Эй, guys so since your liking my story im going to post chapters 3 and 4. fair warning though chapter four gets a little... how should i put this, well it gets really really intimate. in chapter four my oc's finally get together and it is steamy. also crona shows up in chapter 3. theyre a little longer than the first two chapters but i hope Ты like them as well. anyway thanks for Чтение and enjoy!!!

Ch. 3
The Shadow Witch’s Daughter
(A soul fighting for good?)

Maka had thought she sensed something odd about the soul of Kisha, which is why she assumed she was a kishin in the first place. But now Maka understood that she had a conflicted soul, something Maka never came across before. “If you’re wondering whether или not I’m a witch, I’m only that by blood. I don’t use my magic all the time since my mother forced me to practice her magic arts. My magic is not for the greater good, so I don’t use it. She expected great things of me, she expected me to become the greatest dark witch in the family. Then she decided to turn me towards being the Далее kishin. I hated her lessons, the Животные she made me kill, and the souls she tried to make me eat. The endless fights, tear stained yelling, hateful screams, сердце wrenching pain, and cold infested darkness of a room with no light.” Kisha sat up and flashed a cold stare at them, “If lord death expects me to drag Ты two to the woman who made my life a living hell, then he has finally fallen off his rocker. And even if I did know where she is, what makes him think I’m just going to march up to her and say, Oh hello Lady паслен I’m here to stop Ты from making another kishin. No hard feelings right mother?” Kisha stood up as tears began to stain her cheeks and she ran into her room. Takuto stood up and watched her go trying to grab her wrist but she flicked her hand and knocked him to the wall. The door slammed with a loud echoing bang as she entered the room shaking. Memories of her childhood and the cold and hate she felt towards the person who she was supposed to receive Любовь from all came flooding back at once. She tore off her pants and threw them into the Стена with rage as her body started to heat up rapidly, she was about to pull off her рубашка when her body started cooling down. Kisha gripped her head and flung herself onto the постель, кровати as she screamed into the mattress. She pulled her legs up close and held herself as the tears stung her eyes. Her whole body was surging with anger and sadness and she shook horribly as her body heated up with every held in scream. Maka stared at the door in gaping shock. Her eyes wavered slightly, she had never heard of something like this before except from her friend crona. Maka’s eyes got wider and she snapped her fingers. “That’s it, we need to get her to meet crona.” Soul turned and looked at her as Takuto brushed himself off and cocked a brow at her. “Who is crona? What good will crona do for Kisha?” “Maka I don’t see how crona can help us in this situation. In my opinion I think it’ll just make it worse.” Maka frowned and narrowed her eyes at soul. “I think he might be able to convince Kisha to take us to her mother. We don’t have a lot of options.” Takuto had moved to where he was now standing in front of Maka, his chiseled abs and toned arms lit by the light. His stature almost threw a shadow over Maka who had stopped arguing with soul and looked up at the taller boy. “Who is crona? I want to know who this person is before I agree to them seeing Kisha.” Maka’s eyes traveled down his body and Takuto smirked slightly and ruffled maka’s hair. He wasn’t much older than her he guessed, but he was so tall and the way he was built made him look much older than he really was. The same went for Kisha, she had a very adult looking body for someone her age. “I’m going to check on Kisha, Ты have this crona person come over soon.” Takuto turned and walked over to the couch. He picked up a large blanket and wrapped it over his arm and then went to the bedroom door. “Kisha, don’t fling anything at me I’m coming in.” “LEAVE ME BE!” Kisha screamed as she clenched the подушка tightly, when she was like this she didn’t want to be near anyone. She was afraid she would hurt someone inadvertently with her magic. Takuto shook his head and opened the door quickly and then slammed it shut. Kisha sat up and glared at him flinging the wood box they used to carry things in at his head. He ducked and rushed towards her unwinding the blanket from his arm. “NO! Stop I don’t want….” Kisha couldn’t finish her sentence before she was wrapped in the blanket and pulled against Takuto. She hated it when he did this, she wiggled her arms and squirmed as he held her against her will. “YOU IDIOT! LET ME GO!! AAGGHH!!” Kisha felt her power surging and soon her skin grew hot, the things on their floor started shaking and moving slightly as she grew angrier. Takuto rubbed her arms as he had his legs rested over hers to keep her still. He just needed to hold her until she finally took a breath and then she would be fine. Kisha kept squirming and whined, as her efforts grew less and less forceful. She eventually reduced her movements to slight shrugs of her arms. Takuto kissed her head and smiled, “Are Ты done now?” Kisha groaned and leaned back against him taking deep breaths. She wasn’t completely calmed, but she wasn’t as angry as she had been earlier. “Almost… Ты know I hate it when Ты hold me like this and yet Ты continue to do it.” Takuto sighed and loosened his grip on her as he rested his head on her shoulder. “If I didn’t hold Ты like this, Ты would eventually run off out of here and cause havoc amongst innocent people. They don’t have any reason to have to face the wrath of Kisha.” Kisha smirked and laughed softly as she listened to him talk, she knew he was trying to make her laugh. She sighed and leaned her head against his. “She needs to get her magic tool before she can do anything. In order to get inside the place its kept I’m going to have to use my magic. She probably hired guards to keep intruders from entering, how do we know Maka and soul wont attack us?” The door creaked and she looked at soul as he stood in the doorway. “The floor started shaking, we were wanting to know if everything was all right in here.” Kisha nodded and smiled, “Its all good in here soul, I just had a bit of a temper tantrum, Takuto calmed me down now.” Soul flushed as he looked at Kisha, her legs were bare and the рубашка she wore was slightly ruffled up from where Takuto held her. Soul looked down and rubbed the back of his neck. “G..good ki..Kisha, um.. Maka wants to know if you’d be willing to meet our friend crona. Ты don’t have to if Ты don’t want to, its cool.” Takuto didn’t like the way soul was acting, he was Актёрское искусство like he had seen something he shouldn’t have. Takuto looked at Kisha and then pulled her behind him blocking her from soul’s view. “Ahh hey! What in the hell are Ты doing Takuto?” Kisha didn’t like being tossed around and she pushed and hit his arms as he moved her. “You don’t have pants on, you’re in your underwear right now. Remember Ты undress when Ты start getting this upset.” Kisha blushed a dark red as she grabbed her shorts and pulled them back on. “S..sorry soul.” Soul scoffed and kept his gaze down, “Don’t worry about it, I didn’t see much. Just your legs.” Soul was trying to hide his embarrassment behind his mask of coolness as he didn’t want Kisha to think he was lame. “Crona should be here soon, do Ты think Ты can handle meeting him?” Kisha saw a tinge of red appear on soul’s face. She couldn’t help but blush as well as she looked at soul. “N..No I’m fine, Takuto let me go.” Takuto furrowed his brows slightly as he removed his arms from around her, “All right, but I’m meeting him before Ты go out there.” Kisha sighed and pursed her lips as Takuto got up and brushed his shoulder against soul’s roughly. He didn’t like having other people stare at Kisha when she was exposed like that. He knew that she would be fine though, and it wasn’t like he was leaving her out in the city square. She was in her bedroom and he was only a few feet away, so he walked back in and saw Maka look at him with a slight blush on her face. “Whats with you? Ты look like your guilty of something.” Maka held a slightly closed fist over her mouth as she lowered her gaze when Takuto moved to in front of her. “I… I.. w..was thinking about how close Ты and Kisha are…” Maka had often wondered if her and soul were that close. I mean sure they were the best of friends, but when she saw Takuto with Kisha it just seemed like they had something deeper than that. “Well it wasn’t always like this, the first few years were hard on the both of us. She had horrific nightmares and that would shake the house, moments of rage that would injure anyone who came close to her. We had to constantly be moving in order to not be hunted.” Maka had her eyes wide as Takuto spoke to her. From what she was hearing Kisha had a hard life, and she couldn’t even imagine why these things had happened to her. “Why would the house shake?” Takuto rubbed the base of his neck and sat down in a chair and pulled Maka down into his lap. Takuto was used to having Kisha sitting in his lap so it felt weird to be siting down without someone on his lap. Maka had turned a dark red and she couldn’t even keep her thoughts to flow right as she looked at Takuto. “Her mother is one of the three witch sisters. When Kisha was a little girl her mother forced Kisha to use shadow magic. Shadow magic is a form of dark magic that can enable someone to take someone’s soul right out of their body and infuse them with a shadow form until the soul is returned. Her powers are so great that the shadows of the room will shake with her depending on how angry she is. She tries her best to keep them under control….” Takuto leaned his head against maka’s as he sighed. As Maka listened to Takuto talk she had leaned against him and rested her head on his shoulder. She often wished she could do this with soul, but Takuto was so handsome and the way he held her was so comforting she just felt the need to be against him. “But sometimes I fear that she may harm herself… или worse end up killing someone.” Takuto tightened his arms around Maka as he imagined Kisha standing over a dead body and holding their soul in her hand. Maka held him back and whispered softly, “Its all right, the academy can help her control it. I’m sure she wont kill anyone Takuto.” Takuto sighed and closed his eyes as he and Maka held each other in an embrace. Back in the bedroom soul had moved over and sat down Далее to Kisha on the постель, кровати as she held her knees to her chest. They had been talking for a while about souls and things that were cool. It turned out that when it came to interests these two had a lot in common. Kisha smiled and nudged her shoulder against his as she сказал(-а) her reply to his Комментарий about hot messes. “I sometimes wonder if anyone has ever come across a cold mess, someone who was so uncool that it was just embarrassing to be around them.” Soul smiled and patted her back as he answered her, “Have Ты not met my meister? She is a cold mess, sometimes I feel like I’m the one that makes her even slightly cool.” Kisha giggled and leaned against soul as she smiled it had been a while since she laughed carelessly like that. She had laughed with Takuto before but it was normally at someone или something’s expense. He was always on guard around her and he only started Актёрское искусство like this after they came across that one man a few months ago. Soul put his arm around her and smiled at her. “You know that’s the first time you’ve actually smiled since we met.” Kisha raised a brow at him and smirked, “We’ve known each other for two days, that’s not a long time. I would have smiled еще if we knew each other for longer.” Soul chuckled and rubbed her arm as he held her from the side. He wondered when crona would be getting here. “Hey soul..” Soul looked away from the door and looked at Kisha, “Yeah?” Kisha had a look of deep thought and a hint of sadness as she looked at him. “You don’t think I’m evil, или dirty do you?” The words Maka had сказал(-а) about her earlier when she thought Kisha was a kishin suddenly came back to her after минуты and минуты of talking to soul. Soul blinked and looked at her confused, “What makes Ты think that? Is it about what Maka said?” Kisha nodded and looked down. “Yeah, its been bothering me. I mean I know I have a weird name and everything but do I really look like a kishin?” Soul shook his head and hugged her, “No way, Ты look like a normal girl. With a very overprotective weapon.” Kisha laughed and her shoulders shook slightly as she did, “Well aren’t Ты one to talk, you’ve told me all about the times Ты had to protect Maka. Takuto just cares about me…. Besides I don’t think he’s interested in me anyway.” Kisha had no idea why she had randomly сказал(-а) that, but she felt slightly embarrassing from saying it. Soul smirked and stood up holding out his hand to her as she sat on the постель, кровати looking at him. “Then find out, Ты may be surprised by the answer.” Takuto had let go of Maka because Kisha was taking too long in the bedroom. He was starting to get paranoid about what was going on in there and he stood near the door debating on whether или not to go in. Kisha took soul’s hand and stood up. Takuto’s рубашка still had his scent on it and she smiled, she let go of soul’s hand and went to the door. As she opened it Takuto had gone to open it when the door swung open and hit him in the face. “Ah!” Takuto fell back and wound up sitting on the floor as blood started to pour from his nose from the impact of the door being eagerly opened. “Takuto!! I-im so sorry.. are Ты all right?” Kisha knelt down and hugged Takuto tightly. Takuto pinched his nose and held her back as he laughed, “yes I’m all right, Ты got one heck of a way to make an entrance, I can never keep my thoughts straight around you. Kisha cocked her head to the side, she didn’t know what he meant. “What do Ты mean Ты can’t think straight?” Takuto smiled and looked at her as his nose slowly stopped bleeding, “I’m saying that Ты make me feel funny Ты idiot. Why else do Ты think I’m so overly protective of you? Its not just because you’re my meister, but its because I Любовь you.” Kisha’s eyes widened and she smiled even wider as she hugged his neck tightly. She felt so happy that Takuto loved her. She leaned back and looked at him adoringly, she wanted to say she loved him too when she heard soul’s footsteps moving across the floor. She looked over and saw soul walk over to Maka as he rubbed the base of his neck. “Hey um.. Maka… I need to tell Ты something.” Takuto looked at Maka and smiled reassuringly as he held Kisha closer to him. Kisha kissed his nose and pursed her lips wondering if he was going to admit it to Maka. Soul picked Maka up out of the сиденье, место, сиденья and held her close and whispered something in her ear. Maka blushed and smiled while nodding, Kisha had no idea what was going on, but she had a feeling that something very big happened between them. She felt a hand on her chin turn her face to meet Takuto’s. “Kisha look at me” Kisha’s eyes were wavering as she looked at the blood stained face of Takuto. “Your covered in blood, we should cl-“ Knock Knock Knock. Maka? Its me crona. AND RAGNAROK Ты MORON!!! Oww ragnarok your hurting me cut it out… Kisha blinked confused as she stood up and began instinctively walking to the door. Takuto grabbed her wrist and pulled her back as he stared at the door. “Stay behind me…” “Its all right Takuto it’s our friend crona, remember Ты both agreed to meet him.” Takuto held the doorknob in his hand as he listened to Maka. Just because this person was their friend didn’t change a thing for him. Takuto was going to do his own evaluation on crona and that would decide how he felt towards him. “Ill be the judge if he’s a friend of ours или not.” Kisha had a blank expression with a hint of one a child would wear when someone new arrived on her face as the door opened and crona stood there in a black халат, одеяние with a strange cartoonish looking black creature with white x’s for eyes and white перчатка, перчатки hands pounding at his head. The boy was fairly skinny and looked very frail, his hair was a light розовый and his voice was somewhat timid and showed he had immense fear of something but she didn’t know what. “ow ragnarok stop it, you’re hurting me, don’t pull my nose like that.” “Are Ты crona?” Takuto asked the boy as the creature stopped and looked up as he pulled on crona’s nose. “WOULDN’T Ты LIKE TO KNOW HUH PUNK! COME ON AND STEP CLOSER AND ILL PULL YOUR NOSE TOO.” The creature shouted at Takuto as he pushed himself further forward. Takuto raised his brow and pushed the creature out of his face and held it away as he stared crona down. “I asked Ты a question, are Ты crona yes или no?” Crona started shaking and whimpering as he stared into the cold purple eyes of Takuto. “i… is m-m-Maka h-here?” The boy asked in a frightened tone. Kisha hit Takuto harshly on the back of his head and frowned. “OWW, What was that for!!” Takuto asked aggravated as he turned to face Kisha. “Takuto don’t be a bully you’re scaring the poor kid to death!” Kisha scolded him as she stared up at him, “Yes Maka is here, is your name crona?” Crona nodded and still shook as he looked at the angry expression of Takuto. “Y-yeah I’m crona, Maka told me to come meet her here.” Crona’s eyes widened as he looked at Kisha, he began whimpering еще and he soon fell to his knees. “Lady Kisha please don’t hurt Maka, its not her fault lady medusa is gone. I promise it was all me, take Lady Nightshade’s rage out on m-“ Kisha leaned down and put her hand over his mouth while her brows furrowed in agitation. “Do not mention my mother’s name in my presence is that understood?” Maka had separated herself from soul and was now over Далее to them as Kisha held crona back. “Kisha what are Ты doing! Let go of him!” Maka reached a hand вперед to pull Kisha off of crona when Takuto grabbed her wrist and held her to the wall. Soul walked over and pulled Maka away from him and glared at them saying, “What the hell is going on here!” Takuto looked down at Kisha who had crona by the воротник of his рубашка and was dragging him to the couch. She threw him down and stared at the cowering boy, “Everyone needs to shut up and take a seat.” Kisha looked over at soul and Maka as she continued, “That includes Ты two, and I need everyone in this room before we discuss anything else further.” Takuto shut the front door and locked it as Maka and soul sat down in the chairs they were in before. Kisha closed the blinds and locked the windows and every other door leading into the living room. “Is everything locked and closed Takuto?” Takuto nodded and sat down on the диван, мягкий уголок Далее to crona. “Everything is locked we are ready for Boxing.” Maka’s eyes widened as Takuto spoke, “What do Ты mean boxing? What are Ты going to do?” Kisha kept a blank expression as she moved her hands in different motions. “I’m closing this area off from the outside world so we wont be listened in on. Now be quiet” Kisha’s hands started to be shrouded in a black fog and it spread out from her hands to fill the room. “Creatures, Screechers, Nights of Fright. Creatures, Screechers, Nights of Fright. Creatures, Screechers, Nights of Fright.” Kisha finished her mantra and positioned her hands and fingers in a weird pose as she reopened her eyes a dark black aura had now surrounded her and she opened her mouth to speak. “Shadow Box!” The aura around Kisha spread out in a frenzy and soaked into the walls of the room. Every small crack of light was soon gone as the room became a pitch black. No sign of light filled the dark room. “All right turn on the lights.” Kisha muttered as she put her hands back down. Takuto had leaned over and turned on the lamp. He stood up and walked over to Kisha as she started to wobble and he scooped her into his arms. “Ok can someone tell me what the hell is going on here?!” Takuto turned around as he held Kisha and saw soul standing in front of Maka as he shouted. “Kisha’s mother likes to keep small surveillance on Kisha at all times. We stopped trying to hide from them because it got too tiring, but she doesn’t focus in on the spy unless her name is brought up. Since crona mentioned her name we had to box ourselves in. Now there is no way for her to see us или hear what we are saying.” Crona whimpered and held his knees against his chest as Maka looked over at him concerned. “Crona are Ты ok?” Crona looked up and nodded, “Y..Yeah I’m ok Maka, why did Ты ask me to come here?” Kisha was somewhat limp in Takuto’s arms as she listened to their conversation. “They asked Ты to come here so Ты can convince me to lead them to my mother. But its as I сказал(-а) before…” Kisha slipped out of Takuto’s arms and stood somewhat on her own as she looked at them, “Your going to have to give me a very.. very good reason on why I should go back.” Soul smirked and walked over towards Kisha. Takuto narrowed his eyes slightly and placed his hand on Kisha’s chest and pushed her behind him blocking her from soul. Soul raised his brow and stared Takuto in the eyes. “I’m pretty sure that if the kishin is awakened bad things are going to happen, I heard Ты guys talking about a magic tool earlier. We can make a deal, Ты lead us to the tool and then we’ll take it from there.” Maka’s eyes widened and she stood up as she spoke, “Soul wait, lord death said-“ Soul turned and looked at Maka as he cut her off, “Lord death says that the witch паслен needs to be stopped from making another kishin, and from what I heard she needs this magic tool to do it. So my thought is, we get the tool we stop the witch.” Kisha had wrapped her arms around Takuto’s middle from standing behind him and rested her head against his back. Takuto wasn’t even moving, he stayed perfectly still as if he were a marble statue. Only when she started hugging him tighter as they mentioned the tool did he turn and look at her. “That’s not all she needs….” Kisha muttered as soul finished speaking. Soul looked back at Takuto but he was really trying to look at Kisha as he tried to talk to her directly. “Kisha what do Ты mean? What else does your mother need to create a kishin?” Takuto backed them both away from soul as he felt Kisha start shaking, “I think Ты need to ask why she wont take Ты back to the witch before Ты ask how the process is done.” Maka blinked and she looked over at crona who had stood up and walked over to Takuto. He wasn’t shaking или whimpering in fact he was completely silent as he walked to the side of Takuto. “Kisha, I understand why your afraid.” Kisha’s eyes widened and her grip loosened as crona spoke. Kisha removed her arms and moved out from behind Takuto to face crona directly. “Do Ты now, please tell me why Ты think I’m afraid?” Kisha had her eyes narrowed as she looked at crona, she didn’t like having people fake understanding, it just made matters worse. “Because Ты know she’s waiting for you.” Takuto grabbed crona and threw him away from them as he pulled Kisha back into his arms. Kisha’s eyes were filled with fear as crona spoke the truth. Maka caught crona in her arms as he flew back and ended up pushing them both into the back Стена of the box. Soul looked at Kisha who held on to Takuto as her legs gave out beneath her. “He’s right….” Kisha felt a tear run down her cheek as Takuto knelt on the ground holding her as she shook. “When I left… Lady паслен didn’t even try to stop me… She just looked at me and said, you’ll return to me and I will be waiting.” Maka and Soul’s eyes were wide as crona looked at Kisha. “I know its scary Kisha but Ты have to go back, Ты have to help Maka and soul. Don’t worry they’ll protect you, Ты wont be trapped by her again. They helped me free myself from medusa, im sure they can help Ты become free of lady nightshade.” Crona had removed himself from Maka and walked across the room and hugged Kisha as she was in Takuto’s arms. Kisha didn’t let go of Takuto as the sudden presence of another pair of arms around her appeared. She blinked her teary eyes and sobbed slightly. Crona leaned back and sat on his knees as he looked at Kisha. “So will Ты help them?” Kisha sniffed and wiped the tears from her eyes as she pushed herself against Takuto’s chest. “Kisha..” Kisha looked up as she heard Takuto whisper her name. She saw he had the reassuring smile that put her at ease when she was afraid. She took a deep breath and nodded her head as she looked at the three people sitting in her living room. “All right we’ll help you, but your going to have to do exactly what I say, understood?” Everyone in the room nodded their heads as Kisha and Takuto stood back up. “Ok then, first order of business is moving us into our new place of residence. We need to leave here before паслен sends people to investigate what’s going on. Everyone return to your original places I’m going to break the box.” Everyone scattered and Takuto moved back to the диван, мягкий уголок reluctantly as he turned the lamp back off. Kisha walked to the area she was standing before as Maka, soul and crona took their seats. Kisha waved her hands and soon the room was flooded with light and a black cat jumped off the windowsill and ran off. Kisha ran to the window and glared as it turned the corner. “We need to Переместить now.” 

Ch. 4
Moved In
(A New Life Begins?)

Kisha, Takuto, Maka, and Soul all brought in a box with Kisha and Takuto’s belongings into the apartment Soul and Maka currently resided in. Kisha looked around as she followed Maka into a room. “This is were Ты can sleep Kisha, I’ll have Soul set up a place in his room for Takuto to sleep.” Kisha set her stuff on the постель, кровати as she looked at Maka, “There’s no need for that. Takuto will be sleeping in here with me.” Maka blinked and stood in the door way as Kisha took out the few clothes she had. “Are Ты sure Ты don’t want your own room? I mean what about pr-“ Maka felt something press against her back as she spoke. She turned and saw Takuto standing there holding a box. “Excuse me Maka but I need to set my stuff down in here.” Kisha shook her head and laughed softly as she took the box from Takuto. Takuto leaned against the doorway and raised his brow as he looked at Maka, “Privacy can be had with a turned back, I intend to stay by her side and nothing the two of Ты say will stop that.” Takuto patted maka’s head as he walked into the room. Kisha closed the drawer as she finished putting up her clothes. She opened the Далее one as Takuto plopped onto the постель, кровати as she put his clothes up. “Kisha are we going to talk about what I сказал(-а) in the old apartment?” Maka turned on her heels and left the room as Kisha paused in mid shifting from bent over to upright as Takuto spoke. “Um… yes we are.” Kisha closed the drawer and walked over to the door. She closed the door and then turned to sit back down on the bed. As she did Takuto scooted over and made еще room for her to sit. “So do Ты Любовь me back?” Takuto looked at Kisha and as her eyes met his, a small spark seemed to ignite between them. “Yes I do Любовь you. I just wasn’t sure Ты loved me, but now that I know Ты do I’m not sure what we should do now.” Takuto grinned teasingly as he sat up and placed his arm around her to pull her closer. “I think we should start with this.” Takuto leaned in and planted a soft and yet deep Kiss on her lips causing any small thought to quickly vanish from Kisha’s mind. She felt her arms involuntarily заворачивать, обертывание around him as the Kiss dragged on. Their lips crashed upon each other’s and their tongues searched the others and rubbed against each other every now and then. Kisha felt her body grow hot from the feeling of his fingers under the hem of her рубашка on her lower back. She was captivated in his lips and she sought after the touch of his skin. His tongue seemed to melt with hers as she felt her body grow weak under his grasp. Their lips parted and she found herself gasping for breath as she reopened her eyes and looked at Takuto. “W-Why did Ты stop?” She asked almost breathless as Takuto slowly leaned her back and hovered over her breathing heavily. “I was running out of air, and I wanted to change our position. I want Ты Kisha, I don’t want anyone else to touch Ты или to see Ты vulnerable like this.” Takuto was looking at the relaxed and yet hungry expression Kisha wore on her face. One thing was obvious between the two of them, they wanted each other very badly but they weren’t sure if they should. They had been on guard for years and they didn’t know how to relax enough to take it farther. “Takuto, I don’t want to be with anyone else. All this time I thought I wasn’t good enough for you, and here we are so close and you’re pulling away from me again. If Ты want me than prove it to me. Показать me how much Ты want me.” Kisha knew that he was still on alert, but this was not the time to be over protective. They just admitted their affection for each other and we’re close to actually being together and he was backing away. Kisha had sat herself up and was holding on to a handful of his рубашка as she spoke to him. She hoped that her words would finally put Takuto into action. Takuto looked at the door and then looked around the room. He got up and left her side and grabbed a weight set and moved each piece to in front of the door. He then grabbed a chair and set it under the door handle and turned back to grin at Kisha. “I’m taking steps to make sure we won’t be disturbed this time. If your not going to hold back then neither will I, if Ты think I don’t want you. Ты couldn’t be еще wrong.” Kisha sat on her knees on the постель, кровати as Takuto stepped closer to her speaking. She was smiling as he reached the edge of the постель, кровати and she leaned up to rejoin their lips, but before their lips touched a knock emitted on the door and she groaned as she laid on the постель, кровати sighing aggravated. “I think it’s for you.” Takuto glared at the door and moved everything and opened the door to see Soul standing at the door smirking. “What do Ты want?” Takuto asked as he blocked any possible view of Kisha to be seen by this other man. Soul handed a small package to Takuto and scoffed, “Hey man if what I think is about to happen happens, your going to want this. Anyway I’m taking Maka out for a while so have fun.” Soul put an arm around Maka who was standing at the end of the hallway and the sound of a door opening and closing was all that filled the silence of the dorm room. Takuto looked at his hand and saw that Soul had placed a condom wrapper in his hand. He smirked and closed the door. He turned and looked at Kisha who had her back turned to him. He could tell she was mad that they were interrupted yet again but he was sure she would get over it as soon as he showed her what he had. Takuto took off his рубашка and dropped it on the floor and climbed onto the постель, кровати pulling Kisha off her side and onto her back as he smiled at her. “Hey guess what, we have the dorm all to ourselves, that means no еще interruptions. No еще stopping, just Ты and me. Now tell me what Ты want to do and I will obey.” Takuto leaned down and whispered seductively as he spoke and placed the wrapper in her hand. Her face blushed as she looked at her hand and bit her lip. “I want you, I want Ты to be with me in this way and I want Ты to not stop. Ты promise me that if we start this there wont be any interruptions?” Kisha wanted to do this and so she leaned up and brushed her lips on his but not enough to be an actual kiss. She rubbed her hand down his side with the wrapped in her hand as she waited for him to answer her. “I promise Ты that nothing will stop us once we begin.” Takuto took her hand in his and held it firmly as he leaned her back down onto the постель, кровати and hovered his face only a few inches away from hers. “Then lets start, help me get this stuff off and then put this on.” Kisha’s hand let go of the wrapper as Takuto leaned up and lifted the hem of her рубашка up her stomach. Takuto leaned down and began Поцелуи the soft skin around the navel of her stomach as еще and еще of her stomach became exposed. Kisha felt her body get hot again and she took shallow breaths as his lips travelled across her body. Takuto pulled her рубашка off the rest of the way and then climbed off her and pulled her shorts off and kissed her leg. She smiled softly and giggled as she watched him, it was as if he was trying to taste every inch of her skin. Takuto pulled her shoes off and then moved back to her stomach and kissed up to between her breasts. Kisha put her arms around him and kissed his head as he began to suck on the skin of her breast. His hand groped the bra that held her breast and he moved his other hand to behind her back and unclasped it releasing the mounds of flesh on her chest. He pulled it off and leaned back just staring at them. Takuto ran his hand up her side and watched his fingers travel across her skin. How many times had he dreamed of touching her like this? Thought of what it would feel like to have her skin pressed against his? “What’s wrong?” Takuto looked up at Kisha who seemed confused on why he stared off into space. “Nothing is wrong, in fact everything is perfect, I was just thinking of how many times I dreamed of this moment. I guess I’m trying to decide whether или not it is a dream.” Takuto had watched as Kisha removed his pants and was now standing before him hugging him as he spoke. Kisha smiled and kissed his chest softly and rubbed her nose against his skin. “Then stop trying to dream and make it a reality, I guarantee that I am real.” Kisha kissed his chest again and stood up on her tiptoes while wrapping her arms around his neck and kissed his lips gently but deepened it еще as she tightened her grip around him. Takuto stopped thinking and moved his arms to pick her up and заворачивать, обертывание her legs around him. They resumed the sweet Kiss they shared earlier and Takuto moved his hand to Переместить over the smooth skin of Kisha’s legs as they travelled up to the middle of her back. They stood in their part of the dorm and removed one another’s clothes one by one. Each time an Статья was Остаться в живых Takuto had been holding on to the unwrapped condom in his hand as he eagerly sought out еще of Kisha’s lips. Kisha was holding on to the strong arms of her partner and was in a cage of his body hovering over hers. Takuto moved his lips to her neck and began biting her skin gently and ran his tongue to taste her skin. Kisha leaned her head over to the side and bit on her bottom lip as his teeth bore down on her sensitive skin. Her body was on огонь from every Kiss and every touch of his lips and skin on hers. Nothing but him filled her thoughts and she completely surrendered herself to him as he made his way back down her stomach. She had never done something like this before and she wasn’t sure on what she was supposed to be doing. Takuto had already put the condom on himself and was simply taking his precious time to explore Kisha’s body. He didn’t want to rush things and he was afraid that he would hurt her. He licked over her navel and saw the face of someone completely overtaken with ecstasy and this only made the already hardened presence bulge as he bit on his lip. He was way bigger than her, his body could easily cover hers if he were to lay down so he wasn’t sure if she would be ready for what was to come. He kissed her passionately and felt her arms заворачивать, обертывание around him tightly as if to keep his face close to hers. He broke away and took deep breaths as he looked at her. Their breathing filled the room as Kisha waited for what would happen next. Takuto had heard the hushed voices of Maka and Soul outside their door followed by a door opening and closing. He assumed they came back from wherever they were and dismissed their presence in the apartment dorm and returned his attention back to Kisha. “Takuto.. what are Ты waiting for?” Kisha didn’t understand why he was stopping, they were literally one movement away from going the rest of the way and he was just hovering over her looking at her. “I don’t want to hurt you, are Ты sure your ready for this?” Takuto wanted her badly it was true, but not at the expense of her being in pain. Kisha smiled sweetly and kissed him again and moved her hand down his back and gripped his side. “Takuto you’re not going to hurt me, but if Ты don’t hurry up I may have to take over.” Takuto grinned and looked at her teasingly, “Oh really, and do Ты even know what your supposed to be doing? I told Ты I’ve had dreams about this so I know what to do next, but if Ты want to take control be my guest.” Takuto rolled off of her and laid flat against the постель, кровати as he pulled the small girl on вверх of him, she sat on his stomach and blinked a few times in bewilderment. Was he being serious? She shouldn’t have сказал(-а) something like that, she had no idea what was the right way to do this. She turned her head and felt her body shudder as she stared at the erect member behind her. She bit her lip and heard a throaty laugh come from Takuto. She looked back at him and furrowed her brows. “What’s so funny?” She asked slightly irritated, was he making fun of her? She had every right to be intimidated by what was poking at her. She had never seen something like that before and the fact it was so big and bulged like that only made her doubtful on whether или not she could handle this. “You are, the way Ты looked at it makes me think you’re not sure what to do. If that’s true than let me retake control and I’ll Показать you.” Kisha leaned down and kissed him as he finished talking and nodded as if to pass control back to him. Takuto took his old position of hovering over her and kissed her deeper while moving his tongue around hers as he lined himself up with her body. He moved his hand and groped the soft flesh of her breast as he pushed the head of it inside of her. Kisha breathed her air in sharply from Takuto and a muffled squeal of surprise came from her. Takuto rubbed her side as he continued pushing himself in. They finally crossed the threshold and they were now together in the way he had dreamt about for so long. Kisha felt as if he was going to трещина, сплит her in half, it was stretching her out and she found herself moaning as every inch went into her. Finally he had reached the hilt of his member against her and he leaned away to take a breath. Kisha breathed heavily and she was looking at him in disbelief. “ah.. t..Takuto.. s..stop stopping and m..move.” She couldn’t get her words to come out fluidly as she was mainly focusing on the size that now protruded inside of her. She saw him grin as he placed his hands on either side of her and looked at her hungrily. “I’m going to start moving, if it hurts just bite into my shoulder and hold on to me. It wont hurt for long.” Kisha nodded and kissed him as she wrapped her arms around him squeezing her eyes shut. Takuto began pulling out of her and then pushed himself back in quickly and repeated this movement. Kisha’s eyes had loosened their squeeze as she bit on his shoulder and moaned softly. It was a mix of pain and pleasure and it felt amazing to her. Soon her body no longer felt any pain and she stopped biting him and began to Kiss his neck and moved herself to meet his thrusts. “T..Takut..Takuto… fa..faster.. go faster.” Kisha moaned out as she felt something turn and knot inside of her stomach. Takuto was groaning as he moved and he gripped the постель, кровати and began pushing faster and harder, which soon broke Kisha out into fits of moans. Soon the room was filled with the sound of the постель, кровати creaking beneath them and Kisha’s sweet moans and cries of ecstasy. Takuto felt his insides turn and knot and he knew that at any moment he was going to release. He pulled on Kisha and moved her face to his and kissed her roughly and was met with the forceful movement of her tongue inside his mouth. She had been feeling a burning sensation in her stomach and she felt like she was on the verge of screaming. Her body hungered for his, her lips wanted his own and she wanted to hear his soft voice say her name. Takuto pulled almost all the way out of her and then pushed himself so forcefully that Kisha squeezed her eyes and threw her head back as she screamed out his name. Takuto looked at her face completely covered in pleasure and he groaned out her name, not as loud as Kisha had but loud enough for her to hear. Soon he released and felt something damp touch his leg. He groaned and slowed his movements to where he was now stopped. Kisha held on to him weakly and then let go as he stopped to breath in as much air as she could. Takuto removed himself from her and panted for air as he collapsed on вверх of her. He rested his head on her chest and felt her hand stroke his head. She was smiling and looking at the tired body of her beloved partner lying on вверх of her. “Takuto.. your heavy, you’ll squish me if Ты lay on me like this.” Takuto groaned and sat up as he smirked, “Get used to it, I’m going to use Ты as my personal pillow.” Takuto got off from her and took the condom off from his member. He threw it in the trash and pulled his underwear back on. Kisha reached a hand out to point at her underwear. “Hey bring me mine too.” Takuto looked at them and walked over grabbing them in his hand. He held them up as he walked back over to her. “Why do Ты want to wear these? I think Ты look better without them on.” He сказал(-а) as Kisha grabbed them from his hand and pulled them back on. She laughed softly and shook her head as she sat up, she leaned over and grabbed his рубашка from off the floor and pulled it on. Takuto frowned slightly as she put it on, he didn’t want her to get dressed so quickly. He pulled out his black shorts and pulled them on as he moved back into the bed. He put his hand under the рубашка and felt the soft skin being hidden from him by the fabric. Kisha looked at him and smirked as she played with his hair. “Now don’t pout, its cold in here and your рубашка was right there. I’m not going to stay cold just because Ты want to stare at me.” Takuto looked up and pursed his lips, he knew she was teasing him and so he pulled the рубашка back off and lay back down on вверх of her. “Ahh hey! Takuto knock it off.” Kisha shoved on him as he held on to her and rested his head on her breasts. They just finished having sex and he wasn’t tired. Kisha felt drained and all she wanted was to lie down and sleep. Takuto chuckled and shook his head before looking at her. “I told Ты you’re my new personal pillow, so I’m not moving.” Takuto put his face back down on her chest as Kisha sighed in defeat. She thought for a moment или two before an idea popped into her head. “Hey Takuto if Ты let me where your рубашка Ill cuddle with you.” Takuto looked up at her and raised his brow, they were already cuddling she was going to have to try harder than that to make him move. He thought for a moment and leaned over to pick his рубашка up. He sat up and pulled it back on to Kisha and then flipped her on her side, he could sense she was tired so this was going to be the best he could get. “Don’t try and make bargains with me, Ты don’t have enough energy to follow through with it, just lay down and sleep.” Kisha yawned despite her best efforts not to and leaned her head on the pillow. She looked at the door and then sighed, “Takuto Переместить all that crap out of the way, it’s not necessary.” Takuto frowned and groaned mumbling to himself as he got up and moved all the barrier items away. She may have been tired but he knew that she still had strength enough to hit hard. He didn’t want her angry with him, so he just followed her orders. The sooner she went to sleep the sooner he could relax. Kisha felt her eyelids growing heavy, she looked out the window and saw that it was dark outside. It had been a very long день and she wanted to sleep. Kisha watched as Takuto came back to the постель, кровати and climb in, she felt the presence of his arms around her as she was moved against his body. She sighed as she was moved and Takuto began rubbing his hand on her arm soothingly. Takuto kissed her gently as she slowly drifted off to sleep.