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Opinion by kittisquared posted Больше года
fan of it?
Sonny's last name is Monroe. Some people still do not how to spell Monroe, so they just subtract the O and use U instead, so instead of Monroe, it says MUNROE.

Demi Lovato found this page three years назад and she found that her character, Sonny Monroe, was spelled with a U instead of an O.
Sonny was surprised on set too, when they were done airing from Sonny With A Chance.

I'm surprised that people still misspell, even if they're older than I am. I'm only eleven, but I won the school spelling bee at the age of ten, a год ago, but why do teens and adults still spell Monroe here on this Club "Munroe"?

Well, hear this, people of the Sonny Monroe clan: "Wow. People can't spell my Sonny With A Chance character's last name. It isn't correct."
(Demi) Sonny would even correct your spelling if she joined this club.
Fan fiction by MsPropHouse posted Больше года
fan of it?
One день I was watching Sonny With a Chance and got a phone call from кондор Studios to meet Sonny Munroe! I was so excited! When we got to Hollywood Sonny was at the airport to see me! She gave me a tour of the studio let me be in a sketch with her and put a благодарность in the благодарность House!
Sonny told me that she was glad to be in Hollywood and be on So Random! I also met Tawni and Zora and they told me I did a good jovb in my sketch! When I got to the благодарность House it was so amazing to see the Благодарности that Sonny even had in sketches!I will never forget the time I met Sonny Munroe!