Губка Боб Квадратные Штаны Where are all the Die Hard Spongebob Фаны then? Best Test Yet !

Petejx posted on Feb 24, 2009 at 12:20AM
Come On !!! I've only been into Spongebob for barely a year now - and there's only one question now puzzling me. Answer this if you can - I cannot place or name the episode (or short film?) I saw summertime last year (2008)on TV!

It involved Mr. Krabs telling his story, going back in time, to when he and plankton were broke (down and out - Krab's nick-name was "Rag-Boy") but friends until they accidentally discovered and then fell out over the Krabby Patty formula and business. It is my favourite episode and I actually managed to record a few minutes of it - so I have the proof!!! However, no-one else seems to have seen it and it remains a total mystery as its not on any of the first four series DVDs. It is also more mysterious as it was aired on TV in the UK in 2008 that I know of and the DVDs take us up to that point. Maybe it has only been released state-side?!? Whatever, it seems to be quite a challenge and I look forward to someone being able step up and to supply a satisfatory answer as I really would like to know if it is available on a DVD so that I can watch the first half of it again!

Thanks in advance!

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Больше года frostedflakes said…
ive seen it
its called friend or foe, i think
i dunno if its on dvd
Больше года bubbles4u22 said…
yeah, its Friend or Foe, it should be on a DVD named Friend or Foe
Больше года 18wanda said…
That's it. I didn't think that episode makes sense.
Больше года spongefan612 said…
Friend or Foe.
Больше года Petejx said…
Many thanks to you all - Yes! You are all absolutely right and I am verily impressed. It was my first and favourite episode although there are plenty of others (they are all favourites in a way!) but this first episode hooked me totally and I have never looked back. Please consider this forum post well and truly closed!link