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posted by hrsagar
A boy had cancer & he had 1 месяц to live . He Любовь a girl who was working in a CD shop. Bu t he didn't tell her about his . Everyday he went 2 the CD Магазин & bought a CD 2 talk to her . But he found she never сказал(-а) anything to him. After a месяц he died . When the girl went to his Главная & asked abt him , his mom told that he died & took her to his room . She saw all CDs r unopened . The girl cryed & cryed....;-(
Finally she also died .
* u know why ???
Bcoz she kept her own Любовь letters inside the CD packs. So it means , she also loved her !!
So if u Любовь some1 say 2 her/him directly . Don't wait 4 the destiny of role.............