Губка Боб Квадратные Штаны *New SpongeBob-Related Фан Club*

spongygirl92 posted on Jun 08, 2010 at 09:59PM
Hey everyone,
About a month ago I created a new fan club called "SpongeBob Slash". "SpongeBob Slash" is love pairings among male SpongeBob characters which includes SpongeBob+Patrick, SpongeBob+Squidward, Squidward+Squilliam, and so on. If you don't support the opinion that SpongeBob (and other male characters too) is gay, I wouldn't advise this club for you. If you do like the idea, please join the club if you wouldn't mind.

There's not much content in the SpongeBob Slash club as of yet. So please, once you join may you help me add content that's related to the club. So far I've added some fan art that was made by me and other people.

*Once again, please join the "SpongeBob Slash" fan club if you're interested. Thanks!

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Больше года spongygirl92 said…
Here's the link to the club: link