Soul Eater (Пожиратель душ) The evil invotation of DWMA (soul eater rp)

dargox posted on May 11, 2012 at 05:46AM
(opening song: link)

Ok, in this rp the most evil characters of soul eater has return for a unknown reason and has not only overtaken death city but also turned a few good characters stars, patty, soul, dr. stein, death scythe, and kid.

Death: now hold on, before all you start wrighting hate mail as leader of death city and DWMA, I have built a small but strong group of freedom fighter to protect and combat this evil as well to train refugees in meister & weapon fighting.

Me: ok, so those who wants a soul eater role like me know.

soul eater roles:
Liz thomson (poniesaremybffs)
Patty thomson (poniesaremybffs)
Death the kid (poniesaremybffs)
Death (theadventghost)

FC info sheet:
Meisters or weapon:
Weapon shape: (if you're a weapon)
Hair color:
Eye color:
Star rank:
Soul shape:
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