Crona stood away from everyone else at the party at Death the Kid’s house, watching them as they socialized.
Death the Kid walked over to Crona and stood beside him, following his gaze that was directed at Black Star, Tsubaki, and Patty. He let out a short sigh. “Sorry Crona. A noisy group like this must make Ты uncomfortable.”
Crona looked at Kid then down at the floor. “I’m not completely used to it yet, but I’m not feeling uncomfortable either.”
Kid put his hand on Crona’s shoulder lightly and closed his eyes. “No one’s going anywhere for a bit. So Ты can take your time; Присоединиться the group at your own pace.”
Crona looked at him and turned towards him slightly. “Hmm?”
Kid opened his eyes and looked at him with a gentle smile. “There’s no need to rush this sort of thing.”
Black звезда came up from behind them and threw his arms around their shoulders. He looked at Crona and got in his face. “What are Ты hanging out over here for?!” He took his arm off of Kid. “It’s a party; let’s have some fun!”
Crona trembled with nervousness and Kid’s eyebrow twitched in irritation. Damn it Black Star. Can’t Ты see I was in the middle of holding eye contact?! Ты unsymmetrical idiot! Kid thought angrily. He hated when people interrupted his conversations to begin with, but now he loathed Black звезда for it this time. Color rose to his cheeks when he realized that the reason for this was because of Crona.
So Kid was thankful when Maka’s fist collided with Black Star’s face, knocking him back.
Black звезда sat up angrily. “What was that for?!”
Maka glared at him. “Don’t bully Crona.”
Black звезда jumped to his feet. “What’s up? Someone’s bullying Crona?” He turned to Crona and grabbed him by the shoulders. “Crona, if someone’s giving Ты a hard time Ты just let ol’ Black звезда know!” Black звезда grinned at Crona. “I’ll throw ‘em out the nearest window.” He took his hands off him.
Crona’s big navy eyes widened. “Why is everyone so nice,” his voice slightly quieted as he looked down, “to someone like me?”
Maka moved closer to him and smiled. “It’s simple Crona. That’s just what Друзья do.”
Crona looked around at all of the people gathered around him, Maka, Soul, Black Star, Tsubaki, Liz, Patty, and Kid. Crona couldn’t help it when he got slightly Остаться в живых in Kid’s golden yellow eyes. They reminded him of the sand that surrounded Death City. The sand was everywhere, in every thought, every sight, every dream. The sand was inescapable. It consumed everything. It was hot to the touch, but sent a warm feeling from the feet up. But instead of warming from feet to head, Kid’s eyes warmed Crona’s body from head to foot. It gave him a great feeling of comfort throughout his body, mind, and soul. This sensation of warmth and comfort was interrupted by Ragunarok.
Ragunarok appeared out of Crona’s back and perched on his shoulder. “If you’re a friend then feed me!”
“Here! Tsubaki made it herself!” Patty offered him a piece of Еда on a fork.
“I sure hope Ты enjoy it.” Tsubaki smiled warmly.
Ragunarok laughed and lashed out with his tongue, eating it whole. Drool dripped down his chin as he licked his lips.
Soul stared at him. “Gross.”
This made everyone laugh. Crona gazed around at them and his eyes fell on kid, again. His laugh was deep and smooth, as it was when he spoke. He didn’t think that he’d ever heard Kid laugh before. It was a very soothing sound that made Crona’s сердце pound.
The ocean in the once barren desert in Crona’s mind was bright and dazzling in the sunlight. Crona smiled cutely and closed his eyes, savoring this feeling of being cared for, of having friends.
The kids were all outside now, saying their goodbyes to Crona at the gate.
“Crona, come hang out at my place Далее time,” Black звезда offered.
Tsubaki nodded once. “I don’t mind cooking. It’s worth it for some with an appetite as big as Ragunarok’s is.”
Crona smiled big and nodded, his eyes were big and bright with happiness.
Maka smiled at Crona. “See Ты later then.”
Patty waved. “Bye, bye!”
Crona waved back slightly. “I’ll see Ты tomorrow.” He cast one last glance at Kid as he turned then walked away.
Kid watched Crona was he walked.
“We should head home, too, Kid. We’ll see Ты in school tomorrow.” All the others except for Patty and Liz left.
“Good bye.” Kid never took his eyes off Crona’s back. “Liz, Patty, Ты two should head inside and get some rest.”
“Huh?” Liz blinked and looked at him. “You aren’t coming in?”
“Not yet. I need to get some air.”
“All right then. Come on Patty.” Liz and Patty went inside and went to their room.
Once Liz and Patty were inside Kid ran after Crona. “Crona! Hold on a second!”
Crona stopped and turned around. “Huh?”
Kid stopped in front of Crona. “You know, Ты can stay here for the night if Ты want. It’s pretty late and it’s quite a long walk from here to the DWMA.”
“Oh, umm.” Crona glanced around nervously. “B-But I don’t have any of my things. A-All I-I have is my iPod.”
“Don’t worry, Crona. Everything Ты could need is at my house.”
“O-Oh…Okay…” Crona looked down to the side and nodded slightly.
Kid smiled and grabbed his hand, leading him back.
Crona gasped and blushed slightly as Kid took his hand, his cheeks turning bright pink. His touch sent a volt of electricity through Crona’s body and made his сердце pound.
“Hey!” Ragunarok appeared out of his back. “Control yourself! That felt weird!” He hit Crona on the head.
“Ow! Stop! It hurts!”
Crona and Ragunarok both stopped and looked at Kid.
Kid had stopped at the front gates and was looking at Ragunarok calmly. “Do Ты mind stopping and leaving Crona in peace?”
Ragunarok shoved his face in Kid’s. “Do I mind?! Of course I mind! Who do Ты think Ты are Ты little brat?! You’re always so worried about symmetry, but look at you! Ты have three white stripes in your hair on one side and none on the other! What’s wrong with you?!”
Kid’s face fell and he dropped to he ground. He lay in a wilted heap, waves of depression coming off him.
“Kid!” Crona crouched beside him. “Kid, I’m sorry! Ragunarok didn’t mean it!”
“Yes I did!”
Crona gave Ragunarok the stare of death. Ragunarok had never seen Crona look so fierce. He quickly disappeared into his back, feeling afraid of him for the first time.
“He’s right. I’m a disgrace. How can I even go on living anymore? I shouldn’t be allowed to live. I’m an abomination. I’m disgusting.” Kid kept going on and on.
“N-No. No you’re not,” Crona fumbled around for words. He wasn’t very good at comforting people. He didn’t know how to deal with it. “I-I like your hair.”
Kid peered up at him slightly. “You…You do?”
Crona nodded slightly. “Can…Can we go inside now? I-It’s getting cold out.” He started shaking slightly.
Kid stood and brushed of his shirt. “Of course.” He took Crona by the hand again and led him inside. “I’ll Показать Ты to your room.” Kid walked Crona upstairs and through the hallways until he reached a door to a vacant room. “If Ты need anything come get me. My room is this one right here.” Kid pointed at the double doors right across the hall.
“O-Okay. Good night.” Crona went into the room then closed the door behind him.
Kid went into his room and sat down on his bed. After a few минуты he realized that he’d forgotten to give Crona anything he might need to prepare for sleep или anything to change into to sleep in. He grabbed a change of clothes and walked out of his room. He went over and opened Crona’s door enough to stick his head in. “Crona, I almost forgot. I brought Ты some-haa!”
Crona lifted his head and turned his head towards the door. His face flushed and he grabbed the blanket from the bed. He pulled it off the постель, кровати and used it to cover his bare body.

…To be continued…Keep an eye out for the Далее installment to see Kid’s reaction ;)