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"Maka! Where's my sheet music?" Soul called from his room. The room had been turned upside-down in his Поиск for the scraps of paper he'd written his new song on.

"What does it look like?" Maka asked, peeking her head into the doorway. A few Статьи of clothing were thrown into her face as Soul searched frantically in his closet.

"Scraps of paper, napkins, paper bags, all with Музыка written on them!" he answered angrily. He gingerly picked up a moldy сэндвич, бутерброд from within the black hole he called a closet. "Found my snack from last week…"

Maka rolled her eyes at him. He'd thrown a hissy-fit...
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Okay, I'm probably going to get hate for this since this is the most Популярное ship in the Soul Eater fandom, but I strongly stand against it. Here's some reasons why I think it wouldn't work out.

Reason 1 - It's far too cliche
Honestly, them ending up is too predictable. I think the story is far better off at leaving them as friends. There's too many shounen Аниме and Манга that have the main girl and guy end up together in the end and having them not be together is something different and I'd Любовь to just leave it at that.

Reason 2 - Their personalities clash too much for romance
Although they...
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