The TWILIGHT flew directly under the smoking 'NIGHTMARE.
"Easy, Rex, just guide the 'NIGHTMARE right over the вверх of the TWILIGHT," Anakin сказал(-а) to him, "Ahsoka is in the cargo бухта, залив ready to grab Ты guys when Ты leave the gunship. Make sure your helmuts are on. There's alot of debris in the air."
"Yes, sir..."
"Master Sinube, keep the the ship steady. I'm going to help Ahsoka," Anakin сказал(-а) to Sinube gesturing to the old Jedi to sit in the pilot's seat.
"I'm not that experienced at flying," Sinube said, "Child, you're the pilot, not me."
"You'll do fine, Master. The TWILIGHT practically flies herself."
Sinube smiled and uttered a quick Cosian prayer.
The old Master guided the TWILIGHT under the gunship, a muffled thunk heard as the two ships came together.
"Hold it steady, Master!" Anakin called back as he raced to the cargo бухта, залив to help Ahsoka.
Sinube nodded his head and reached out with the Force to guide the TWILIGHT and to rescue the clone troopers.
зяблик and Billy D stayed on the TWILIGHT to help calm the S'alebacians who were watching in fear.
The TWILIGHT began to shake, Master Sinube gripping the controls so hard his knuckles turned white.
"Master, keep her steady!!" Anakin called over the ship's 'com.
"I'm trying!" the elderly Cosian cried out his Force hold on both ships faltering.
"Master, I'll help!" Ahsoka called out.
Anakin nodded to her.
Ahsoka ran to the bridge of the freighter and saw the trouble Sinube was having. She jumped into the co-pilot сиденье, место, сиденья and nodded to him to let her have the controls.
"Snips! Keep her steady!!!"
"Trying..." she muttered.
Anakin got to the cargo hold and opened the hatch door. He felt a lump form in his throat at the sight of the badly damaged gunship. She looked ready to explode.
Extending his Force barrier around the strickened ship, Anakin threw a cable towards Rex and Coric. Eagle and Raven stood near them looking very scared. The wind caught the cable and it hit Coric in the head. Rex grabbed his friend and gestured to Eagle and Raven to grab on as well. The ship lurched and Rex watched as Eagle and Raven fell back onto the deck.
The wind picked up and the gunship broke away from the TWILIGHT.
"NOOOOOO!!!!" Anakin cried out as he yanked on the cable pulling Rex and Coric aboard. He chocked back a sob seeing Eagle and Raven staring back at him with surprising calm. They stood up as best as they could and gave Anakin, Rex and Coric a final salute.
Both Rex and Coric were stunned and lay on the deck. They gasped for air and Anakin saw they had numerous cuts all over their bodies.
"Master! We Остаться в живых the 'NIGHTMARE!" Ahsoka cried out as she saw the gunship explode, "Did we get everybody off?"
Through the Force she felt the deaths of Eagle and Raven. Tears fell from her eyes.
Anakin watched in horror as the gunship exploded. He closed his eyes to the grief he felt at the two Храбрая сердцем troopers deaths. The sight of their final salute would haunt him forever.
Anakin helped Rex and Coric to their feet and they made their way back to the bridge.
Ahsoka was relieved to see Rex and Coric but had to keep her tears inside at not seeing Eagle или Raven. Anakin didn't say a word and gestured to Sinube that he would take over.
"I'm so sorry, child," the old Cosian whispered as he layed a hand on Anakin's shoulder.
Anakin just nodded and swallowed hard to keep the tears inside.
"We have to get to the mountain," was all he said.