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vana21 posted on Nov 25, 2012 at 08:50PM
Hey guys I don't know about you but I am dying to see these boys back in action again because I miss them so much! I wanted to know how you all felt about them coming back and if you have any news do share please :)

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Больше года HeiligSein said…
Well...before I didn't care about them being separated,but now...somehow when I hear the new songs, a solo songs-I cry. Yesterday I was watching the Show with H.J-S performing his new song I was so sad. I just wish they couls do atleast one more tour together...I miss them so much :(
But,acording to the fact that now they all have the contracts with the different companies I think It's really over and we can only watch them and support each one of them just the way we did when they were togeether. Just separate our love into the five peaces and give it to them. ~SSS~