Губка Боб Квадратные Штаны 1001 Things we learned from spongebob!

breebree446 posted on Nov 25, 2009 at 06:56AM
The game is simple. Name things that Spongebob has taught us. I'll start it off then you follow.
1.How to tie shoes.
2.The F.U.N song.
3.When attacked by a sea bear. Draw a circle around yourself.
Now it's your turn. Starting at 4.

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Больше года Kumiachi666 said…
4.How to correctly make Krabby Patties
5.How to Blow Bubbles
6.How to use your Imagination
7.How to annoy your neighboors
8.How to throw a party.
-Audra weaver (aka Kumiachi666)
Больше года Penguin11 said…
9.How to take care of a snail
10.How to be funny
11.How to annoy an octopus
12.How to befriend a squirrel
13.How to be civil when your best friend tries to bury you in trash
14.How to drive a submarine
15.How to be a pioneer
16.How to randomly take control of a situation
17.How to buy a spatula (lol)
Больше года dianacarr5678 said…
18.How to fly
19.How to love a patty
20.Sea bears hates it when you stomp your feet
Больше года nonameface78 said…
21. Sea Rinos always come after a Sea bear attack.
22. The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time
Больше года SpongeFan1999 said…
37. How to disguise your best friend as a girl.
38. How to dance with a jellyfish.
39. How to paint an invisible boat mobile
Больше года kikiyo_34 said…
40. How to Be A GoofyGoober
41. How to Make Squirrel jokes
41. How to make a squirrel angry
Больше года ilmort said…
43. how 2 drive a rock
44. how not 2 be a life guard
45. how not 2 take care of a snail
46. what not 2 do at a stop light
47. how 2 feed ur snail
Больше года ilmort said…
48. how 2 jellyfish
49. how not 2 play a clairanet
50. how 2 live like lary
Больше года justinfoeva said…
big smile
ThE FuN SoNg!!!!!
Больше года YoungbloodY said…
52. Mayonaisse is not an instrument.
53. Neither is Horse Radish.
54. Elephants are actually Girrafes.
55. Stealing balloons is a horrible thing to do.
56. Hooks are dangerous.
57. Once there was a ugly barnicle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The end.

most of those are what patrick taught me...

Patrick is spongebob's best friend...

Oh well.
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Больше года toikn said…
58.to never give a squid a krabby patty
59.Never Forget POOP (people order are patties)
60.never steal the kraby patty
61.give money to old mr krabs!
Больше года toikn said…
62. when oppiste day is.
Больше года kylenegolba said…
big smile
63. how to be a loyer!
Больше года toikn said…
64.How To Copy People
65.How To Get Someone In Your House
66.How To Upset Squidward *LOL*
Больше года toikn said…
how to make a krabby patty hehe
Больше года ppgcowgirl said…
big smile
68. Sunbleached is the ultimate tan
69. Krabby Patties cure Plankton's mind control (done with Professor Plankton's mind control Shampoo with Conditioner)
Больше года arwanpop said…
This link...

Has the worst physics EVER. Seriously. Ffffffffff.
Больше года meganlovesyou14 said…
70. Sandy is a girl
71. How to fail a driver's license test
72. How to play hide-and-seek
Больше года meganlovesyou14 said…
73. What P.O.O.P. stands for :)
Больше года meganlovesyou14 said…
74. How to use sentence enhancers
Больше года omnibus said…
75. plankton has a family
76. it is possible to live in a pineapple
77. the mermaid man / barnacle boy theme song
78. janet and marty are 2 starfish who thought patrick was their son
Больше года larouxbestfan said…
79.That wishing wells really work!
80.How to take care of a baby clam
81.that people made out of pencil are evil
82.how to sing camp songs REALLY fast
83.How to deal with a dumb friend
84.That you should never play with magic
85.How to deliver pizza in the middle of no where with someone you hate.
86.That you can like someone you hate.
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Больше года larouxbestfan said…
87.That a Penny, Napkin, and Tissue don't give you much company.
88.That people love sponges enough to keep a TV series about one going on for more than 10 years!
89.That you can skydive even if you're a sponge in a dream
90. yuo can't even get yuor license in your dreams...
Больше года iPsychic said…
big smile
91. You can't get a new spatula just because your old one is broken.
92. That a gorilla riding on a horse makes a happy ending.
Больше года iPsychic said…
93. Thinking that someone has planted grass but is actually plankton is mean to all plankton everywhere.
Больше года thejokercard said…
94. You can make a sweater out of your own eyelashes
95. you can make a sweater out of your own tears
96. when you get sand in your buns you are in fact the biggest loser on the beach
97. you can have an underwater beach
98. you can drink beverages underwater
99. You can leave rock bottom with a single balloon
100. mermaid man and barnale boy are the only humans who can live and breathe underwater
Больше года sonicer said…
No e terminado spongebob truth or square me matan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Больше года sonicer said…
ademas si te quedas parado mucho tiempo te vueleves viejooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Больше года kreiczkid said…
101. it's always nice to be innocent.
102. it always depends on how you look at the situation...
103. ...and things.

...live under the sea and be merry..!
Больше года spongebob23 said…
big smile
94.how to be nice
95. how to do his laugh
96.how to make friends with a starfish
97.how to name a seahorse
98.how to annoy people
99.how to take care of a sickness like suds
100.how to make krabby patty legend!
101. how to make friends with seahorses
102. how to name a seahorse
103. how to never mis a day at work
104. how to make a job as manager
that is all i got!
Больше года Quenchy16 said…
105. April Fools Day is his favorite holiday.
106. He showed us the recipe for a Krabby Patty in the episode 'Pickles.'
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Больше года spongebob105 said…
107. how to act completely adorable!!
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Больше года spongebob105 said…
108. patrick is dumb.
109. squares are so cool
110. sandy is very strong
111. Spongebob is kinda weak..
112. worms from the show are like dogs.
113. snails are like cats.
114. stanley squarepants is very clumsy and dangerous.
thats all i can think of now.
Больше года ShaclowStalker said…
big smile
115.Squidward is a bad actor
Больше года nadhira123 said…
116.how to do the cramp
117.how to be a cheap person
Больше года Emo_Kill said…
118. crying does solve your problems after all
119. act like mr.krabs
120. act like squidward
121. krabby patties are good for your soul
Больше года akeena said…
123: how not to drive a boat x)
Больше года bubbletl said…
124.how to love yr job
125.how to enjoy yr time
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Больше года Tdinoahiscute4 said…
126. Not to eat the yellow sand.
Больше года RustyandJuneP said…
127. how To Make Copies Of Your Self In The Past.
Больше года ripperoo1 said…
127. How to piss off a squid.
128. What happens when you lose a game.
129. How to pull off a mean prank.
130. How to get jelly the CORRECT WAY.
131. Not to be squeamish.
Больше года spongefan612 said…
132. How to turn a sock into a serpent.
133. How to turn squidward into an ice cream cone.
134. How to exaggerate.
135. Cubed cheese is bad, sliced is fine.
136. How to die by not paying attention and playing video games.
137. Use dangerous people like stanley to destroy the chum bucket.
I'm still trying
Больше года Kowalski355 said…
138. a rock can win a snail race *xD*
Больше года TiaraE97 said…
big smile
189. How to be an idiot without any reason
Больше года spongefan612 said…
139. How to be an idiot without any reason
Больше года adaug said…
140.How to make a song that will make the whole town be a riot
Больше года ily12357 said…
94. jelly fishes hate the clairanet
95. how to turn squidward into an icecream
96. kelp shakes make you go green
97. bubble buddy is real
97. how to fail in boating class
98. its possible to make fire underwater
99. squirrels dont like squirrel jokes
100. cousin stanley sucks at everthing
Больше года Sir_Auron said…
1.You can't use ink underwater but you can light a fire!
2.Robots can destroy everything literally overnight
3.Always set your Duplicatron 3000 to "obey" BEFORE use!
4.Physics mean nothing!
5. Never ask Patrick what something is or how to do something!
6. Annoying Squidward gets you Golden Spatulas
7. Licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets.
8. Doodling is hazardous to your health
9. People are amused by butt cramps not dancing.
10. Sunglasses make a poor disguise
11. GPS is useless in Bikini Bottom, Houses and business never stay in the same location and sometimes vanish completely
12. you can have live electricity underwater without shocking everyone around you
13. It's ok to jump (or Wedgie Bounce) off the Sea Needle (CN Tower) using nothing but a fishing hook hooked to your underpants
13. It is possible to use your school desk as a car.
14. Sponges are funny
15. Pineapple doesn't rot or go soggy underwater but watermelon does.
16. Snails make good floor polishers
17. people will pay $50 for googly eyes glued to a rock but not for a handcrafted bird house.
18. you can use gasoline underwater
19. Cute fluffy fish-like creatures make bad pets
20. Spongebob can use "The Force" to beat others up and give them a wedgie
21. Never say body related sayings like "keep your eyes peeled" around spongebob (he takes them quite literally)
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 1.You can't use ink underwater but Ты can light a fire! 2.Robots can destroy everything literally ov
Больше года _Shrimpykid_ said…
160. To have an attitude of grattitude
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Больше года 4422 said…
161. How to be ready for any thing
162. How to watch adult movie without snail knowing
163. How to play hide and seek
164. How to cover for is cousin
165. How to walk without look where his going
166. How to wash snails with sponge
167. How to serve customers
168. How to clear dirt
169. How to witstand without water(for a short period of time)
170. How to annoy