocks in the woods.He thought*Why is this happing to ME?*."Oh,and how is my dark friend?"said a voice."Mephiles,what is happing to me..."Silver asked.Mephiles replied,"I turned Ты dark,so Ты can get back at your so-called friends"."Ya,but I don't want to KILL them...And how long will I be like this?"Silver asked."For the rest of your life."Mephiles replied."Why do i get so mad easy?And when I'm around people why do I have an eurge to either kill или hurt them?"Silver asked."Oh,your filled with so many qustions arn't you?What...
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Mario is fat,Sonic isn't. the ultimate Статья about the ultimate war! The game wars is sonic vs. mario and if i vote for someone i vote for Sonic! sonics better and to Ты racers out there, admit it. Sonics faster! the speedster vs. the fatty. thats right. Mario is fat. he eats too much unlike sonic who eats alot of chili Собаки but runs and gets out more! thats all. wait something to tell you. mario is italian. Italia Ты shouldn't be voting for. sonic is american! the one who has better games such as sonic generations, and free riders. What i say is true. mario doesnt have a kinect game! kinect is a great way to get fit AND play video games! sonic has one. Mario doesn't. there i сказал(-а) it. i hope Ты mario Фаны admit it. sonics better than mario.
posted by gigitygoo
Place Cafe Chaotix 2nd Floor
Time 7:13 PM
Amy i have no idea but we have too get out of here
Silver amy is right lets find an exit
Shadow all right
15 min later
Silver i found a way out
Amy ok lets go
Shadow (grabs sonic but sonic push shadow) sonic we have too go
Sonic(pulls a gun)
Sonic no shadow Ты dont understand im no diffrent from those thing's i feel the hunger soo... plesase let me die while i still have my common sense (pulls the triger)
Shadow oh sonic SONIC!!!
Silver im sorry but we have too go
Shadow (grabs sonics glove) your right lets go
Police Man Evrey body please try too remain calm we are evacuating
Amy lets go guys
Shadow and Silver okay
10 min later
Place back ally
Time7:48 PM
Knckles (in a police oficer outfit) Ты supprised me thought Ты didn't make it now make those cars into a barricade GO
posted by Sonicfan67
Somewhere in mobious...
i went trough mobious when a blue hedgehog speed right past me.
Hunter:What the?
i walked and a two tailed лиса, фокс fly right past me.
the two tailed лиса, фокс heard me
Two tailed fox:sorry about that.
Hunter:its ok.
Two tailed fox:who are you?
Hunter:im hunter.hunter hayes.
Two tailed fox:im tails.sonics sidekick.
Hunter:OMG!!!!!you really are?!?
Tails:you bet i am.
Hunter:i got to go now.
Tails:ok.bye!maybe we will see each other again.
part 2 coming soon!
posted by LGYCE
Almost everybody is disgusted by Sonic and Elise's relationship in 06. What I want to know is why. Before Ты start flipping out and hating on me for even considering this relationship to be okay, hear me out.

I know, it's wrong because it's bestiality. And real world bestiality is definitely wrong. But before we go further, ask yourself why it's wrong. I believe it is wrong because since we cannot communicate with Животные on the same level we can with each other, it cannot be consensual. There's also the issue of offspring, but if that was a valid reason to prevent relationships, homosexuals...
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posted by gain7_gun
*Adabat-Ninth stage Ash is with Omachao*

Omachao:To get up on a roof top,use the 'A' button to jump,then press it again to use your arms to hang on.
Ash:I'm not Werehog Sonic.
Omachao:Ok,very well to talk to talk to villagers,just walk up to them and press the 'X' button.
Ash:We're in a dark alley.Where are the villagers?
Omachao:There are somewhere around here.Just be sure to-
Ash:Shut up!!
Omachao:Hey!Stop that!
Ash:You're talking way to much!
Omachao:Ok.Just one еще thing.
Omachao:Be sure to keep an eye on your rings.
Ash:You told me that 10 минуты ago!!
Omachao:Have Ты seen that egg attack...
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Why? Sonic wasn't made for this. Some people are even making Фан charcters and gay couples. In my opinion, this is stupid. Sonic was made for the fun and laughs of playing the games. It's like as Ты Любовь others people's love. Do Ты want to be with one of them или somthing? If that is the truth, Why not draw pictures of Ты with the character? If not, tell me why Ты are obsessed with this. If Ты can't, tell me why Ты think Ты are obsessed. If Ты can't tell me what Ты think, don't tell me anything And if Ты are not obsessed with this, tell me what Ты think about this. That is all.
this is a sonic story i have been Письмо for about a month.my chracter is myself because i put myself in my sonic stories.my chracters name is ashley but is refered to ash for short.hope Ты enjoy it.
one claim,cool день at shadow & ash`s house
(shadow grabs the keys and is about to head of for work)
ash-shadow,can`t Ты just take a день off work so we can spend some time together?
shadow-you already know how deticated i am to my work.maybe the commander will let me off but im not sure.(he just leaves)
ash was feeling kinda pissed off she coulde`nt spend time with shadow.
2 hours later
ash was...
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rouge:well we are back to our three part episode of ask the sonic Герои remember to ask your Вопросы click the link in the вверх right corner and we have two newcomers from Youtube please say hello to johnny and ray.
johnny:hey all Ты fellew fanpopers.
rea:hi there.
rouge:unforchtley bolt and mittens have gone to their wedding.
johnny:hey wheres silver and blaze.
rouge:oh they've gone to their wedding also,so I guess Ты two will be the only two who will answer Вопросы today.
rouge:oh come on Ты two so johnny pick a number between 1 and 336773.
johnny:wow that's a...
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Okay, so many people know of Jet the Hawk and his acquaintance, Wave the Swallow, correct? They're members of the infamous Babylon Rogues- but also ex-members of the Battle Bird Armada.
For those who don't know much of the Comic appearances, these two characters are еще widely known on their first appearance in Sonic Riders, Sonic Riders Zero Gravity, and Sonic Free Riders. There’s also an appearance in Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics and possibly Лондон Olympics.
Anyway over time since their entrance of Sonic Riders the Фан base has done its usual thing. The fan-fiction...
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 what sandy would look like as a human
what sandy would look like as a human
sandy:walcome and before we answer еще qustions there was one qustion a girl named misshedgehog asked the qustion was"rouge,why did Ты become a spy"
rouge:well I became a spy because of the decont pay and plus shadow joined so I didn't want him to be lonly.
sandy:ok and I had to take over as co-host because knuckles is off at Энджел island.so shadow pick a number between 1 and 534896.
shadow:that's a lot I'll pick 26.
sandy:*looks at how many people asked the qustion*that's a lot of people,many people ask"shadow what do Ты think of AGENCY?"
shadow:well i think it's a great Фан comic plus the artwork...
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posted by TakTheFox
So many people won’t let it pass that Sonamy doesn’t exist… AT ALL. So many people will try to reference an episode of Sonic X where NO WORDS OF CONFESSION WERE MADE, или pictures where NO CONSENTUAL Kiss WAS GIVEN, или a gesture of goodness where NO- Ты get it.

I am very much so a Sonally fan. Why? Well I’ve done a rant about that already. I know, as do others, that Sonamy simply hasn’t happened, and is not the “real” pairing.

However we have Sonic Boom now. It is a new continuity (for all that’s worth considering it’s WASTING all its potential). Could this be the start of the...
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Shields Up, Mr. Sulu, red alert!

But Captain why?

We’re talking about Sonamy and SonSal.

… Oh my…

YES, I am going into THAT territory. I’ll get right into that thing EVERYONE is going to talk about.

Sonic X, Episode 52. In the episode, Amy says “Just tell me that Ты Любовь me!” after worrying to death about Sonic being gone, and such. Sonic then proceeds to offer her a flower, and the words “Oh Amy, I Любовь you.” Are RUMORED. Unfortunately (or… fortunately) the audio was cut out. I was told it was so that Фаны could discuss what he сказал(-а) themselves (which is stupid so I kinda still...
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Mario, Sonic and Друзья go to Liberty City

Chapter 1

This is an old fanfiction I did quite some time ago. It is a Mario, Sonic and GTA crossover Fanfic. It's not that good, but please enjoy

Sonic and Tails were watching the TV. "Check what's on Tails" сказал(-а) Sonic. "Okay" сказал(-а) Tails. They turned it over to a channel and звезда Trek was on. "Oh Cool" сказал(-а) Sonic "Star Trek is on" Then, Mario came in. "Hi guys, Guess what?" сказал(-а) Mario "I've got tickets to Liberty City!" "Nice one Mario!" сказал(-а) Sonic and Tails. "We should invite our Друзья too, C'mon Tails!" yelled Sonic. Sonic and Tails sped off into...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
Sonic: That was too funny! Who are we pranking next?
Tails: How about Team Chaotix? We can give them an explosive cake, as long as it doesn't hurt them.
Knuckles: Ты mean one that just spits smoke at them? That would be funny, seeing them covered in smoke.
Sonic: Then to Team Chaotix!
-Sonic leaves a box in front of the detective agency door and knocks a lot. Then quickly dashes into the куст, буш where Knuckles and Tails were at. there was some yelling inside and them Espio answered the door.-
Espio: It's a present.
Charmy: A present?! Who's birthday is it? Is it mine?
Vector: Maybe it's a gift for...
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Amy Rose:
Two heads are better than one when looking for someone!
(to Silver) The person Ты were looking for was Sonic? Were Ты planning to kill him?
If I had to choose between the world and Sonic, I would choose Sonic!
Hmm... I sense Sonic's presence there. Call it my girlish intuition.
HEY! You're not Sonic! (Slaps Silver, who almost falls off the roof, but Amy ignores it, and buries her face in her hands) Um... I'm sorry!
Aren't I just incredible? (After achieving an "S" rank)

Blaze the Cat:
You're so naive. Whether it's right или wrong, I can't really say... But what I do know is... If we don't...
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posted by gain7_gun
many of u probaby know me as the person who wrote sonics Любовь but shadows girlfriend.heres som info on ash.sorry i didnt mention anything on her earlier.
heigth-5ft 5''
eye color-hazel
hair-dr brown middle of her back
race-human.black mixed with white & part indian
clothes-black shorts,teal short sleeved shirt
(p.s. she also has a super form named supastar)
likes-shopping hanging out anything with color
dislikes-eggman,ppl who get in the way of her goals.
if u want to know anything else on her let me know.ill write about her story later
posted by alexischaos2004
When a Sonic game is released, there has to be the haters. I'm not bashing on them, but this is my opinion on them. I'm not portraying them as anything bad also, but again it is my opinion.So, let's begin. I apologize if I make no sense in some sentences.

Sonic game haters are everywhere. They appear a lot commonly when a new Sonic game is released. I was on Miiverse last week on the Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal community and someone Опубликовано why they hated the game, "Because the jokes are bad and it tries to be funny." Well, clearly Ты don't even have a good sense of humor. Also, Ты can't...
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posted by LGYCE
 Who will win?
Who will win?
Everyone has a preference, Shadow или Sonic. For a lot of people, one of them is their Избранное character. And that's great. Everyone has an opinion, Ты can like who Ты want. But that's not what this Статья is about. No, this is about who would win in a fight. And we're going by the game canon, so no comic abilities или Sonic X stuff.

First, I'll be looking at each of their advantages over his opponent. Then, I'll apply those advantages to a canonically logical battle between the two, and after that a fight without morality. Let's get started! :D

Sonic: Sonic has several advantages over Shadow...
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posted by SilverLUV987
 All of Sonic's years.
All of Sonic's years.
In the год 1991, SEGA wanted a character to become a world famous icon. They created a character so magnificent that it made Nintendo crumble, well that is no other than Sonic The Hedgehog. I'll be reviewing Sonic's Последнее games from when he was young & now. Enjoy!

The год was 1991 & a new character hit the shelves of millions of gaming stores. His name was Sonic, Sonic The Hedgehog. Sonic 1st debuted with the classic "Sonic The Hedgehog" & it sold out pretty quickly. Sonic was the most liked video game character by many because he was the 1st video game character who wore sneakers....
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