So here is where Blair, Black Star, Tsubaki, Death the Kid, Liz, Patty and Professor Stein, and Spirit all come into play in these two chapters. Also a fighting lesson between Maka&Soul and Kisha&Takuto during class. Then on to the death room where they will meet spirit and wait to meet Lord Death. Enjoy!! So glad Ты guys like it!

Ch. 5
A Hectic Morning
(Blair the Cat или Blair the Witch?)

    Takuto and Kisha had just finished having sex for the first time and Kisha was sleeping peacefully against him. Takuto however didn’t sleep much anyway, he mainly stayed alert in case her mother decides to try and take her back. He knew Maka and Soul had returned during their time together but he hadn’t allowed it to interrupt him. He kept his eyes on her sleeping figure and smiled to himself. Soul!! Takuto jerked his head up and stared at the door as he prepared to defend Kisha after hearing the sudden cry emitted from the room across theirs. He looked at Kisha as she moved slightly to readjust herself as he had removed his arm to sit himself up. Maka! Takuto chuckled and laughed quietly as he connected the dots. “Way to go man, looks like I’m not the only one having fun tonight.” Kisha groaned softly in her sleep and returned his attention back to her making him smile softly. He leaned down and kissed her cheek gently and saw a small smile from on her face. He put his arm back around her and propped himself up on his elbow. He normally slept outside her room in the homes they lived before in case her mother sent people to try and steal her back. It wasn’t out of paranoia that he did this either. Months назад maybe even a год Takuto had left Kisha alone at their residence to get food. When he returned he saw that there had been a struggle, he heard Kisha scream and realized that someone had taken her. Takuto ran towards the sound and then heard a man scream, he ran faster and when he found her she was standing over him holding his soul in her hand. She was staring at it and held her fist in a tight clench. Takuto had taken the soul from her and swallowed it and took her back home. Ever since then he has not left her side without being at least a sprints distance away from her. Takuto rested his arm over her side and laid down holding her against him. Tomorrow they would go into the academy and meet lord death, as well as еще students. Takuto sighed and closed his eyes reluctantly and slept Далее to her and kept his arms around her the entire night. Sunlight crept in and filled the room with light. Kisha remained sleeping as Takuto woke up. He sat up and stretched his arms out, he smelled Еда cooking and blinked his eyes to regain his surroundings. Takuto heard voices talking and whispering from inside the apartment and ran his fingers through his hair. He moved slowly as he leaned over to look at Kisha’s sleeping face. He smiled and kissed her cheek lightly as he rubbed his hand on her arm. He heard footsteps approaching and he moved himself to cover her with his body as they stopped outside the door. The door opened and soul stood there with his рубашка off and a long stitch scar spread across his entire body from his shoulder down to his hip from left to right. Soul looked at Takuto and they seemed as if they were in a staring contest. Soul moved his eyes to look at Kisha but Takuto moved to block any view of her. “Its time to get up, school starts in an час and breakfast will get cold. Ты may want to wake sleeping beauty up.” Takuto smirked and removed himself from over Kisha and stood up in front of the bed. “So how was your night last night, it got pretty loud from what I could hear.” Soul grinned and laughed slightly, “I could say the same thing to you, well now that Ты know im with maka. Can I assume im not going to be hurt if I come close to Kisha?” Takuto’s face turned stern at the mention of her name. “You wont get hurt as long as Ты don’t pull any cheap moves on her. Ты may be with Maka but if I see even the slightest advance on Kisha your жопа, попка is mine.” Kisha groaned and sat up in the постель, кровати and threw a подушка at the two boys in the room. “Will the two of Ты shut up! I have ears Ты know, Takuto stop being a bully and bring me my shorts. Jeez its bad enough I have to wake up this early, but if I have to listen to the two of Ты talk about me as if I were an object I’m going to bang your heads together and lock Ты in the closet.” Kisha didn’t like having people talk about her as if she weren’t in the room. Takuto caught the подушка and soul’s eyes widened as she yelled. Takuto picked her shorts up from the floor and threw them at her. He turned soul around and walked him out of the room. “I think it’s best if we stay away from her until she calms down. I thought she was still sleeping, now I’m in the doghouse.” Takuto sighed as he followed Soul into the kitchen. Maka set eggs and бекон, бэкон down on plates on the таблица and smiled. “Good morning Takuto, did Ты sleep well?” Takuto smirked as he saw a small hickey on her neck. “I slept great, how was your night Maka?” Maka blushed slightly and giggled as she looked at soul who sat down and drank his coffee. “I slept fine, where’s Kisha?” Takuto sat down and turned the other chair around and propped his feet up as he heard the door close. “She’s coming.” Kisha groaned and stretched as she walked into the kitchen. She smiled sweetly as she saw Maka cooking food. “Good morning Maka, Soul, Jerk.” Kisha tapped Takuto’s head as she spoke and made her way to Maka. Maka blinked confused as Takuto smiled and leaned back in the chair. “Good morning Kisha, are Ты ok?” Kisha smiled and laughed softly as she grabbed two glasses and filled them with water. “Yes I’m fine, and I slept great too. I’m just giving Takuto a hard time because he decided to talk about me while I slept.” Kisha set the glass down in front of Takuto and sat down in his lap. Takuto shifted slightly and caused Kisha to Переместить up and down a little bit as he turned to look at Soul. Maka turned the stove off and set a plate of блины on the таблица as she sat in her seat. Kisha grabbed бекон, бэкон and a scoop of eggs and set them on her plate. Takuto sipped his water and looked as Maka served herself. Soul grabbed a piece of бекон, бэкон and munched on it as he looked over at Takuto. “So how was it.” Takuto put his glass down and turned his head to Soul as Kisha began eating. “How was what? I told Ты I slept fine what else do Ты want from me.” Kisha chewed her Еда and looked at Maka as she smiled. Kisha swallowed and put some еще egg on her fork as she spoke, “Maka you’re a really good cook, these eggs are delicious.” Soul smirked as Maka’s face lit up, she didn’t get many compliments on her cooking. Soul leaned over and spoke low so that the girls wouldn’t hear him, “How was last night, and don’t play dumb I know Ты understand what I’m asking.” Takuto chuckled and looked at Kisha as he answered him, “A cool guy never sleeps and tells, but between Ты and me she’s еще flexible than she looks.” Soul laughed softly as he leaned back in his chair. Kisha and Maka paid no attention to them as they were Остаться в живых in conversation about the school. Takuto picked his glass back up and went to take a drink when he heard another set of footsteps. He picked Kisha up and sat her in the chair as he went to the side of the door. Everyone stopped and looked at him and Kisha tilted her head. “What is it?” Takuto opened the door quickly and a small scream came from the other room as Takuto slammed Blair into the wall. “Who sent you!!” Takuto screamed as he held the half clothed girl against the wall. Soul got up and went through the doorway and soon blood dripped out his nose as he caught a glimpse of Blair. He fell back and Maka sighed as she knew what was happening. Takuto had his arm across the woman’s breast with his other holding her shoulder against the wall. Kisha got up and followed Maka to the hallway and saw Takuto pinning a girl in her underwear to the wall. “Um Maka why is there a half naked woman in your apartment.” Kisha was confused by what she saw, but the fact Takuto was touching her breasts with a straight face made her slightly pissed. Takuto didn’t Переместить his eyes from her face as he kept her pinned. “She actually lives here with us, she walks around dressed like this all the time. It drives me crazy but this is Blair the cat.” Maka had sighed as she explained who Blair was and Takuto turned his head to look at them. “Wait so this girl is a friend of yours?” Blair licked his cheek and purred when his cheek was exposed to her. Takuto released her quickly and fell to the ground as his nose started bleeding. Takuto was speechless as he sat on the ground Далее to soul. Blair giggled and moved over closer to Maka as she fixed her top. “Geez where do Ты get all these cuties Maka, and I must say I Любовь the way Ты are so tough, it’s so sexy.” Kisha frowned and watched as Blair morphed into a black cat form with a little witch hat. “I’m going to go out and find breakfast, Ты guys are too high strung. Later!” Blair leapt out the window and with that she was gone. Takuto stood up and wiped his nose and stayed still as Kisha turned to look at him. Soul had stayed down and watched as Kisha put a finger to his lip and narrowed her eyes at him. “You I don’t want to hear a single word from until I say otherwise, Ты are seriously not starting out on my good side this morning Ты idiot.” Kisha brushed past Takuto roughly and walked to her room. Before she went in though she stopped and looked back at him, “Oh and Ты can sleep outside the door tonight.” She opened the door and slammed it shut as she finished speaking. Takuto sighed and leaned against the Стена pinching the bridge of his nose. “Does she do this every morning?” Soul stood up and rested a hand on his shoulder, “You were lucky, sometimes she likes to crawl into the постель, кровати and wait for Ты to wake up.” Takuto slumped his shoulders as he turned and walked to the room. He knocked and pushed the door open to be met with a подушка hitting him in the face. He ignored it as he leaned down and pulled out his jeans and a t-shirt. Kisha was not really mad at him so much as it was she was angry because of the girl who licked him. Kisha pulled on her black denim knee jeans and zipped them up. She reached in the drawer and took out her dark red half рубашка and pulled it on. It was long enough to cover her chest and was longer in the back. Her back held her own witch markings, and she did her best to hide them. Her mother took the honor to do them herself as she marked her skin with shadow essence and black magic. She liked this рубашка though, it exposed her stomach in a curtain form as it swept down her side and covered the marks, although Ты could see the small claw of a dragon from the side if Ты looked hard enough. She pulled on her black пальто that went down to her feet and flared the sides out and proceeded to pop the collar. It was solid black and looked like a dark shadow surrounding her. The purple stitching in her jeans stood out from the пальто as she laced up her black and red ankle shoes. She pulled her hair out from under the пальто and watched as it draped down her back and the small red highlights formed the dragon on her perfectly. She fastened a pin to keep her bangs to the side as she turned and looked at Takuto. He was dressed in long dark gray jeans and a purple рубашка that matched his eyes. On the рубашка was a black огонь spreading up to reach his chest from the hem of the shirt. He brushed his dark red hair with his fingers and fixed the bangs that swept across. He pulled on his black sneakers and tied the laces. He sat on the постель, кровати and sighed as Kisha moved in front of him with her arms folded. “So do Ты know why I’m mad at you.” Takuto pulled on his red hoodie and looked up at her. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her onto his lap. “I held a naked girl against a wall.” Kisha furrowed her brows as he joked about touching a half naked girl’s body, and what was worse is it seemed like he didn’t care. She got off his lap and turned away from him heading to the door as she spoke. “Forget it, Ты don’t care.” Takuto furrowed his brows, how could she honestly expect him to know why she was mad. He stood up and closed the door shut again as she opened it and pushed her to the Стена looming over her as he stared down into her light blue eyes. “Tell me why you’re really mad Kisha, because I highly doubt you’re mad at me because of Blair.” Kisha clenched her fists and pushed against him as he mentioned her name. “Oh so it’s Blair now, I thought she was a girl. Well if your going to go around touching other girl’s bodies right after sex than go ahead and touch Maka’s Далее because Ты wont be touching mine!” She shoved him away angrily as she screamed and sent him flying back towards the bed. Takuto groaned as he hit the постель, кровати and rubbed the back of his head. Kisha’s eyes widened and she covered her mouth as she watched him sitting on the floor groaning. “T..Takuto.. I didn’t..” Kisha felt tears stinging her eyes as she knelt down onto the ground, she Остаться в живых control again. She hurt Takuto, and she used her magic against him. Takuto moved over to her and pulled her against him. “Shh, it’s all right I know Ты didn’t mean to. I don’t want anyone else Kisha Ты know that. I was trying to protect Ты from an intruder and I wasn’t expecting her to be naked.” Kisha sniffed and started to laugh as he rubbed her back talking. “So why didn’t Ты let her go?” Kisha looked up at him and he wiped the tears from her eyes. “Because if she had been an imposter, I wanted to make sure she didn’t escape. Далее time an intruder comes in ill grab them by the neck deal?” Takuto kissed her forehead and leaned her back to smile at her. She nodded and stopped crying as she pecked his chin. “Deal, and Ты don’t have to sleep outside the room tonight. Now let’s get to school.” Kisha stood up and adjusted the пальто as she walked out. Maka and Soul were in the hallway Поцелуи and Kisha smiled softly as Takuto walked up behind her. Takuto leaned down and whispered in her ear lowly, “you know we could be doing that too.” Kisha felt a small surge of heat travel through her body as he whispered in her ear. She smiled and then cleared her throat. Maka and soul stopped and looked over at them and separated from each other reluctantly. Soul smirked as he saw Takuto place an arm around Kisha. “So are we all ready to go to the school?” Kisha nodded and walked up Далее to Maka with Takuto following behind her. Soul opened the door and allowed the girls to walk out first and followed Takuto closing the door behind them.

Ch. 6
The First Day
(The New Pair on Campus?)

    Black звезда was sitting on the needles of the Academy as he looked for Maka and Soul. Where were they? “Black звезда get down from there before Ты break them again!” Black звезда looked down and saw Kid standing there screaming as Liz and Patty stood on either side of him. “I want to see the new people! I want the first people they see to be the big звезда on campus.” Tsubaki sat on the steps underneath the needle sticking out of the academy building which black звезда sat on. There were rumors saying that one of the new people coming into the academy was a witch, and she thought this was odd since she supposed witches weren’t allowed into the academy. She sighed as she listened to Death the Kid and Black звезда argue as Liz walked over to her. “Hey Tsubaki, what do Ты know about these new kids?” Tsubaki looked up at the taller of the Thompson sisters and hummed. “Well I don’t really now anything, I only know what the rumors are saying. Эй, I think I see Maka and Soul.” Liz turned as Tsubaki stood up and pointed a finger out to a small group of people with Soul and Maka in the front. Black звезда smiled and jumped down after doing a few flips in the air and landed beside Kid. Patty clapped her hands as she watched Black звезда do his small performance and end up shutting Kid up in the middle of his rant about symmetry. Kisha felt the wind flair out her long пальто as she walked, her shoes making a light tapping sound with each step. She was keeping her guard up as she followed Maka and Soul towards the large abstract academy. Lord Death built the Academy in order to train young meisters on how to use their weapon partners for good instead of bad. The path of bad is what leads to the creation of kishin’s whom unleash an overwhelming amount of madness and set the balance of the world off. The maintaining of balance between madness and sanity is a constant job for these meisters and so the academy was built to keep people on the right side of the path. Kisha heard stories from her mother and aunts about the academy, stories of how they hunted witches and killed them in order to create death scythes for Lord Death to use for him to keep order in the world. Yet here she was a witch walking up the front steps of this building with only a girl’s word that she wouldn’t be harmed. Kisha scoffed slightly as Maka and Soul were already progressing up the stairs, but she didn’t continue moving up. She stopped and stared at the massive building before her and watched as Takuto walked ahead of her. He didn’t take many steps before he turned to look at her, it was obvious she was on edge and he didn’t think he could do much to calm her nerves. The Academy was a bad place to be if Ты were a witch, and his meister was a witch no matter how much she tried to fight it. “Kisha?” Takuto сказал(-а) in a hushed voice as he walked back down and held his hand to her. Kisha stared at it and adjusted her куртка and pushed his hand out of the way saying. “I don’t need it, if someone makes a Переместить on me ill morph them into the wall.” Kisha smiled slightly as she walked up the stairs after Maka and Soul with Takuto following her smirking. Maka and Soul made it to the landing in front of the entrance and saw all their Друзья standing there. Liz and Patty stood on either side of Kid as Black звезда approached them. “So where are they? Where is the mysterious new pair that’s getting еще attention than me?” Black звезда stood in front of them as he questioned them, but just as Tsubaki came to his side Kisha came over the вверх stair with her hair flowing in the wind like in a picture scene. The куртка she wore flared at the bottom and made her seem somewhat intimidating if it weren’t for the fact she was so small and petite. Death the Kid watched in admiration as this perfectly proportioned girl walk towards them, everything about her was symmetrical. He caught something red standing out in her hair and noticed it was a dragon mark, he looked to the other side and noticed there wasn’t one there. Asymmetrical, how disappointing he thought to himself but that wasn’t the only thing that caught his eye. It appeared that there was a small black marking on the lower part of her side, he couldn’t make out what it was but he let it be as another silhouette rose up from the stairs. Maka and Soul turned to look at what everyone else was staring at as they saw the Далее figure come up from the stairs. Takuto came like a great shadow shrouding over her as he walked behind her. He looked intimidating as his muscular arms were shown from the dark purple рубашка he wore as well as the dark red hoodie. His hair had black tips to it with the dark red that adorned his head in laid spikes and flares. It seemed to spike in slight flares to the sides as his bangs swept in jags across his forehead. They were longer in the middle and created a peak with two others to each side that were shorter. His hands rested in the pockets as he kept a close walk behind her as they reached the group. “Hey new kids my name is Black Star! Your lucky Ты get to meet the big звезда on campus and be called his friend, and don’t worry about fitting in your running with the cool people now.” Takuto stepped in front of Kisha and pushed Black звезда away forcefully as he got a little to close for his comfort to Kisha. Black звезда stumbled back and looked at the taller guy standing there smirking as he stayed in front of Kisha. “You know the one who says he’s the вверх dog of a place is normally the least known in anywhere he goes. So I think we’ll be taking upon ourselves to figure out who the alpha Собаки are here.” Black звезда growled and stood up quickly and stood very close scowling as he screamed. “Who the hell do Ты think Ты are!! What makes Ты think Ты know anything about me, I dare Ты to make a Переместить like that again, come on I dare ya!!” Takuto pushed him away from him as he raised his brow and felt a small hand grip his shoulder. He turned his face and looked at Kisha who was smiling sweetly as she looked at Black Star. “Now Takuto, we are new here I think your being rude. Apologize to the nice boy and lets Переместить on, we have yet to introduce ourselves to everyone else.” Takuto grinned and pushed Black звезда again giving them some personal Космос before he spoke. “I apologize for my behavior, also my name is Takuto Akushen.” Takuto bowed slightly as a sign of respect and looked back to see Kisha roll her eyes as she stood behind him. Tsubaki smiled and so did Liz and Patty as Takuto bowed. Tsubaki bowed back and said, “Its nice to meet Ты Takuto, my name is Tsubaki.” Liz and Patty heard Kid clear his throat and watched as he held a hand out to both of them as he spoke to Takuto. “My name is Death the Kid and these are my weapons Liz and Patty.” “Hi mister!” Patty сказал(-а) smiling as she waved while Liz did a simple Эй, and nodded her head. Takuto was standing straight and nodded his head in acknowledgement to each of the introductions дана to him. Kisha kept a blank face as she looked at each of them and then felt a small poke on her shoulder and she grabbed the wrist and pulled them over her slamming them to the ground. Black Star’s eyes were wide as he flew over her and felt the hard ground hit his back roughly. She pushed her foot on his neck and glared down at him as she leaned back up. Black звезда coughed and squirmed under her as she fixed her куртка and cleared her throat. “My name is Kisha Hallow, its nice to meet all of you.” Tsubaki held a hand over her mouth as she looked at Black Star. Patty was laughing while everyone stood there amazed and yet confused on what just happened. Kisha took her foot off his neck and watched as Black звезда crawled to his feet and coughed trying to catch his breath. Kisha pursed her lips and folded her arms as she looked around at everyone. “Sorry about that Black Star, I do that out of reflex when someone touches me and I don’t know who it is doing it.” Black звезда coughed and nodded as he choked out, “No problem, I can handle it. It takes a lot еще than that to knock this звезда down.” Everyone sighed and soon a колокол, колокольчик, белл rang out and Maka cleared her throat. “Now that we all know each other, we should be getting to class.” Kid was the first to leave the group with Liz and Patty following beside him through the big doors. Tsubaki and Black звезда were Далее as Black звезда walked away from them with his hands behind his head going into the big hallway. Maka and Soul were in front of Takuto and Kisha as they entered into the big hallway filled with students. Kisha could feel eyes on her as she walked in, it was obvious she was the new girl since Maka and Soul were escorting them through the building. Soul opened a door and allowed Maka to go through first. Takuto nudged Kisha вперед but she wouldn’t go through she didn’t trust this school yet and she didn’t want some teacher to notice she was a witch. “Kisha Ты have to go in the doorway to get to the class.” Takuto whispered in her ear almost mockingly as they were the only ones left not in the class. Kisha turned and looked at him as she crossed her arms. “Im not going in there, if Ты want me in there you’re going to have to carry me and hold me down to keep me in that classroom.” Takuto grinned and put his arm around her waist and kissed her gently. This caught Kisha by surprise and she squealed quietly as she felt him pick her up and Переместить his lips from hers. Takuto walked in and saw everyone look at them as he went up the steps to the row Maka was on. She was equally surprised to see Kisha being held by one of Takuto’s arms as he sat down in an empty сиденье, место, сиденья Далее to her. “Um Kisha why is Takuto holding you?” Kisha sighed as she turned herself to face вперед in his lap. “Takuto lean back and set your feet up so I can get comfortable, if your going to be a chair Ты have to be a good one.” Takuto chuckled and did as she сказал(-а) as Kisha looked at Maka. “I didn’t want to come into the room and Takuto had to carry me in.” Maka nodded her head and felt an arm around her shoulder as Soul sat down in the other chair. Maka blushed and looked at Soul as he relaxed in the chair. Kisha laughed slightly as she watched this and soon she felt the recline of the chair Takuto and her were sitting in. She relaxed and sat her feet up in between his and heard small giggling of a couple girls sitting across them. She saw them looking at Takuto and blushing as they talked. She growled slightly at this, she didn’t like having people talking about them like that. She felt arms around her waist pull her back against Takuto and then hot breath against her ear whispering. “If Ты keep glaring like that Ты may end up flinging them into the wall.” She felt his lips brush against her ear as he finished talking and she chuckled as she smirked. “Would that be a bad thing, it would teach them not to gossip. I wouldn’t fling them into the wall, just tip their chair to the side causing them to fall. They could blame it on…” She was cut off as she felt his lips Kiss her neck making her eyes widen and her body shiver. “Ah Эй, what are you?” Takuto laughed softly as he moved away from her neck and kept his face away from hers. “You are way too tense, if Ты stay like this your going to slip again.” Kisha turned around sharply as she sat up and glared at him. “Really, of all the things Ты can say your going to choose that? Ты are an idiot, how do I put up with you?” Takuto brushed the small bump in her hair from when she was laying on him on the back of her head as he smiled. “You slam me into objects and throw stuff at me, also I make really good pasta.” Kisha laughed and messed up his hair as the door opened and a man came in on a chair. “All right class is starting everyone take your seats. I understand we have two new students with us today. My name is Professor Stein for anyone who didn’t know and would our new students be so kind as to stand up and introduce themselves before we start todays lesson.” Kisha saw the teacher look straight at them as Takuto put his feet down and push Kisha out of his lap. They stood up and looked around to see everyone staring at them. Kisha held a hand up and waved slightly as she spoke. “Hello everyone, I’m Kisha and this is my partner Takuto.” Takuto waved his hand and sat back down in the chair and set his feet back up. Kisha sat down as the teacher turned and started Письмо on the board. “Today we are going to do defense attacks, so the first pairs to start are going to be Maka and Soul.” Kisha looked at Maka as they stood up and walked down the stairs to the center of the room as the teacher scanned the rows of students. “Lets have our new students come down and Показать us what they can do.” Kisha gasped as she heard him talk about them and point where they sat. Takuto put his feet down again and gripped her shoulders to Переместить her back up and guide her to the steps. “It’s going to be all right, just relax and focus on block attacks.” Takuto whispered in her ear as they made their way to the center of the room and faced Maka and Soul. Kisha stood there with her arms folded and looked at the teacher. “Professor Stein, what exactly do we do here?” Stein lit a cigarette and inhaled the smoke as he looked at Kisha to respond. “You are to have a fight with Maka and Soul. I want Ты to focus on using defensive moves though, first Maka and Soul will attack and then Ты will attack them.” Soul transformed into a scythe and was being held firmly in Maka’s hands as Kisha listened to his instructions. “I see, and how do we know the winner?” Takuto kept his attention on Maka as Kisha questioned Stein one еще time. “Each pair will have 3 attacks and whoever lands the most hits wins, and when I say hits I mean they have them locked to a point that they couldn’t defend themselves. Now transform your weapon and start the match.” Kisha nodded and took a deep breath before turning to Takuto. “Takuto, scythe form” Takuto nodded and his body shimmered as he transformed into a long dark red shaft scythe with a long black blade that curved out from the top. On the other side opposite the large blade was an oppositely directed blade that curved out with the color gray shining across the blade. It was smaller but had slight jags in the curve of the blade. It was longer than her and the blade was almost the length of her fingertips. She gripped Takuto in her hands tightly as she looked at Maka and Soul. The look on Maka’s face showed intimidation, she had only seen him in blade cuffs form and this new form threw her by surprise. Maka had probably formed a plan to counter his cuffs, which is why Kisha chose to have him be a scythe. Everyone watched as Kisha moved her foot back to plant her grounding as she waited for Maka’s first move. “I’m ready when Ты are Maka, let’s see if Ты can touch me.” Kisha smiled and a small flash of огонь flared in her eyes as the light glinted off of Takuto’s cold black blade with a red edge. Maka rushed вперед and swung Soul in the air towards Kisha’s feet and Kisha twirled Takuto and caught the blade in his back curve and pulled it up spinning Maka off balance and kicked her backside with her foot. Maka went вперед and caught herself with the end of Soul as she turned herself back around. Kisha twirled Takuto around flawlessly and then pointed his blade towards her smiling, “That’s one to me, try again and put a little еще effort into it. I know your holding back Maka, Показать me what Ты got.” Maka grinned and launched herself вперед with the shaft of Soul and swung around to aim for Kisha’s head. Kisha moved Takuto to block when Maka turned soul around and swept Kisha off her feet by using the wooden end of her weapon. Kisha flipped up felt herself lose her ground as she went into the air. Kisha turned herself over and saw Maka Переместить to свинг, качели Soul’s blade into her back. Kisha landed on the ground and felt a small prick in her back as she held on to Takuto. “Now it’s one to one, don’t get to cocky.” Kisha chuckled and watched Maka back away and get in another fighting stance. Kisha stood up and held Takuto in her hands as she looked at Maka. From the way Maka was standing she planned on using another sweep attack, and Kisha knew exactly how to block her. Maka sprung вперед and started repeating the same motion with a slight difference but as Maka moved to sweep her feet Kisha ducked her head from the blade and hooked her foot around Maka’s to свинг, качели herself around to behind her. Once at Maka’s backside Kisha pushed Maka to the ground holding the long slender red shaft against her neck as she sat on her back. Everyone was watching intensely and this included the small group she met earlier. Kisha leaned down and whispered softly in her ear. “Two to one, now it’s my turn to attack keep your guard up at all times and watch the shadows. Just a friendly tip.” Kisha got up and swung Takuto around as she walked away and stood where Maka once stood. Stein clapped his hands before he spoke, “Impressive, and now we will see how Maka will deflect against Kisha’s attacks. Begin.” Maka was standing up and had a defensive stance as Kisha didn’t charge but spun Takuto around quickly as she seemed to dance her way towards her. Maka was watching her moves carefully and as Kisha angled Takuto down to strike she swung Soul into Kisha’s back and knocked her to the wall. Kisha hooked on to soul and pulled herself back to Maka and started swinging at her. Maka blocked each stroke and the room was filled with the sounds of blade’s crashing against each other. Kisha grunted as she swung Takuto but Maka ducked and moved soul against Kisha’s feet. Kisha felt a small scrape on the back of her ankle and wobbled losing her balance. She knelt down after being swiped and saw Maka hold Soul at her breathing heavily. Kisha growled lowly as Maka backed away to allow her room to attack. Kisha stood up and leapt вперед towards Maka yelling, “Takuto, Blade Cuffs!” Takuto shimmered again and soon a long chain formed as well as the cuffed gloves that covered her forearms. The chain glowed red with heat as Kisha wrapped the chain around Soul’s blade and mounted Maka’s back yet again. Maka’s face rubbed the ground as Kisha held Soul captive within Takuto’s chain. “Three to two and I still have two moves left.” Maka groaned as Kisha let go of soul and got off of her. Kisha was starting to form a small black aura around the black blades of her gloves as the chain lit on fire. Maka stood up and wobbled slightly, the last attack took a toll on her but she could tell Kisha was losing strength as well. Maka took her stance and Kisha removed one end of the chain and ran вперед dodging any block attacks Maka maneuvered. Kisha wrapped the chain around Maka and she groaned as she felt herself be thrown into the Стена with a hard thud. Kisha leapt вперед and landed behind Maka to pull her off the Стена and grabbed Soul’s shaft with her and held the blade of her cuffs against Maka’s neck. “Three to three, one attack left. Its either block или defeat what will Ты choose.” Kisha felt her natural instincts begin to get еще nagging the еще she fought. She was fighting her magic as well as the moves by Maka and she was having a hard time maintaining both. Kisha and Maka took their stances and Kisha ordered Takuto to return to his scythe form. The two scythe meisters stared at each other, both of them looked determined and the whole room filled with anticipation. Maka angled soul as Kisha swung Takuto around forming a black and grey круг as she moved closer and closer. Kisha swung Takuto’s blade at Maka and met with Soul’s each time, the room was echoing with clangs and clashes of sparks. Kisha and Maka were in a lock of movements as they met each other’s attacks. Kisha saw an opening as she began to swing. Kisha changed the direction of her свинг, качели and pushed the jagged edged blade against Maka’s legs and knocked her off balance. Maka flipped up and then was forced down by the end of the scythe as Kisha brought her back down. Maka groaned and watched as Kisha moved Takuto’s blade down to cut her in half. Kisha stopped the blade inches away from Maka’s skin and panted as she looked at her. “I win four to three, game over.” Stein stood up and clapped as the match ended. “Well done, I’m impressed. Class dismissed, we’ll pick up on lessons tomorrow.” Maka stood up and Soul returned to his normal form and put an arm around Maka. The students filed out of the room quickly like they had somewhere to be. Kisha knelt down and released Takuto from her grasp and watched as he returned to his normal form and knelt in front of her. Maka removed herself from Soul and walked over to Kisha concerned as Kisha started shaking. A small black aura was surrounding her and she was trying hard to keep her powers from emerging. “Kisha are Ты all right?” Maka reached a hand out and Takuto moved it away and looked at her. “You two go on, tell me where we are supposed to go Далее and we’ll meet Ты there.” Soul placed a hand on Maka’s shoulder and looked at Takuto. “We’re supposed to take Ты to Lord Death, everyone else will be in there. Take your time and don’t hurt anyone.” Soul led Maka out of the classroom and shut the door behind them as Takuto tilted Kisha’s head up to look at him. “Kisha don’t be silent, it makes me worry more. What’s going on.” Kisha breathed heavily and looked at Takuto somewhat disturbed. “I feel on edge, and I can’t calm myself down. Takuto I almost used a shadow to hurt Maka and.” Kisha shook as Takuto’s large hands cupped her small face. He leaned his head towards hers and kissed her lips softly cutting her off while she spoke. Kisha felt the fear from before keep her body shaking as he kissed her. He felt her body shake beneath his hands and he moved his arms to around her waist and pulled her against him trying to stop her shaking. He deepened the Kiss trying to force her thoughts to focus on him and not on the fear that made her quake. Kisha felt herself growing weak against him and her fear began to subside as she kissed him back. Takuto felt her arms Переместить to grab his side and he pulled away and took a breath. “Kisha.. we need to go.. they’re waiting on us.” Kisha kissed his lips lightly and leaned away from him again biting her lip as she nodded. “Ok, but your not allowed to let go of me until we are back in the apartment.” Takuto grinned and stood up taking her with him as he held her in his arms. “So does this mean I have to let go of Ты at the apartment?” Kisha smiled and leaned against him as she replied, “That depends on what happens here. Now let’s go meet Lord Death, and see what he wants with us.” Takuto put an arm around Kisha and guided her out the door of the classroom and walked her down the hallways. Soul and Maka were a little ways down the hallway and it looked as if they were Поцелуи outside a very large door. Takuto shook his head and chuckled as they approached them. “All right we are ready to meet Lord Death, unless we’re interrupting?” Maka and Soul separated from each other and Maka shook her head. “No, your not.” Soul scoffed and opened the door holding it open for them to go in. “Well, lets get going we’ve kept everyone waiting long enough.” Maka walked through the door and Kisha followed after her with Takuto and Soul behind her. Kisha looked at the tall pillars that bordered a walkway through a room that seemed like a place from a book. She crossed her arms and held them to her body as she walked behind Maka. Something set her on edge maybe it was the fact witches were unwelcomed in the presence of Lord Death. She hadn’t ever heard of a witch Lord Death became Друзья with. What made her think that she would be different, being a child probably made no difference in how Lord Death treated witches. She heard of how Aunt Medusa had approached him in a small little girl’s body and he still treated her the way he would treat an adult witch. The pathway was ending and she saw Death the Kid Далее to Liz and Patty. Black звезда was near them too with Tsubaki and a man in a black suit with red hair stood near a large mirror at the edge of the raised platform. Maka and Soul went to Присоединиться the small group to the side as Kisha went to the middle of the platform. Takuto stood right behind her as the man with red hair approached her. “Are Ты Kisha?”