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Nanafan_7 posted on Feb 28, 2015 at 05:43PM
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Больше года Nanafan_7 said…
Name: Maya
Age: 11
Gender: female
Weapon/Meister/Witch: weapon
Type of Weapon: a small tank
Abilities: -cannon shoot
-tank attack
-soul resonance (heavy metal)
-can fight without a meister
-is already a death scythe
-very effective against witches, because she hates them
-stupid in fighting, especially in using her cannon
Affiliation: DWMA
Relatives: -Excalibur (father)
-Excaliburs wife (mother)
Look: (pic)
Heigth: 4´8``
Weight: 70lbs
Description: Maya just looks like a little girl, but she has great powers. With 10 years she was made into death scythe. But the problem is that she is really bad in shooting her cannon. She was born with this weakness and it says it won´t change very much in future. However she is a brave fighter with a strong soul and she is very smart. She also is very nice and lovely to other people. Because of her tank-form she is able to fight without a meister, which is good for her, because she can better handle her attacks, but while using a meister she is much stronger and she is she is able to use her soul resonance ,,heavy metal``. If she does soul resonance she rolls herself into a tank-ball, shoots her cannon and attacks her opponent with super strong power and super high speed. Because of this attack style, she is able to hit two opponents at once. But it is not easy to do a soul resonance with her. Because she hates witches so much, it is easy for her to beat most of them
Story: She was born 11 years ago in the middle of death city. At first she was not a tank but just a little car with 2 small guns on her front. Excalibur didn`t like her so he brought her to DWMA and Shinigami accepted her. Then with 5 years she found her first meister, which seemed to be the perfect partner for her. He really was a strong fighter just like her and he was the only one who was able to do a soul resonance with her. But she still was not good at fighting and so it took 5 years until she became a death scythe. One week after she became a death scythe her meister decided to become a kishin, because he found that she was still a stupid fighter. But after he became one Maya killed him. Since then she never had another meister. Now she came back to DWMA to find another partner.
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 Name: Maya Age: 11 Gender: female Weapon/Meister/Witch: weapon Type of Weapon: a small tank Abil
Больше года LordKill_MM said…
Name:Corpse Undertaker
Type of Weapon:Ax, sword, chiansaw
Abilities:under sweep, darkness block ,chian scream ,chop off,death blade,(and my favert)Undertaker grasp.
Affiliation: DWMA
Relatives:Mrs.Undertaker and The blood And bone (witch father)
Больше года Nanafan_7 said…
Maya:*walks around somewhere in Death City* Man! It´s so boring around here.
Suddenly she hears a quiet noise
Maya:Hm? What was that?
???:Hey you! Are you a new guy? Do you ant to play?
Maya:Who is there? Come out!
And then suddenly appears.... Blair!
Blair:Hey! I´m Blair. Are you a friend of Maka and Soul? I think I´ve never seen you here.
Maya:*Becomes a little angry and transforms into a tank* BLAIR THE CAT WITCH?!
Blair:You´re right! But not really a witch but just a cat with magical powers you know?
Maya:I don´t know about a Maka or Soul or anybody like you told me? Do you work for Medusa or Arachnophobia!!?
Blair:Hey!! What do you think about me!!? I told you I´m not a witch!
Maya:Well, whatever... I hope you´re telling the truth
Kid:Hey there! Are you Maya?
Maya:Yes. And who are you guys?
Kid:No time to explain. The Shinigami wants to see you
Maya:*turns back into human form* OK then let´s go!
Больше года LordKill_MM said…
Kidd:My father is glad that you could join us today
Suddenly an ax pass by Kid and Maya
A girl with long white hair and red eyes comes running closer
???: That was Titan my weapon, my names Corpse Undertaker
Kidd:Undertaker.Like the Msr. Undertaker?
Больше года Nanafan_7 said…
Maya:Hey Kid! What exactly does the Shinigami want from me?
Kid:I really don`t know. He never talks about such things with me.
Maya:Oh, mysterious.... Of course I understand!
Kid:He only told me that it´s very important for him to meet you.
Maya:(I wonderif he wants to talk about my meister) I think he has his rasons for this. Hey corpse, why are you here? Do you want something from the Shinigami too?
Больше года LordKill_MM said…
Corpse: my mother is trying to in role me into this dame school
Больше года LordKill_MM said…
Corpse: why do u care so much about your father?
Kidd: Dont u
Corpse: *shrugs*never new him so I dont care much
Больше года Nanafan_7 said…
Maya:Hey guys! Come down a little bit.
Kid:You shut up! You don´t know what you´re talking about.
Maya:Of course I do. I have been many years at this school. Oh, look! I can see the school now. I think we arrived.
Maya:*sees Black Star fighting with other students* And some of our students still haven´t changed.
*Patty and Liz are coming running down the stairs*
Patty:Hey guys! Nice to meet you! Kid you brought us some new guests?
Больше года LordKill_MM said…
Kid :something like that. Is father ready to talk to Maya
Patty & Liz: Yes sir!
Больше года Nanafan_7 said…
Kid: Ok, then let´s go.
*At the Death Room* Shinigami: Welcome guys! Nice to see you! Maya long time no seen.
Maya: I know. So you wanted to talk to me?
Shinigami: Of course. I want talk with you, because we have a little problem with Medusa you know...
Maya: So you need my help because I´m a death scythe, right?
Shinigami: Yes that´s right. And maybe we can find a new meister for you...
Maya: If you say so...
Shinigami:*looks at corpse* And you must be our new one, right?
Больше года LordKill_MM said…
Shinigami: O good and you need a weapon right
Corpse: Yes
Shinigami: Perfect ! Maya,Corpse you are now teammates
Corpse: SAY WHAT !?!?
Shinigami: O are you a weapon ?
Corpse: No I just don't want a weapon
Shinigami: But if you're going to this...
*dash out of the room*
Shinigami: Well that whent well
Kidd: I got it
Больше года LordKill_MM said…
(this is what she looks like
 (this is what she looks like
Больше года Nanafan_7 said…
Shinigami: What did we do wrong?
Liz: Maybe we should just give her a little time for herself.
Shinigami: Maybe you´re right. Maya, you and Patty and Liz try to show her the school and our other students. Let us show her that this place isn´t that bad.
Maya: OK! We´re trying to find her.
*1 hour later* Patty: Oh man! I never noticed that this school is that big!! I´m tired!
Liz: Yes, it really took over an hour and we still haven´t found her!!
Maya: I know! But it is really important to find her, you both know that, don´t you?
Patty & Liz: Yes you´re right Maya!!
Maya: Ah look! Now we found her! HEY CORPSE WAIT FOR US PLEASE!!
Больше года LordKill_MM said…
Corpse: go away
Liz: o come on just talk to us ...
Corpse: I said GO AWAY !
Больше года Nanafan_7 said…
Maya: Ok girls! She´s right. We should leave her in peace.
Liz: Yes, maybe she should go to an usual school like most of the children in her age.
Maya: I´m afraid, she can´t have that fun that we always have here.
Patty: Oh yes! do you renember last time we defeated that stupid evil witch? That was really exciting!!!
Maya: I hope she will feel better at her new school...

Больше года LordKill_MM said…
Corpse on top of the school
???:miss are you alright
A girl with pig tails stand over corpse ,corpse looks over the girl and finds a boy who flash her a smile with sharp teeth
Corpse:O Im fine I was just about to leave
???: over my dead body
A woman with short red hair comes up
Undertaker:I don't want to hear it this is for your own good
Corpse:I bet dad would of let me chose not to go
Patty comes running up the stares
Patty:ha guys I found her
Corpse:I wasn't lost
Больше года Nanafan_7 said…
Patty: Oh but I thought we have to find her?
Maya: No we just had to keep her back... whatever
Patty: But you wanted to let her go, didn´t you?
Liz: Yes my little sister is absolutely right!
Suddenly Maka appears
Maka: You did what? I can´t believe it! The Shinigami was really worried about her to keep her back! You guys are really stupid!
Maya: Come on! It was´nt just my own idea you know... That´s not fair!!!
Maka: Say whatever you want to. I´m sorry corpse but the Shinigami wants to see you again. Would you please come with me? AND YOU 3 GUYS OF CORSE TOO!!!
Больше года LordKill_MM said…
Maka: Thank you
Больше года Nanafan_7 said…
*Back at the Death Room again* Shinigami: Welcome back guys. Corpse I´m glad to hear that you changed your mind and you want to stay here.
Patty: Of course that wasn´t so hard for us!
Shinigami: Ah yes you´re right.... Maya, Patty, Liz would you come please I have to tell you something.... *SHINIGAMI-CHOP! x3*
Shinigami: Well then Maya and Corpse would you like to be partners?
Больше года LordKill_MM said…
Undertaker:Of cores she does *gives corpse a death stare* and she will like it here o and its nice to see you Shinigami .
Shinigami: Nice to see you to :)! KIDD go find a room for the girls. Tomorrow you 2 have school ;)
Больше года Nanafan_7 said…
Here is our new one! :

Name: Miki
Age: 13
Gender: female
Meister/Weapon/Witch: witch
Animal Theme: dog
Abilities: -can turn into a little dog
-very good soul protection
-evil bite
-dog scratching
-wolf cry
Affiliation: Medusa/DWMA(primary Meudsa)
Relatives: unknown
Look: (pic)
Description: Miki just looks like an usual youn girl. As her animal form she turns into a little cute dog. She doesn´t have the best magic powers yet because she is a very young witch, but she really has got a good soul protection. She looks very friendly and lovely, but don´t think wrong of her nice appearance.
Story: We don´t know anything about her early childhood. All we just know is that Medusa adopted her with 3 years after her parents died. Medusa killed her parents but nobody but her knows about this. SHe told Miki that it was the Shinigami who killed them. So know Miki is working undercover at DWMA for Medusa and to revenge her parents. She tries to work as a meister and must find a weapon to keep her real plans as a secret.

This is what she looks like as human:
 Here is our new one! : Name: Miki Age: 13 Gender: female Meister/Weapon/Witch: witch Animal Th
Больше года Nanafan_7 said…
And as a dog:
 And as a dog:
Больше года Nanafan_7 said…
Kid: Well then here we have a new room for you two. Try to sleep now. Tommorrow will be a hard day.
Maya: Yes, thanks!
*Suddenly they hear loud noises outside the school*
Maya: Hey Kid what´s up out there?
Kid: I really don´t know. Let´s take a look!
*Outside they see Black Star having a fight with a strange girl*
Maya: Who is this girl? I never saw her before here.
Больше года LordKill_MM said…
???:you will die black✳star
Tsubaki:how do they know your name black✳ star
Black star:don't know but there going to get there ass kicked let's go!
Больше года Nanafan_7 said…
???: We will see who gets his ass kicked!
Maya: Hey you guys! You might stop fighting please?
???: Excuse me,one minute please. Would you please go out my way?
*Then the girl hits Black Star and he falls down*
Black Star: You might beat me this time,but I´m the greatest so I will kill you next time!!
???: ...Whatever...
Maya: Who the hell are you? Are you a student of this school.
???: Miki! That´s all...
Больше года LordKill_MM said…
(Miki weapon)
Name: Jasper
Weapon(you can pick what weapon he is)
Abilities: same as Miki just weaker
Affiliation: None
Relatives: dead
Description: Jasper is from a tribe called the golden blood tribe but black star father killed all of his people now Jasper will kill black star
Больше года Nanafan_7 said…
Maya: So Miki and what do you want here?
Miki: I thought of enter this school here.... So please tell me where I can find a teacher here and then leave me in peace. Oh and you should really take more care of you students here...
Kid: Hey where do you think you´re going now? You guys have to explain us a lot!!
Больше года Nanafan_7 said…
I thought about something like this
 I thought about something like this
Больше года LordKill_MM said…
Больше года LordKill_MM said…
This is what he looks like, he also terns into a dog but bigger he's kind of like a shield for miki
He also in luv with Mike but would probably be dead if he told her
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 This is what he looks like, he also terns into a dog but bigger he's kind of like a shield for miki
Больше года LordKill_MM said…
And dog form
 And dog form
Больше года Nanafan_7 said…
Maya: So Miki, what do you really wnat here?! Your´re coming here and fight with our students...
Miki: It´s his own fault. And you´re really boring me... ! Enough now! Show me your teacher now!
And then Stein appears
Stein: So you want to talk to me? Who are you guys?
Больше года LordKill_MM said…
Stein: then who are u?
Jasper: Jasper the great!
Stein: right,looks like we're going back to lord death room
Больше года Nanafan_7 said…
Miki: Yes that´s great! That´swhat I wanted all the time. (And then I will see the person who killed my parents!)
Stein: The Shinigami is always happy about some new students you know?
Then at the death room
Shingami: So you two must be the new ones that Stein told me. I heard you had a little fight at our school?
Miki: Yes that´s right! Any problems with that?!
Shinigami: Not yet. So who are you guys and what do you want here?
Больше года LordKill_MM said…
Jasper:I am jasper and this is Lady MikiI and we are hear to join your school
Corpse:im no expert but I'm sure that fighting with the students is not how you get in to the school
Kid:why do you care you only care about your self
Shingami:*shingami chop x2*both of you stop fighting and help thes students
Больше года Nanafan_7 said…
Maya: Excuse me lord Shinigami but I would suggest to teach them some good behavior.
Miki: Do you little stupid girl want to tell me that I have no good behavior?
Shinigami: I think maybe Maya could be right
Miki: You stupid fool mustn`t tell me anything!! Understand this?
Shingami: All right, Kid, Maya and Corpse go and teach them a lesson now! And you mustn´t come back before they changed, all right!! AND NOW ALL OF YOU GET OUT OF HERE!!!
Больше года LordKill_MM said…
Corpse: I don't understand why I have to go with u guys
Jasper: you can just show us to our room and then be on your way
Kidd: no we have to teach you the rules of DWMA
Corpse: try to run away I get to break your face
Больше года Nanafan_7 said…
Maya: Guys really, it´s not the right time for fighting now, don´t you think so? You´ve heard what the Shinigami told us
Miki: Who cares about what he told us? He mustn´t teach me anything! Well, but you know what? You´re guys are really boring me!! SO PLEASE TELL US YOUR STUPID RULES AND THEN LEAVE US IN PEACE!!!!