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SallyXSonic posted on Jun 26, 2010 at 12:53PM
Okay Sonic and Sally where madly in love in the Archie comics and Satam. They even got married in the comic and had two kids Manik and Sonia. But then sonic x came and well everyone already forgot Sally acorn,and they added another girl animal in love with sonic. Amy Rose was her name.

At first i was a suppoter,but i turn my back on them and remembered Sally acorn. Now who forgot about Sally,and who didnt? Please tell me. I would like to know. I know Sonally was a really good couple. Well thats it please comment and say if you remembered her or not.

 Okay Sonic and Sally where madly in Любовь in the Archie comics and Satam. They even got married in the

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Больше года Sonic-HEGDEHOG said…
I really don't even support couples... You guys really should stop talking about couples and start talking about something else!!!
Больше года MephilesTheDark said…
Couldn't care less.
Больше года Atlahua said…
i actually knew about Sonamy before i even heard of Sally Acorn. i was never really a supporter of Sonamy since the beginning becuz Amy treats Sonic so badly and obsesses over him a lot. but then i found out about Sally and Sonsal. Sally is a much better girlfriend/future wife for Sonic. so yes i remember Sally Acorn
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Больше года dragon22551 said…
i like it there nice
Больше года TheLastCyber said…
Honestly, Sally in not better for Sonic. She threats him even worse than Amy (Amy is not actually threats him) Yeah, Sally is Just whore that just love makes Sonic jealous (with Kan and fuck) And only thinks about Sonic to be with her, She doesn't care if Sonic most save the world from Robotnik... I mean in one Issuse she said ''What is more important to you?! Being with me or kicking Eggmans ass?'' Ah, madam please stfu, she even punched Sonic many times.
Больше года Twinkiemunchr said…
I dunno, I knew about ms rose long before sally, but I never supported sonamy. The idea of him falling for her after this long is sorta out there for me. I don't really mind sonally, and would definitely support that over Amy, but personally I liked when Fiona was with sonic. Just 'cause she was more interesting than the former options :p