Soul Eater (Пожиратель душ) Ты Know Ur A Soul Eater Фан If....

browie98 posted on Mar 08, 2012 at 01:07AM
ok so i see lots of clubs do this and i like it just make of list of stuff that u come up with that shows ur a soul eater fan i started a couple:
-u have actually tried calling shinigama-sama thru a window/mirror
-uv learned 2 appreciate symmetry a little more
-uv started saying 'i dont know how 2 deal with this" when u really dnt/ur just frustrated
-u hit people over the head with books
-u sometimes have an urge 2 dissect something
-uv tried 2 transfrom in2 a weapon and/or see/feel someones soul
-u sometimes wonder what ur soul looks like
-uv considered going out looking for the dwma
-u wonder what u wud do if u had black blood
-u pretend with ur friends that u go 2 dwma ad u and ur friend r partners
-u point it out if something is COMPLETELY asymetrical
-u wonder if that random stray cat near ur house just might b blair or one of her friends
-uv wondered if they have a type of plastic surgery 2 put a screw in ur head
-u start using the sentences "thats not cool at all" or "thats cool" alot more
-u sometimes walk around all shlumped down with ur hands in ur pockets

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Больше года wishey said…
You talk about soul eater non stop
Больше года Shadowsign said…
You've drawn pictures of you friends... as weapons.
You've also drawn pictures of you and your friends' souls.
You sit in a corner whenever possible.
You randomly yell "Fools!"
When people annoy you, you karate chop the top of their head and yell "Reaper Chop!" OR You hit the top of their head with a book and yell "Mala Chop!"
last edited Больше года
Charlios commented…
I randomly Больше года
Charlios commented…
Oups, i didn't finish my sentence sorry, i was saying that i randomly call out FOOL All the time XD Больше года
Больше года phangs said…
Больше года chocolate18 said…
all so very true
Больше года MakaAndSoullove said…
You got depressed when the anime ended
Больше года KeyStoneOfLight said…
The one thing I do is say that's not cool or that's cool
Больше года Secret_Cherie said…
When you fill the front and back of twenty blank papers with Soul Eater chibis and doodles.

And when literally everything you see reminds you of it in some way.

And when you start shipping your fave couples hardcore and you get into a fight with another fan with different opinions. (The other day my friend who ships Kid and Maka together got into a loud argument with me because I ship Kid and Crona and then also Maka and Soul 0_O it was nuts)

And when you yell at people when they mention the number seven, and then tell them that eight is better.
Больше года Vickifox said…
I know I'm all of these especially saying "that's cool" hitting people with books when they annoy me and I'm ALWAYS freaking out with my friends about something completely asymmetrical. My fav number was always number 8 and I look for 8 anywhere in any way. one time with my friends, there was a tiny a and a big S on a poster and I started pointing it out and tried to avoid passing it because I wanted to fix it so bad. I'm also always fixing picture frames in the hall. I'm in too deep, I know. But... I know I'm not alone! ^_^
Больше года CF_the_Kid said…
~When your username/avvies/sigs on here or other forums are SE related.
~When you own all the merchandise available.
~When you read through at least one manga vol. a day
~When you cosplay as your favorite SE character
~When the only thing you can think about is SE.
~When you arrange everything in your room so it's symmetrical.
~When you learn everything you can about the series.
~When you wish your school was like the DWMA.
Больше года Charlios said…
You say "Soul realease" when your alone to see if ur a witch XD